Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Review

I never watched Jack Ryan before, and this is a reboot, which is intended for an audience like me. So here we are, a Jack Ryan movie review from the perspective of a person who never knew who Jack Ryan is.


For a movie that’s released in January, this is one hell of an entertaining movie. It’s not really great or anything, but it’s just your typical spy movie and it is what you expected from a spy movie. The best thing is that even though it is predictable, it’s still entertaining as ever.

At first I thought Jack Ryan was a copy of Ethan Hunt or Jason Bourne but no, no no no. He is mainly an analyst. He is smart and calculative with your typical action hero characteristics as a bonus. So treat him like that. It’s nice actually, to see a hero uses his brains to figure out something rather than making him a genius or a natural killer. Since this movie is a reboot, we get to see Jack Ryan’s first days as a CIA operative. And I liked how this is really his first time. You can see that he’s nervous when he’s infiltrating the enemy’s office and when they nearly suspected something from him. Good job on that.

Being a spy movie, action is a must. Although I would like to say that the movie didn’t shine on its actions, but rather the spy stuff. Seriously, the covert operations part of the movie is the best scene on the whole movie. However, I do feel like the actions are a little bit of a disappointment, since you have shaky cams, and close up shots and lens flares. Well not J.J. Abrams’ lens flares. I guess the director Kenneth Branagh wanted to try a variation here.


One of the reasons I enjoyed this movie is because of the acting. The movie is supported by a number of great cast. Chris Pine whom you all know as the new Captain Kirk manages to prove that he is not you average typecast in romantic movie, he can certainly pull as an action hero. Playing the heroine is Keira Knightley, and like Keanu Reeves, it’s been a long time since I’ve saw her. The difference is that her comeback is better than Reeves’.

Kevin Costner plays Jack Ryan’s sort-of mentor, and I really liked how he plays as mentor to Jack Ryan. He wasn’t really guiding Jack, but rather he showed him of how it is to work as an operative in CIA. Director Kenneth Branagh plays the main antagonist of the movie as a Russian, and I just love how natural he is acting Russian. The best thing about him is that when he speaks, not only the accent is spot on, but he didn’t really open his mouth and it really looks threatening.


Overall, I enjoyed the shit out of Jack Ryan. It’s not a really AWESOME movie, but it is entertaining. Since this is a reboot, I would love to see the sequel. Heck I wanted to see Pine & Costner again. Even though it’s your average spy movie, I can see a sequel coming. This movie may be the best movie of January 2014, because most movies in Januaries are bullshit.

In the end, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is a Good Ol’ Popcorn Movie


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