Kamen Rider Gaim 14: Here Comes the Urobutcher!!!!

Oh yeah boy, Gen Urobuchi writes this series, and it is expected that he will use his signature Urobutcher, and Gaim is no exception for him! So who is the first Urobutcher victim? It’s obviously Hase Ryoji, the first Kurokage!

Gaim 14 (1)

I just love the interaction between Gaim & Zangetsu when they are debating over Hase’s fate. It’s nice seeing enemies talked with each other for a while and I want to see more of them talking to each other in the future.

More on Hase, he has no lines in this episode due to being mutated to a mindless monster, which is sad because this is his last appearance, even though I didn’t really care about him. Kota desperately tries to stop Hase, which shows us that this guy really cared for others even if he didn’t really knew them personally. I mean him and Hase are just rivals, yet he still cared about him when he’s mutated. This is evident when he asks Hase to go to the hospital to see if the doctors can fix Hase, even though it’s pretty obvious that he knows it doesn’t work. But the point is, Kota is the guy who’s there to cheer us up even if there’s no hope.

Gaim 14 (2)

Baron takes care of Zangetsu, and ended up beaten since he can’t even beat the basic Zangetsu, let alone his Shin incarnation. He also learns that Zangetsu is in fact with Yggdrasil so at this point, expect Kaito to be on the good side, at least maybe he will team up with Gaim as long as it means kicking the Yggdrasil’s ass.

The next day, Kota went to search on Hase, while Mitch decided to follow his brother and learn more about the whole thing. You know, even though his stealth is somewhat impressive, I can’t help but to laugh at how stupid the security is because Mitch’s stealth was like a noob’s. I get that this is a kids show so they don’t need to take that very seriously, but for some reason it’s funny for me.

Also this is where we learn the origins of the Inveses. All of the Inveses are actually mutated lifeforms, caused by the fruit that turns into Lockseeds. This is evident when Professor Ryoma gives a small chunk of the fruit to a guinea pig, and it turns into the minion Inves. So it’s safe to assume that all of the natives in the Helheim Forest are animals that are mutated.

Gaim 14 (3)

HOWEVER, we are also given another Urobutcher treatment, this time regarding the missing Team Gaim’s leader, Yuuya. Ever since he disappeared people speculated that he would return as a monster, which I at first refused to believe but this episode explains it. It turns out that Yuuya was also mutated by the fruit, and turns into the Byakko Inves! What’s more shocking is that Byakko Inves is the very first Inves that Gaim fought and killed, proving that Kota Kazuraba had unintentionally committed a murder! I just love, love Mitch’s reaction when he founds out that Gaim killed Yuuya!

Truth to be honest, it was kinda disappointing though, I was expecting Yuuya to return in the future, but here he’s the first Urobutcher victim. It can’t be helped though. At least it’s nice to see them use the term ‘kill’ in a kids show.

Meanwhile Gaim fights Hase’s monster form, who was called Bixie Inves. The fight was very emotional for Gaim as he can’t stand hurting someone that he knows, let alone killing him. I liked the fact that he went from sword fighting to punches and then tries to stop Bixie without fighting.

Gaim 14 (4)

However Hase is deemed a threat now by Yggdrasil, and must be eliminated. Zangetsu is joined by three other Riders, one of whom is a female! But the one who gets the spotlight is Energy Rider Sigurd, who was ordered by Zangetsu to personally finish Hase off.

Even though he is based on a cherry which doesn’t sound threatening to me (hell, none of the Arms except for Durian, Watermelon and possibly Blood Orange sound THAT threatening to me), Sigurd is one hell of a wild Rider. His fighting style is matched by his ego, and I just love at how he taunts his opponents while fighting.

So far the Energy Riders are shown to only sport the Sonic Arrow as weapons, which is somewhat a disappointment since we didn’t get to see some variations between them. But, I really liked Sigurd’s finisher. Him shooting a large energy cherry looks like he’s doing a chain shot to the opponent, and I liked it because it’s creative.

Gaim 14 (5)

And thus, Sigurd finishing Bixie Inves marks the end of Hase Ryoji and becomes another victim of Urobutcher. Kota is really, really devastated by this, but to be honest, I was a little disappointed. Hase is a major character up to this point, his death would be more meaningful if he had a final thought. His death makes it seem like yet another person died in Battle Royale.

Sigurd de-transforms and reveals that he is none other than the Lock Dealer Sid himself. Wow. I didn’t expect this guy to be a Rider at all. AT ALL. And thanks to his cocky attitude, he is now the most evil character in the series so far!


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