Kyoryuger Brave 44: Prelude to the Storm

Oooh I love the cover image. Such a joy seeing King gets pwned. Anyways with the appearance of a black hooded Debo Monster, the Kyoryugers are on a constant alert. Little did they knew that this is the beginning of the end……

Kyoryu 44 (1)

When it’s first revealed that the hooded guys are going to be Chevaliers, I wonder what emotion will they take on. These two were meant to replace Canderilla & Aigallon, not because the latter are useless but because the formers is more obedient towards Chaos, and they represent sadness and happiness. Like Endorf whose hatred is an extension of anger, the black hood represents depression, and extension of sadness, while the white hood represents joy. Although not stated, it’s what I assume because they are stronger than usual emotions.

With the three emotions are fully gathered, it is time to revive Deboss. This is the very first time we hear Deboss himself speaking, and he truly sounds like a grand evil master. Sadly in this episode he only appears in Chaos’ body, but it makes sense because he’s just been revived.

Kyoryu 44 (2)

Even when borrowing Chaos’ body Deboss is pretty much invincible which makes me think how the hell the Kyoryugers are going to beat him, considering that even their united melody didn’t even scratch him. Well turns out that Dantetsu is currently searching for the Earth’s true melody, which is powerful enough I guess. And I got a feeling that it will either be another stupid song, or the Kyoryuger theme itself.

You know, for a Sentai series that I don’t particularly like, it’s nice to see them get beaten, especially KyoryuRed. And the best part is that when they hold hands and gain a power up, then do the finisher, it didn’t even make a dent on Deboss and his bitches! I would actually love to see if they pwned the Kyoryugers while they are doing the finisher, but that’s okay.

Kyoryu 44 (3)

Because the Deboss Legion is now invincible, the Kyoryugers are desperate for the true melody of Earth, but the only thing they can do is wait for Dantetsu, which makes Daigo impatient. I hate seeing Daigo getting impatient. I’ll bet that he expects his father to pass the true melody to him and he saves the world by himself, because this is a freaking KyoryuRed porn.

As for the Deboss, the leader himself puts an apocalypse countdown and in 50 hours, Earth will be destroyed. If you ask me I would use the remaining 50 hours to find Jennifer Lawrence and befriend her and spends the final hours with her hahahahhahahahaha 😛

Also, Chaos has fired Luckyuro because now any Debo Monster can grow into giant size on their own, making Luckyuro useless. At this point it’s pretty much obvious that Luckyuro will be on the humans’ side, seeing as how she wanted to read more Love Touch.

Kyoryu 44 (4)

But not only that, it appears that Deboss has another new ally, but his face isn’t shown. Well if you’re four, you will be dying to know who he is. Come on, man, just from the feet it’s obvious that it’s him!


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