Kamen Rider Gaim 13: Unlikely Alliance

The Inves outbreak gets worse as civilians are injured. Worst of all, the Beat Riders are blamed for it. Not only that, Zangetsu decides to hire Bravo as a hitman for the Sengoku Armored Riders.

Gaim 13 (1)

I honestly didn’t expect that things would go this bad. I don’t mean that the show is getting bad but rather, the characters are having a bad time ahead. I did expect Zangetsu to go after the Armored Riders but I didn’t expect that the Beat Riders are publicly accused of the Inves attacks. That being said, getting people to hate the Beat Riders is also a part of Yggdrasil’s plan even though it was unexpected, since they need to get rid of the youths. Is it just me or is the show is turning into another Battle Royale?

This episode also continues Hase’s subplot of being robbed of his power. Like in the previous episode, he is devastated that he is powerless and tries to seek more power. Not only that, he also suffered just like Kota because he’s traumatized of Zangetsu.

As stated, Takatora enlists the help of Oren to track down the Beat Riders. This is a very clever move, seeing as how they want to make the public think that Yggdrasil is not even involved with the whole Inves thing, and having Bravo hunting the Armored Riders makes sense because he’s not a Beat Rider.

Gaim 13 (2)

So how did Bravo does his job? First I gotta talk about the Beat Riders being accused. It’s really hard to see them dealing with the accusations especially when the adults scorn them like they did something dangerous and other people was affected by it.

Okay back to Bravo, since everybody hates the Beat Riders now, Bravo proclaims that he will be a hero and defeat, or rather discipline the Riders, starting with Team Baron. Remember that Team Baron is a jerk? Well they’re real jerks. They disrespects the adults and/or people who don’t like them and worst of all Kaito even threaten to teach them a lesson using Baron. Nice one dickhead, you just make the others believe that Beat Riders are assholes.

Another Baron VS Bravo ensues, and at this rate it’s obvious that Bravo was meant to be Baron’s main rival other than Gaim. Also, even if Kaito is a jerk, he still showed care towards his crew when Peko is injured because of Bravo. I guess it’s because he views Peko as loyal to him, that’s why he cares.

Gaim 13 (3)

After ‘defeating’ Baron, Bravo went on air and states his business as the peacekeeper of Zawame City. And to prove that he already showed that he has disciplined Jonouchi. More about Gridon, remember back in the first episode where he was spotted on Baron’s faction? I got a feeling that he will partner up with him for permanent at some point.

Anyways another Inves attack occurred and luckily Kota was around. I think he’s on his job but it wasn’t stated. However Bravo intervenes and attack Kota while the Inves got away, Bravo tells him that he was simply there to eliminate the Riders, and not help with the Inves outbreak. So much for the peacekeeper thing.

Gaim was having a hard time fighting Bravo until Kaito came in order to pay back for yesterday’s match. And thus, this is the second time where Gaim and Baron teamed up to fight a common enemy. I love how Baron still thinks for himself and claiming he was only there to pwn Bravo, not help Gaim.

Gaim 13 (4)

Surprisingly, their teamwork is now better than the previous one, and I think we will get more of this alliance in the future. Also one thing to note, Bravo notes that Gaim is useless without Ryugen, and even here he had help from Baron. I wonder what would happen if Gaim was forced to fight tougher enemies alone?

Baron assumes Mango Arms while giving Gaim the Banana Lockseed, thus showing that any Rider can indeed use each other’s Lockseeds without trouble. Surprisingly, Gaim Banana Arms looks naturally fit for him, and seeing how well it matches the suit I am excited for more mix-and-match forms in the future!

Because Banana Arms is Baron’s primary form, there’s nothing special about Gaim Banana Arms. But at the very least when they defeated Bravo you can get the idea of how Baron activates two of his form’s finisher.

Gaim 13 (5)

Kota quickly went to find the escaped Inves, only to encounter Zangetsu in his Shin form. I know that they were supposed to promote Zangetsu Shin’s arsenals for toy sales, but with the next episode featuring him in that form, I’m beginning to think that he will ditch his basic form. Granted the Energy Lockseeds are stronger but leaving the basic Zangetsu armor like that is injustice. At the very least in Showa Riders, they got defeated badly and went to train and change their suit to signify their new strength, hence the term upgrade. But here it’s more of a replacement than an upgrade.

Regardless, it’s great to see Zangetsu utilizing the Sonic Arrow to fight the Evolved Inves. I gotta talk about the Inves. If there’s one thing that I don’t like about Gaim so far it’s the Inves. Why are they animals? Or rather, why are they were based on common or uncommon animals like tiger and such? Why not just make them insects and/or animals that ate fruit? I get it, they were monstrous versions of Pokemon. Pokemon eats poffins and Inves eats Lockseeds. Haiyaa.

Gaim 13 (6)

After destroying the Inves, Zangetsu prepares to fight Gaim & Baron. What I like about this scene is that Gaim & Baron now looks like natural allies instead of temporary alliance or something. Maybe it’s because their opponent is Zangetsu so they know that they need to rely on each other.

However before a fight could happen, Hase appears, and seeing how desperate he is for power, and that he saw how the Inves eats the Lockseed fruit, he eats them and as a result, transforms into an Inves himself! This finally shows what happened when a person ate the fruit, because it was hinted when they are attracted to it but never seemed to be able to eat the fruit due to some distractions. Maybe some of the Inveses are actually humans that are attracted to the fruit! If so, then Gaim has unknowingly committed a murder! More on that, it’s possible at this rate that Yuuya, Team Gaim’s missing leader, might have turned into an Inves himself!!!! Damn shit just got really real!

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