Kyoryuger Brave 43: Family Drama

Souji is close to mastering his own version of the Trinity Straizer technique, however before that all could happen, his estranged mother comes back in his life and demands him to quit the ZyuDen Sentai!!

Kyoryu 42 (1)

First things first, call me a hater but I promise this is the only time I’ve talked about him in this episode. I’m getting really tired with Daigo’s shonen acting. His character really feels like a cliche shonen manga character. No wonder why I hated it everytime they shoehorned KyoryuRed porn.

Moving on, this episode is focused on Souji, and his family. In case you don’t know Souji’s parents are divorced, and I am surprised that they used that plot point here. I mean Kyoryuger is one of the ‘childish’ Sentais, and having a plot where one’s character having a divorced parents certainly surprises me.

Souji’s mom, whom I expected to be portrayed by a Sentai alumni, is portrayed by Sayoko Hagiwara, who happened to be the former DynaPink from Dynaman! This is a really great reference, since Genryuu’s actor is the former DynaBlack and Souji could be DynaGreen!

Kyoryu 42 (2)

This episode reveals why Souji stayed with his dad even though his dad is very strict. At first I thought Souji’s mom just left them together, but no. It appears that Genryuu was sad that he couldn’t bring happiness to his own family that his wife and son hated him. The young Souji heard this and decided to stay with his dad.

As for his mother, she turned into a renowned fashion designer, which kinda refers to the people who didn’t get married or divorced. See when they didn’t have a family of their own, they would most likely excel in their careers, and I can see that if she just stayed with Genryuu, she would’ve ended up being the housewife.

Meanwhile, DoGold is forced to become Endorf’s lapdog, which is funny considering that his name is a pun on dog even though he’s a lion. Well actually the ‘Do’ part was ‘rage’, but never mind. Seeing that he lost his pride, KyoryuGold mocks DoGold, and he seems to be snapped at first, only to change his mind into completely obeying Endorf. To me, it sounds like he’s scheming another plot. I’m thinking that he will gain Endorf’s trust to the point that Endorf removes the ring on his antenna, then it’s time to strike. It may or may not happen, considering that the show only has a few episodes left.

Kyoryu 42 (3)

Back to Souji, he is visited by Torin, who appeared in human form due to Tessai casting illusions on the Maximum Beast Battery. Wow, I really liked Torin’s human form, it makes me wish that he would appear in this form more often! Not that I hated the suit, I love it but then there’s the classic question about how he turned humanoid when assuming KyoryuSilver. Having him turn into human form and then transform makes a lot more sense. Also, Torin sounds totally different when he’s in human form, almost makes me think that he is not portrayed by his seiyuu.

After Torin helps Souji’s parent make amends with each other, a mysterious black hooded guy obviously affiliated with Deboss kidnaps them, forcing Souji to save them. Realizing that his love for his parents is the catalyst on mastering his Trinity Straizer, he unleashed the attack. The black hood isn’t defeated, showing that he will be a major villain. More on Souji’s Trinity Straizer, it was weird on having him spurting green Torin wings. After saving his dad, Souji’s mother allows him to fight with his team, and is proud of him.

Kyoryu 42 (4)

Even though he joined his team, KyoryuGreen takes the centre of the spotlight, by that I mean he literally started a one man war against Endorf’s forces. Yeah the other Kyoryugers did their rollcall and do nothing after that.

You know, when KyoryuGreen fights the Zorimas, he started using wire-fu which makes me think that Sakamoto directed this episode but no, a different director directs it. Well my bad, just because they used wires and shaky cams (Not the Hunger Games level of shaky cams) doesn’t mean it’s directed by Sakamoto.

Kyoryu 42 (5)

Since there’s no MotW in this episode, they used team cannon on Endorf, only to have DoGold acting as his meat shield! Then Endorf enlarges DoGold using his wrist device, saying that the device is from Chaos’ Deboss cell.

The MegaZord battle surprises me because they used Raiden KyoRyuZin, with KyoryuSilver joining them. as such, he wields his Feather Edge as substitute. Anyways they finished DoGold rather quickly, and DoGold sacrifices his Cambrima host and escapes. Well I never expect DoGold would get eliminated this early anyway.

Kyoryu 42 (6)

Aigallon & Lyckyuro questions DoGold’s motif, only to be approached by the black hood, and a white hood. Wait, where’s Canderilla?

As for Souji, his shows signs of getting reconcile, which I think may happen, considering that this is kids show, they need to have a happy ending.


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