Kamen Rider Gaim 12: The New Generation

Knowing that they are test subjects, Kota & Mitch decided to stay out of being an Armored Rider for the time being. But when Inveses are attacking civilians, Kota has second thoughts.

Gaim 12 (1)

The way this episode started feels a lot like Gaim has entered season 2, and I’m glad to say that this episode is suitable for new people who wanted to get into Gaim, although I would recommend watching the first 11 episodes more.

The start of a new major arc means that the story is getting darker and more intense. Speaking of intense, we get to see that Gaim & Ryugen’s partnership is slowly falling apart in this episode. Before, we saw them as the ideal dream team, like Batman & Robin but now, it seems like Ryugen is starting to be somewhat like Nightwing. Of course it’s not exactly like that, but this is the first time they argued among each other, and I think it will continue.

The ‘New Generation’ aspect of this episode is that there are 2 new kinds of Riders that appear in this episode. The first one is the Kurokage Troopers. Remember how I ‘meh’ on Kurokage? Well seeing the suit gets demoted to RioTrooper/ZECTrooper/Kamen Rider Mages kinda proves my point. I mean the suit really looked basic, and Kurokage wasn’t really promoted as one of the main Riders (seeing as how Gridon gets treated as such in Super Hero Time openings). At the very least, the Kurokage Troopers has other arsenal which is the flamethrower gun, which is cool.

Gaim 12 (2)

It’s nice to see Mai interacting with someone else other than her crew. In this case, it’s Kaito. Is it just me, or are they trying to ship Mai & Kaito? Well if that’s true, then we got one hell of a love square between the four main characters. Mai loves Kota, Mitch likes Mai but in reality Mai was meant for Kaito. Wow.

Anyways after she talked with Kaito Mai is approached by the mysterious girl. They still used that special angle when filming a meeting  between two characters that’s portrayed by one actor. I mean that there’s a distance between Mai and the girl, so that they can use AfterEffects or whatever, and the use of a body double when they filmed from each other’s backs. The girl tells Mai to leave the city as soon as possible, which makes me think that Zawame City will turn into a battlefield for the Riders.

Gaim 12 (3)

Kaito, still a jerk, challenges Team Raid Wild on purpose because Hase’s Sengoku Driver is broken. Also, The Nut Bros are breaking apart because Hase is powerless and Jonouchi is as cunning as ever. Anyways this scene is very strong to me because I’m sympathized with Hase. Seeing him unable to transform and summoning a weak Inves in battle out of desperation, and getting humiliated is too much. Guess I was too hard on him.

Since he broke their partnership, Jonouchi decides to find another pawn. I’m thinking that Gridon plans to partner up with Riders then let them battle with other Rider and lose, eventually making Gridon and Team Invitto as the top ranking team.

And his next target is none other than Armored Rider Bravo! While it’s somewhat of a smart move, it’s also risky. Unlike Kota before him, Oren accepts Jonouchi, and their training involves Jonouchi baking the cakes for him! Also Oren definitely has a crush on Armored Rider Zangetsu.

Gaim 12 (4)

Kota and Mitch agreed to stop transforming in order to foil Yggdrasil’s currently unknown plan, and in order to make sure of it, Mitch asks Kota to throw away the belt. Remember that Mitch can be a threatening person when needed? This time he uses it on Kota, and this signifies that duo is falling apart.

However, before Kota could do anything, Inves started attacking people, and I really loved how Mitch stopped Kota from transforming and fight. From this moment we knew that Kota will protect people regardless of the outcome, which makes him your typical good hearted but reckless hero.

Mitch however still refuses to transform. That, and the reason why he won’t tell Kota why they need to figure out about Yggdrasil secretly because he doesn’t want them to find out that he is connected to Yggdrasil is rather selfish. But I understand his situation.

Gaim 12 (5)

Mitch nearly transform because Gaim was overwhelmed by three Berserk Inveses, but before that could happen Kota suddenly gain the upper hand and what’s interesting is that Gaim completely uses Orange Arms’ full potential. He didn’t even use other Arms!

Also this episode marks the very first time Gaim used a Rider Kick in Orange Arms. As such this is the first time we see the official Sengoku Fanta Kick. The real name is Burai Kick but I prefer the nickname. More on the kick, it kinda resembles Decade & OOO’s Rider Kick, and honestly the Orange splashes really looks…….. delicious.

Gaim 12 (6)

Meanwhile, Takatora tests the newly developed Genesis Driver, that’s compatible with the Energy Lockseeds. Since he’s a Melon user, he uses a Melon Energy Lockseed. I gotta tell you, the Genesis Driver is an instant favourite of mine, because it ‘juices’ the Lockseed and turns it into a soda! Just seeing the water animation on the driver wins me over.

As for Armored Rider Zangetsu Shin‘s design, I gotta admit I’m not a fan of one shoulder pads, I just didn’t like it. Plus the armor looked heavy so having a one-sided shoulder pad is somewhat troublesome. That being said though the design itself is cool and fits to be Zangetsu’s upgrade. It’s interesting that Zangetsu is the first Rider who got the mid-season upgrade (Watermelon Arms doesn’t count). As for the weapon, Sonic Arrow, I find that it normal for them to use bow and arrow, because since 2012 the weapon had received much attention. I mean Hawkeye, Brave, Katniss Everseen and Arrow uses them, and they are responsible in making bow and arrow extremely mainstream. I love Katniss. No, I love Jennifer Lawrence.

Ignore that, after testing the new power, Zangetsu claims that with the Genesis Driver, the Beat Rider are now totally useless. This makes me think that he will initiate a plan to kill the Armored Riders.

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