Kyoryuger Brave 45: Clichéd Betrayal

The end is near, and the Kyoryugers decides to face the Deboss Army, unaware that they are in for a nasty treat.

Kyoryu 45 (1)

It’s nice to see them giving other characters some importance to the story. What I’m talking about is that Torin hands over his Feather Edge to Souji, basically passing the torch to him. And SPOILERS, this will foreshadows Souji’s eventual role in the upcoming V-Cinema. At the very least they knew that they have other characters to expand their background, not just some dickhead in red.

The battle with the Deboss Army is pretty well done. What I liked the most is that Deboss is now friggin’ serious because its members are now pure evil, since Canderilla, Aigallon & Luckyuro has been stepped aside. Oh and even though he got the Feather Edge, KyoryuGreen didn’t use it yet, mostly it’s reserved for future episodes.

Kyoryu 45 (2)

This episode debuts Deboss’ evolved form, called the Transcendent Butterfly God Deboss. As its name suggest, its design is based on butterfly. Yeah. You know, I actually dig it. I don’t understand why they used butterfly as a motif, but I’m sure it’s something related to puns. Either way it’s funny to see such strong dinosaur based heroes gets pwned by a butterfly. Especially King himself. Boohoo~

Dantetsu reveals that he’s betraying the heroes, the reason is that he doesn’t want the Deboss to destroy the Earth, just Torin and the humans. That’s because humans are the one that’s ruining the Earth, so it’s understandable. Also he agrees to kill Torin if they stopped the countdown timer. But hey, his betrayal is really cliched, we all know that he might have some contingency plans or something. Either way, I really hated King’s reaction towards the betrayal. Before Dantetsu showed up, King tries to do a shounen boy punch, and I really, really, really hated it. Fuck that guy.

Anyways Dantetsu also takes over as KyoryuSilver. Even though it’s more fitting because he’s a human and the suit is humanoid, I’ve grown to Torin. Most likely Torin will get the power back, but we’re not sure yet.

Kyoryu 45 (3)

To show that he is the true King, Dantetsu shows that he can defeat the Kyoryugers by just using his signature punch while in KyoryuSilver’s form. It’s interesting that his signature punch is called ‘Wind Burst Punch’ while his son’s ‘Rock Burst Punch’. I’m guessing that Daigo’s mother uses ‘Water Burst Punch’. Speaking of which who the hell is Daigo’s mother? I don’t really care because that would only give them more reasons to focus on that asswipe.

The Kyoryugers are divided, with Ian, Amy & Nossan starting to lose hope. To be honest, I find that this scene is somewhat similar to Gokaiger episode 50, where the Gokaigers are divided before the final battle.

Kyoryu 45 (4)

Back to the Deboss, he fulfils Dantetsu’s wish and stops the ticking clock. Wow, it suddenly turned pointless huh? I would love to see the Kyoryugers struggle to save the world with the remaining time but whatever. Dantetsu’s probably buying them time.

Also, Chaos decided to get rid of Canderilla & Luckyuro, which Aigallon heard and now, these three are officially out of Deboss. Canderilla & Luckyuro are obviously going to survive the series, but Aigallon’s fate is still a mystery at this point.

Meanwhile, Daigo realizes that he can hear the Earth’s melody as well, because he was also bathed with the sun’s light. See? I told you that they wanted to show him as the chosen one! Fuck this shit. Fuck you KyoryuRed. Fuck fuck FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCKKKKK!!!!!


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