TMNT S02E04: Is That Casey Jones?!

Donnie is frustated that April won’t talk to them, so he lashes out his feelings to the Pulverizer, who drove crazy and drinks mutagens, becoming Mutagen Man. Moreover, April meets a guy named Casey Jones.

TMNT 30 (1)

Before I review the episode, I wanted to say that I took the liberty of watching TMNT 1987, and as a result I fell in love with April. The ’87 April. God that yellow jumpsuit! Now I understand why people have a hard time accepting this April, because she’s a teenager and she’s not attractive!…… For an animated woman.

Speaking of accepting, I absolutely have a hard time accepting Casey Jones design. I’ll talk about the voice later but first, WHO THE FUCK DESIGNED HIM?! Seriously man, I hated the missing teeth and the small eyes. The designers wanted to portray the lean mean design but all I see is that Casey Jones looked like a hobo rather than a slacker student. Yeah I get that he’s missing some teeth because he played hockey, but you make him looked hideous!!!

As for the voice, man, I’m not even sure that’s Josh Peck! He sounds totally different, maybe it’s because it’s been a long time since I heard him. Yes, I didn’t watch Red Dawn. Anyways for portraying Casey itself, Josh actually did a great job at voicing a younger Casey.

TMNT 30 (2)

The main protagonist of this episode is Donnie himself, and poor, poor Donnie. Not only he’s heartbroken that April ‘dated’ a new guy, but he’s practically responsible for Pulverizer turning into Mutagen Man!

Speaking of Pulverizer, I find that him rampaging because he wanted to find April and befriend her is creepy, and what’s creepier is that I understand him. I totally do. Donnie has been telling a lot of great things about April to him, and it would make sense if he develops a crush on her. Most people developed a crush on someone because they heard positive things about their crush.

Splinter tries to make Donnie let go of April, by making him fall over and asked him if he liked the fall. For those of you who doesn’t understand, Splinter is basically telling Donnie that Donnie’s reaction about keep falling down is the same as April getting crushed over by Donnie. Put simply, Donnie doesn’t like falling down even though Splinter forces him to, and April may not like that Donnie keeps having a crush on her, because it is obviously weird that she would date a turtle. Although she’s been the subject of TMNT hentais. April ’87~

TMNT 30 (3)

Also, this episode showed that the Pulverizer began to treat the Turtles harshly, mostly because of his obsession towards April drove him to protect her from the Turtles because they ruined both of their lives. I knew this would happen. I mean the Turtles treated Pulverizer harshly before, and it would make sense if Mutagen Man goes Syndrome on the Turtles.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. In the beginning of the episode, the Turtles are watching a parody of Power Rangers/Voltron, and the giant robot looks a lot like Mazinger Z. It’s actually Mazinger Z but blockier with different head. The show was meant to replace the Space Heroes, and this time Raph, Leo and Mikey liked it a lot. I love that Raph mocks that the lips doesn’t match with what they said, mocking dubs.

The actions in this episode are amazing. First you get Casey & April VS Mutagen Man. Something tells me that they’re going to fight together often, becoming a duo or something like that. Also, I’m glad that they kept Casey’s trademark “Goongala”. I still wished that the Turtles would change from Booyakasha to Cowabunga. It’s just raping the trademark.

TMNT 30 (4)

The best part of the actions is when the Turtles used the shadows to attack Mutagen Man, it really looks cool. Mutagen Man’s weakness is that he depends on mutagen supplies to keep fighting, and if the Turtles could match him by sheer strength, he would be no problem. But the problem is that the Turtles don’t. And they can’t just wait for him to run out of mutagen, so Donnie cooks up another plan.

And the plan is having Mutagen Man drinks up mutagen…… which is a cyrogenic liquid that freezes him over. Even though I knew that they will never kill off a character, Mutagen Man is one of the villains that I don’t want them to be killed. Mostly because he’s not a villain but rather a confused person.

TMNT 30 (5)

It’s interesting to note that the Turtles didn’t interact with April whatsoever, and as a result they never met Casey except for Donnie. That’s fine because I wanted them to take things slowly. Debut Casey as an ‘extra’ than expand the character later.

In the end, even though getting April is hopeless, Splinter tells Donnie to never give up hope. You don’t wanna know how it feels when you lose hope.

Overall, a great episode. Still, I wished that they redesign Casey, as well as Karai because she looked like a monkey.


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