TMNT S02E05: That Damn Shellacne

Mikey wakes up one day to find out that he has zits! What the hell happened to him?!

TMNT 31 (1)

The best thing about this episode is that they took a dialogue from season 1 and turn it into a plot. In this case, Mikey once suggested that they took some mutagen to turn themselves stronger,and this episode proves otherwise. The mutagen is really unpredictable. So far we only knew that a person who exposed to it will turn into anything they touched previously, as shown by DogPound, Fishface & Kirby’s transformation. So in order for Mikey to get acnes, he would’ve touched someone’s acne!

More about the shellacne, they did one hell of a job in making it looked really gross. From the acnes in the tounge to the large blobing zit, it is gross and I can’t stand seeing Mikey throughout the episode.

As for the villains, Karai took charge of the Foot and orders DogPound & Fishface to take back Baxter Stockman into working for them, since the latter betrayed them previously. Baxter claims that he can turn those two back into humans, so they make an agreement.

TMNT 31 (2)

I am surprised when the two needed to make sure Baxter didn’t double crossed them, they put a collar around him that’s similar to the one in Saw 3, but instead of shotgun it’s mutagen tubes. Damn the people who worked on this show stole ideas from horror movies and incorporated it in a kids show!

Back to Mikey, one of the reason why he showered himself with mutagens is because he is tired that his brothers treated him like he’s undependable. And even when he admits it to them, they wouldn’t listen to him, so he decided to recklessly go after Baxter himself.

Unfortunately his zit is getting bigger and bigger to the point where if one of it explodes, Mikey would explode. Ummmm, am I watching a kids show or what? Whatever. Anyways he confronts the three baddies, and ended up in shenanigans which caused DogPound to bathe in mutagen and mutated him further!

TMNT 31 (3)

However, DogPound in turn gets stronger and deadlier, although he looks more of a zombiefied dog now. The other Turtles rescues Mikey in time and cures him, while Baxter is approached by Karai, who turns him into her bitch.

In the end, even when Mikey’s cured, the Turtles still treated him like a younger brother because he is their younger brother. Bottom line, they didn’t learn the lesson. I don’t think there’s much of a lesson anyway.


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