I, Frankenstein Review

Frankenstein is reimagined as a handsome man who is caught in a war between demons and gargoyles, in modern times. So is this movie good? Let’s find out.


The movie is produced from the producers of the movie Underworld, and as such is a spiritual sequel of the franchise because it is essentially the same movie, with different creatures. Heck this movie may very well set in the same universe as Underworld if it weren’t for Bill Nighy playing a different character!

From what I’ve heard, this movie is not screened for critics, mostly because this is a mindless action movie that’s intended fro audience that doesn’t care if the movie is smart or not, as long as it has actions. However I think the actions of the movie are a little bullshit, because it relied heavily on CGI, and one scene looks like it’s Lord on the Rings on a budget. That being said though there’s one scene where Frankenstein fights a demon one-on-one, and that is the best action scene in the movie, because it relies on choreography. And I just love how Aaron Eckhart did the moves. It reminded me on Keanu Reeves as Neo.

The first part of the movie is really boring, though not in a way 47 Ronin was. It’s just that the exposition was so quick so that they can move on to the present day. The transition to present day is also a problem. I would love to see a short montage of Frankenstein surviving and blending through the years, but no, they just showed him as he was in the past, and then in the present.

i-frankenstein (1)

Aaron Eckhart plays the titular character, and the first half of the movie makes me feel that Eckhart is not the guy to play Frankenstein. They could’ve gotten whoever they wanted and it would still work. But throughout the movie, I’ve warmed up to him but I still don’t know why a great actor like Eckhart would play a role in this movie. I guess it’s because every actor will star in both good and bad movies.

Yvonne Strahovski played the heroine of the movie and essentially the modern day Viktor Frankenstein, and she’s nothing, actually. The movie just needs a supporting character that’s human and they put her. But at least I liked Yvonne. She really looks different from Miranda in Mass Effect or Chuck or even Dexter, and I wanted her to be Ms.Marvel. But the best thing about the movie is Bill Nighy. Like Eckhart, I don’t understand why he wanted to be in this movie but because he played a villain in Underworld, I think I understand. Seriously, his scenes in the movie is the best. The rest of the cast is pretty forgettable except for one supporting cast. I don’t know his name but he seems to be a discount Michael Clarke Duncan, and his voice. Goddamn it his voice is just so cartoony. You know, that deep evil cartoon character voice? Kevin Michael Richarson’s voice? Yeah that’s it.

Like Underworld, especially the fourth one, the movie feels like a videogame movie, because Frankenstein fights enemy after enemy and in the end fights the final boss. But at the very least they handled it better than Underworld Awakening did. I regret watching that movie.


Overall I, Frankenstein is a typical sluggish action thriller fantasy movie. It’s not good, but it’s nowhere near bad. Critics may give it a bad review, but it is a movie intended for audience who liked mindless action movies.

In the end I Paid 8 Dollars For This?!.

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