RoboCop (2014) Review

Remaking classic movies is a must for Hollywood nowadays, and this time its newest victim is RoboCop. Most remakes fail, but does this new, PG-13 RoboCop does it as well? Or is it actually a good remake?


The answer is, IT IS A VERY GOOD REMAKE. I’ve said it. When the first trailer came out people gave mixed reviews, and most of us thinks that it will suck. But no, despite the PG-13 rating which I will talk later, this is one rare example of a really good remake. I’ll even go as far as saying that this is a better remake than Man of Steel‘s take on Superman.

The very best thing about this movie is that it’s not really a remake, but rather a reimagining. A remake is a movie retold the same way in modern setting, like Carrie or Halloween, but a reimagining is a remake of the same movie with the same premise, but it’s new enough to be new. After I watched the movie, I feel like they are honoring the original RoboCop, and uses this movie to re-popularize RoboCop for newer audience, which is children, hence the PG-13 rating.

I watched the original RoboCop a day before I watch this and I’m pretty sure that this movie will be another generic remake to cash in money, but no, this movie shows that the people who worked in this movie really worked on this movie, and I was pleasantly surprised at how good this movie turned out to be. This is essentially a movie that fits with the likes of Batman Begins & The Amazing Spider-Man.


Let’s talk about the cast. Joel Kinnaman is actually perfect for the role of RoboCop. He’s no Peter Weller, but he’s a worthy guy to take the mantle. Also the best thing about this movie is that they showed RoboCop adjusting to his new life, and I love how Kinnaman implements both emotional & robotic performances on the role. Also, thanks to this new movie, we also get to see more of Alex Murphy’s days before he turned into RoboCop.

Gary Oldman is also good, he’s like Alfred in this movie. Michael Keaton is the main antagonist of the movie, as he plays the CEO of OmniCorps, and since he’s a CEO who cares about marketing, he really acts like a person who’s desperate to market something, using any means possible. Samuel L.Jackson, whom I don’t think many people would want to see him, is actually okay. I love this guy because he’s so generous to play a supporting role, but I do feel like his role could’ve been played by someone else and we still got the same movie. Jackson was probably cast to boost the market. Abbie Cornish is also great as Clara Murphy, the best thing about her is that she plays a wife that’s concern about her husband and their family, not just some whiny bitch or something like that. Also, there’s Jay Baruchel playing Keaton’s right-hand man.

Let’s talk about the suit. When it’s first shown that the suit is black, it’s very controversial. And even after watching this movie, I still think the silver version is better. BUT, I’m gonna tell you this, go watch the movie and you will be happy at the end because they did something about the suit. Seriously, it makes me sold for a sequel. Also more about the suit, it’s more of a suit than a robotic parts, but they still show RoboCop being a cyborg rather than a man in a suit armor.


Okay now I’m gonna talk about the PG-13 stuff. To be honest, I think the crew actually wanted to show the gore stuff that made RoboCop famous, but their main target is to make a RoboCop movie that’s appealing to newer audiences. This is because there’s a couple scene showing Murphy without the robotic parts, and it shows his lungs and brain. While it’s CGI, I guess that’s the best ‘gore’ you can get. Sad but what can we do.

The action scenes are quite good. The director loves to use shaky cams, but it’s not bad. It’s shaky but it’s manageable. Also this RoboCop is more brutal because he is more agile, and dual wields guns.

However, this movie is not without flaws. The first one is the obvious PG-13 rating, and second, I feel like they were Nolanizing this movie. The best thing about the original RoboCop is that they included the faux commercials as jokes. They didn’t do it here, I guess it would’ve been cheesy but that’s why I call it ‘Nolanizing’, they are trying to make it more serious. But there’s still some humour. Also, the way they portrayed Detroit is not Detroit at all. It’s more like RoboCop is at Washington DC or somewhere. Third, this movie feels like an American propaganda because Samuel L Jackson keeps praising America. Don’t get me wrong, I love America and I wanted to move there someday if possible, but I don’t really like the way of how they’re saying America is the greatest, especially when they portrayed Afghanistan or Iraq as terrorists. But I do love that in the beginning, the military robots are saying “Assalamualaikum” to the muslims.

Joel Kinnaman

Overall, despite initial reactions, RoboCop proves that a remake of a franchise can be done good if it’s given to the right hands. This movie came out on January 30th in my country, it may be the best January movie I’ve ever watched. Also, this movie has potential to have sequels, and I am looking forward to it, even though I think it will suck. Regardless, this movie revives the RoboCop franchise, and whether you loved the original or never watched it, this one is really worth watching.

Because of that, I Want To Watch This Again and Again and Again! And I’d buy that for a dollar! 😛


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