Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Series Review

I promised didn’t I? Well it’s been  a year since the series ended, And while people like the succeeding Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger more, I’m one of the minority that loved this show. So a series review is the best tribute that I can do with the show.

For basic introduction of show, Go-Busters revolves around a world where at least Japan has found a new energy source called Enetron, which acts as both fuel and electricity. However an evil organization called Vaglass threaten to steal the Enetron, forcing the Energy Management Center to recruit three people to become Go-Busters. These three people are not handpicked, as 13 years ago they lost their parents because of Vaglass and got injected with a special vaccine that gives them super powers, as well as weakness. Throughout the show they are joined by another guy who was the victim of the freak accident. Together they found out the truth behind their parents’ disappearance.

Onto the review, first of all Go-Busters was intended to be an homage to the classic Super Sentai series. The major homage is that it doesn’t have any gimmick. Ever since GaoRanger, Super Sentai and other tokusatsu shows are known for promoting the toys with its gimmicks such as Zords or collectible devices. But Go-Busters stayed away from that and relied on basic armaments and instead gives us an entertaining story.

One of the best things about Go-Busters is that there’s a lot of Power Rangers reference on the show. the mecha is officially called MegaZords, and even the henshin phrase is ‘It’s Morphin Time’! More about the gimmick, previous Sentai relies on the overuse of auxiliary Zords as gimmicks, but for Go-Busters it is completely different. This is one ofthe rarest series that continuously spam the individual mecha with the combined mecha acting as a finisher. It is a very clever move as it shows that each of the mecha is unique on its own, and when they combined it really feels like it is powerful.

And since Go-Busters didn’t have any collectible devices as well as personal weapons, they instead relied on the term superpower. I really liked that they have superpowers, but the best thing of all is that it also comes with a weakness. At first I thought that the weakness is really distracting but it is very necessary because it prevents our heroes from becoming overpowered. The concept of the weakpoints is that it proves that even superheroes are not perfect.


Let’s talk about the characters. First is our Red Ranger, Hiromu Sakurada as RedBuster. He is your typical Red Ranger, so there’s not much to say actually since Red Rangers tends to get a lot of focus. But even though Hiromu did get a lot of focus, this show proves that he is not THE main character, thanks to the show’s take on expanding other characters.

His BuddyRoid is Cheeda Nick, who can transform into a bike for RedBuster. Since he’s a bike, he is one of the BuddyRoids that is present on the battlefield, but Nick himself rarely fights, which is a disappointment since he has a a wheel-gun weapon and rarely uses it. He along with the rest of the BuddyRoids are essentially the comic reliefs, so that’s that. But he is voiced by Keiji Fujiwara who is known for voicing badass characters. So here, it’s a very nice twist to see someone like him voicing Nick who’s not a badass.


Second is BlueBuster, Ryuji Iwasaki. Ryuji is arguably the most focused character on the show, because a lot of episodes focused on him, revolving about his weakness. His weakness is that he gets overheated very easily, and when pushed to the limit, he becomes a Mr.Hyde-like person. Thus a lot of episodes centered about him worrying that he can’t fight anymore or him going out of control. But they didn’t only focused on that matter, they also did focus touch about Ryuji’s dream on becoming an engineer, which is nice because it showsus that not everybody wants to be a hero, and what’s more important is that after the battle is over, what will the hero do next?

His BuddyRoid is Gorisaki Banana, who is a mechanic despite his hands. He is a worrywart, a very, very worried robot that is concerned on Ryuji. When I first saw him I thought he would be in battle due to his hands, but because of his worrywart nature, he stayed away from battle. At first I was a little bummed because I was expecting BuddyRoids to be the Go-Busters’support in battle, like summon attacks or that. But no, they are comic reliefs and their role as support varies from one another.


The only female member of the team is Yoko Usami as YellowBuster. Unlike most Yellow Rangers who’re tomboys or childish, Yoko is both young and very hot tempered. I just love it when she gets pissed off easily because it shows that she is the little sister of the team, and a different take on the childish character. Also, Yoko’s focused episode is really strong, a rarity among female Sentai members whose episodes are genuinely weak. Yoko herself proved that she is a really strong character to the point that she was one of the main protagonist in Super Hero Taisen Z.

Her BuddyRoid is Usada Lettuce, and unlike Gorisaki, I knew that he’s not a battle type due to his design. Usada is a combination between R2-D2 and Alfred Pennyworth, so you know what he’s like.


The fourth member, who is treated as the 6th Ranger of the show, is Masato Jin a.k.a BeetBuster, a brilliant engineer who is one of the victims of the accident. The best thing about him is that former MagiYellow portrayed him, and it really looks different. However, Jin gets underused often in the show. For example, he only appeared in human form briefly in most episodes and his transformed state steals the show for most of the time. I get that in the show he’s an avatar, and only appeared when it’s emergency, but it’s a disappointment.


His BuddyRoid, Beet J. Stag is rather a unique BuddyRoid because he can transform into StagBuster. Being a BuddyRoid, J.Stag is the only Buster who has no character development. And as a BuddyRoid who are comic reliefs, he singled out as the funniest character of the show due to his bizarre behaviour, especially when he’s low on Enetron, he acts like he’s drunk. Every Go-Busters fan knew that Beet J.Stag is their most favourite character.


Next is allies. In homage of the classic Sentais, the allies are in the form of the organization itself. And I gotta admit, having these kinds of allies is absolutely necessary, and I love that they make each of them important, as opposed to allies that’s only there to support the team.


The villains. First I’ll talk about Messiah, the major antagonist and the one who’s responsible for the creation of Go-Busters. For a main villain, he’s rather a pretty undeveloped character, and wasn’t really much of a threat to the Busters. As such, he’s not the final villain who fought the Go-Busters.

Second is Escape, who is your average femme fatale. Usually femme fatales are former pornstars and Escape’s actress, Ayame Misaki is the only one who’s not one, but rather a gravure idol. Yet, I think she is the most sexy out of them, simply because of her cleavage. She is rivals with BlueBuster, which is interesting because I thought she was going to be rivals with Yellow. Also, their rivalry kinda looks like Escape fights BlueBuster because she’s attracted to him.

The last one is Enter. He is actually the main antagonist of the show. Earlier he was just a lieutenant of Messiah but as the series progress, he slowly becomes the main antagonist of the show, simply because he is the most developed villain of Vaglass and he alone posed more threats to the Busters. Speaking of developed, yes he is one of the most developed characters in the whole Super Sentai villains, and Enter is truly one of the best aspects of the show. That, and I love his use of French.

Overall, Go-Busters may not be popular to some due to being overshadowed by Gokaiger & Kyoryuger, but actually itis one of the best Super Sentai series ever, because it has a really good plot, an interesting and fully developed set of characters, and the MegaZord fight scenes is easily the best Zord fights of the whole Super Sentai series.


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