TMNT S02E03: Follow The Leader

Even though he’s been leading the team for a while now, Leonardo is still having trouble as the leader of the team because his brothers won’t follow his orders sometimes. At the same time, Karai vows to take revenge on the Turtles & Splinter……

TMNT 29 (1)

While this episode clearly takes place on Season 2, the main plot feels like it’s set on Season 1 or more accurately, the Turtles’ early days. Truth to be honest I find the idea of the Turtles disobeying Leo’s orders are dumb, because not only he’s been leading them, but the Season 1’s finale shows that the Turtles are saddened by Leo’s ‘loss’, but here they treated him like the events never happened! What I meant is that they should be more grateful to their leader, plus it was Leo who make the ultimate sacrifice.

As for Karai, Shredder decides to leave for Japan, which makes me think that when he returns, it would mean even more trouble for the Turtles. Regardless, the Turtles can catch a breath for a while since their archenemy is gone for a while.

TMNT 29 (2)

I liked that Karai is more bent on defeating the Turtles, since their last encounter the Turtles betrayed her in fear of her doing the same to them, plus she encountered Splinter, who’s falsely accused of killing Karai’s mom. I think the Splinter/Karai plot will be a major plot in this season.

Since the Foot has been working with Krangs, the latter gives them Foot Ninja robots, which causes a hard time for the Tutles. That, along with Raph, Donnie & Mikey disobeying Leo causes the latter to be kidnapped by the Foot.

TMNT 29 (3)

The Turtles felt guilty, and decided to retrieve their brother back. I really love Raph using birds as diversion, and despite his attitude, Raph’s actually the kind of guy who loves animals huh?

However, saving Leo turns out to be another trap, as Karai planned to kidnap all four Turtles, forcing Splinter to come out to retrieve them and eventually face her.

Since the other Turtles learned their lesson, they decided to follow Leo’s orders. But that’s not enough as they still can’t beat the Robo-Foot. Leo decides that the team should be unpredictable in fighting so that the robots have a hard time understanding them.

TMNT 29 (4)

Another Leo VS Karai ensues, and I gotta say their fight keeps getting better. This is mostly because Karai’s not hesitate to put an end to Leo, and Leo tried his best to defend himself, and eventually Karai loses.

At first I thought Leo was going soft-hearted on Karai because that’s what the good guys usually do but no, instead he gives a cold shoulder to Karai and warn her to stay away from his family. Wow, looks like Leo has toughen up huh?

TMNT 29 (5)

Celebrating their victory, the Turtles treated Leo better now, especially Raph. Leo decides to ask Splinter about Karai, to which he reveals to him that Karai is his daughter. Whoa. I didn’t expect him to reveal it THIS early. Maybe the second season’s about Splinter/Karai after all.

Overall, a decent episode. It’s just feel like a normal episode that doesn’t feel taht important to me. Sure, it’s important because the Turltes, at least Leo now knows that Karai is Splinter’s daughter, but the rest of the episode feels normal to me. Also, the fact that the Turtles retreated from the Robo-Foot makes it look like anticlimactic.


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