Kyoryuger Brave 42: A Very BRAVE Christmas!!!

DoGold turns his attention to KyoryuRed’s father, aiming to take him as a new host. We also learn something important about Dantetsu. What could it be?

Kyoryu 42 (1)

For a Christmas-themed episode, the majority of the episode isn’t about Christmas. This is mostly because the episode focuses on DoGold and Dantetsu. At first I thought this episode would be another KyoryuRed-centric, since he’s always the target for an important episode. They still shoehorned him, but thanks to the aforementioned characters, I didn’t treat this episode as KyoryuRed-focused episode.

The episode quickly solves the problem the Kyoryugers faced in the previous episode, which is dealing with the Deboss Clones. The rest is ignorable, but the best scene has got to be TobaSpino lending a hand to PteraidenOh Western. in this case, TobaSpino knocks PteraGordon aside and allows KyoryuBlack & Green to assume SpinoDaiOh Western. I just love their reaction when TobaSpino’s rushing to them. Just one thing though, why can’t they just make Raiden SpinoDaiOh Western?

Kyoryu 42 (2)

As for DoGold, he enlists the help of the other Chevaliers to aid the combined YanaSanta, who’s 345 times stronger. I knew there’s 5 of them. But what’s interesting about the scene is that Canderilla & Luckyuro refused to fight, claiming that they have no mood to do so. This is because both KyoryuBlue & KyoryuPink opened their hearts, causing them to doubt their roles as villains. Now this is what I want. I was afraid they dropped this.

Meanwhile, Torin heads to Daigo and Dantetsu, where he calls the latter ‘King’. This is where we learn that Dantetsu is special, and why he’s a traveller and affiliated with Torin. Turns out Dantetsu is the Earth’s chosen one as the King of the Earth, as he can hear the Earth’s melody and presumably was given the unusual strength that he demonstrated before. To be honest I find this to be a clever way to explain why the hell KyoryuRed was treated like a chosen one. You see when Dantetsu was chosen, it also affected Daigo, so technically he is one of the Chosen Ones. That’s why the show is nothing but KyoryuRed porn, because his father was the chosen one all along! Well played. At least I’m glad that they didn’t blatantly say that KyoryuRed is the chosen one, or else I will implode myself.

For some odd reason, Daigo was so excited to the point that he was able to beat DoGold or rather, overflowing with power. But hey, this is Super Sentai, so they know that they can’t always shoehorn him, they gotta throw in the other Kyoryugers as well! Besides, this episode focused on other characters, so it would be stupid to just have KyoryuRed beating up DoGold.

Kyoryu 42 (3)

The fight of the 10 Kyoryugers this time are shorter, it’s mostly about them doing coordinated attacks as duos based on their specialty, as such KyoryuBlack & USELESS KyoryuViolet use their guns to shoot, KyoryuPink & KyoryuGrey kicks while KyoryuBlue & KyoryuCyan punches, KyoryuGreen & KyoryuGold slashes. I was expecting KyoryuSilver to deliver his own slash, but instead he teamed up with Red to unleash their finishing moves with his GigaGabuRevolver. Then as usual they did a finishing move as a team.

However, at the last second, YanaSanta grabs DoGold, forcing the latter to also get struck by the finisher. Then it’s revealed that YanaSanta is not DoGold’s monster, but rather Endorf’s. Yes Endorf. This episode marks the return of our beloved Endorf. I just love his return in this episode, still retaining his calm attitude.

Kyoryu 42 (4)

What’s better is that he holds the incapacitated DoGold and do the ‘told you so’ talk to him, even threatening to destroy DoGold. But Canderilla & Aigallon tells Endorf to spare DoGold, maybe it’s because they’re not fond of having their own comrades getting killed by another.

Also, YanaSanta grows into giant without the Restoration Water, because apparently Endorf’s hatred is so extreme that it allows him to make his monster grows without aid. Wow, looks like the team will have a hard time fighting him in the future. Also, while his hatred towards the Kyoryuger are barely shown previously, it’s evident now. Looks like we may get to see a Endorf turns sadistic.

As for the MegaZord fight, I’m surprised that they used Gigant KyoRyuZin as well as PteraidenOh Ankydon & PlezuOh Bunpachy, to make the use of all Voltasaurs. It’s interesting that the other two MegaZords are formed by the order of their numbers, as PteraGordon’s with Ankydon and such. Although I would’ve prefer if they used PteraidenOh Kung-Fu because I didn’t really like the random formations but hey, they need to backup PlezuOh because KyoryuViolet is USELESS. Bet that Grey’s the one doing all the job.

Kyoryu 42 (5)

Afterwards, Chaos decides to punish DoGold later because he needs to proceed to their next plan, while DoGold takes host in another Cambrima, while express his anger of being a sentient armour that requires a host to get stronger. Put simply, DoGold actually hates himself.

As for the Kyoryugers, they decided to help deliver the presents to all of the kids in the whole world. WHERE THE HELL IS MY PS4?! I’VE BEEN A GOOD BOY LATELY!!!!! (Yeah right)

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