The Lego Movie Review

Lego. Who doesn’t love Legos? We all had them and we all love them. And now there’s a movie about Lego? Is it lovable? Well it truly is!


Animated movies usually never fails, especially those who are Pixar movies. But this is no Pixar, nor Dreamworks, but I enjoyed the hell out of this movie. The main remedy that makes me enjoy this is that they embrace the nature of the movie: A movie about Lego figures. You know, a lot of toylines have spawned movies, but I guess this one is probably the best toy-based movies I’ve ever seen.

When they embraced everything about Lego, I mean it. The movie is not animated or CGI or half Lego half CGI, in fact it’s purely Lego. The fires, the explosions are all Legos, save for the lighting. It’s really AWESOME. And what’s more is that even though it is animated, they make it looked like it’s made using stop motions.


The plot itself is pretty generic, it’s about an ordinary man, a really ordinary, forgettable man named Emmet is treated as a chosen one to save the worlds. I wouldn’t talk about it much but I do feel like the plot kinda resembles South Park’s Imaginationland trilogy a bit. Maybe it’s because they both feature well known fictional characters. Regardless, even with the generic plot, having the well known characters is what makes the movie AWESOME.

Usually movies would give us one moral values, but this movie gave us two very good moral values. First is the good old ‘everyone is special’ cliche. This is presented through Emmet, the main character. While the movie make sus believe that even an ordinary man can be a chosen one, the lesson is that everybody can be a chosen one as long as they believe in themselves.

The second is that the movie tells us to embrace our creativity, this is evidenced by the movie itself. The main thing about Lego is that you can build ANYTHING with anything whatsover. You can build a spaceship using PA system, anything! The problem is that the world nowadays is to obsessed with everything fixed, so much that it causes people to lose their creativity or even get other people reject the creativeness. The world needs to realize that everybody is creative in their own way, and if guided right, that person will change the world.


Another best part about the movie is the characters itself. Chris Pratt & Elizbeth Banks did a good job, and I love at how Morgan Freeman is Morgan Freeman in this movie. Will Ferrell is essentially an evil Will Ferrell, although not in the Megamind style. And I did not expect that Good/Bad Cop is voiced by Liam Neeson at all. I did not. And now comes the characters from other media, first is the goddamn Batman. Will Arnett is an okay Batman, if he was a jerk and comedic type Batman. Personally, I would love it if they have Kevin Conroy voicing Batman. I always wanted to see Conroy taking a comedic take on Batman. It could be hilarious.

Also, Channing Tatum actually does a good voice for Superman, although at times it did sound very Tatum-y. And Jonah Hill voiced Green Lantern, and he did a good job at making Lantern didn’t look like Hal Jordan at all, but rather Jonah Hill getting the Power Ring. Oh, and I noticed that Green Lantern’s design is the same Lego figure of the crappy 2011 Green Lantern movie.


Overall, Lego Movie is undeniably a very fun movie. While I do feel that the jokes are a lil’ bit forced, it still works. I do like to say that it’s not like other animated movies, simply because it’s unique on its own way, and that is the fact that the movie is constructed by Legos.

Bottom line, I Want to Watch This Again and Again and Again!


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