TMNT S02E06: Target April O’Neil

April still doesn’t want to talk to the Turtles, of course Donatello is sad about it. But that may change when Karai hunts her!

TMNT 32 (1)

Finally, a TMNT episode that excites me! Not that I meant anything wrong, it’s just that the previous episodes is a bit of meh because of the generally same formula used over and over. Anyways from the title alone I knew that this episode would reunite April with the Turtles.

At first I thought the Foot and Krang hunts April because she is the special one for Krang, but no. Turns out that Karai is so bent on taking revenge towards Splinter & the Turtles by killing April! Looks like this will be Karai’s main role, which is obsessed on taking revenge.

Since April is in this episode, we also get more Casey. This is where we realize that the whole feud between April & the Turtles are just your typical fight between friends. I mean, it was just a misunderstanding between them to the point that April doesn’t want to see them anymore. I get it because she’s a girl.

TMNT 32 (2)

When it comes to the fights, this episode featured a lot of April fight scenes, and it really shows that her training really pays off. Also, remember back in S2 episode 3 where the FootBots are a pain in the ass? Well as expected they are immensely watered down, as evidenced by Casey Jones barely having a hard time defeating them.

More about Casey, I don’t know if he talks a lot during fights, but he sure do here. It feels like I’m watching Power Rangers without bad puns. Also it’s really cool to see him utilizing his hockey skills to fight the FootBots.

The Turtles meanwhile deals with a Krang activity in which they saw them manufacturing a ninja robot. But before they could do anything April called Donnie asking him for help, leaving Leo, Raph and Mikey to fight the Krangs.

TMNT 32 (3)

More about the robot, at first I thought he was meant to be a robot version of Shredder, since they the exact same build. It’s basically Shredder in a new suit. Or Bradford.

I actually loved this currently unnamed robot, although Mikey nicknames him ChromeBot, and judging of howhe is the official namer, it might as well be that name. Anyhow the real reason I love him is because of his weapons. That’s it. He is equipped with a lightsaber katana and whips. Who doesn’t like lightsabers?

Meanwhile Donnie managed to save April from the FootBots. You know, I may be a little nitpicky, but I demanded to know how the hell can one Turtle single handedly defeated FootBots when all four of them can barely defeat a few before? Training I guess. Since Donnie is busy handling the FootBots, April was forced to fight Karai, who now wields a lance.

TMNT 32 (4)

The ChromeBot arrives, but instead of killing April it decides to take her back to Krang, because the bot is of Krang origins. The other Turtles arrived and Leo helps April defeats Karai while the others deal with ChromeBot, who actually isn’t much of a challenge when the Turtles worked together to defeat it.

Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of this episode is that since this episode focuses on Donnie & April, they ditched the plot of Karai being Splinter’s daughter. I mean so Leo knows that Karai is Splinter’s daughter, yet he didn’t confront her about this. Maybe Splinter doesn’t want him to tell her, and most likely it’s reserved for another episode where it’s a major plot point. But can’t they at least include some continuity here?

TMNT 32 (5)

After the fight, April makes amends with the Turtles and goes on to check on Casey, which upsets Donnie. However, it really proves that she has forgiven the Turtles and thanked Donnie, and hear this, KISSED HIM. Donnie’s reaction is what one would expect, he’s so friggin’ happy that he can fly! Looks like Donnie finally scores huh?

Overall, a very entertaining episode. Aside from the flaw of Leo not confronting Karai about her relation, it was a little bit of a bummer not to see Casey meeting the Turtles. But like Karai’s plot, it may be reserved for future episodes.


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