Kyoryuger Brave 41: Crisis on Christmas Eve!

It’s Christmas, the happiest time of the year. But then the Deboss has a tricks up in their sleeves. So the Kyoryugers must fight to protect Christmas from being ruined!

Kyoryu 41 (1)

Is it just me, or is Kyoryuger recycling Go-Busters‘ Christmas plot? It’s not a direct ripoff, but you can see the similarity in themes, the obvious being that the Deboss has a very malevolent plan and the show is getting darker than ever. Boo hoo, they’re copying a plot from the most underrated Sentai ever!

Anyways this episode is a whole is just a simple good episode in my taste. It’s mostly because it’s one of those episode after a Sakamoto-directed episode, which tells a major difference in style. Nevertheless the episode tried its best to be a good episode without Sakamoto.

The main attraction of this episode is the gathering of the 11 Voltasaurs: GabuTyra, ParasaGun, Stegotchi, Zakutor, Dricera, PteraGordon, Ankydon, Bunpachy, Plezuon, Bragigas & the movie exclusive TobaSpino. The part that I liked the most is that TobaSpino makes more appearances than most movie-exclusive mecha. Also, I really liked that with 11 Voltasaurs, they can actually have more than 2 MegaZords figthing at the same time. Here’s hoping that all 5 MegaZords kicks Deboss’ ass in the finale.

Kyoryu 41 (2)

The Kyoryugers assembled the 5 MegaZords because they need to protect 5 different places across the world. Now this is what I wanted to see, superheroes protecting the world and not just Japan. I really love Deboss’ attacks on New York and Hawaii, as it reminds me a lot of Godzilla: Final Wars.

KyoryuRed piloted SpinoDaiOh and stayed to fight in Japan, and since he’s the main hero (more like the ONLY hero) of the series, he gets the most screen time. I guess it’s inevitable, since it’s tiring to complain about KyoryuRed porn. Oh I forgot to mention that there 5 different Deboss clones that’s generated by the kids’ anger due to their presents being sabotaged by Debo YanaSanta.

KyoryuRed chases after Debo YanaSanta, who reveals that he, like Deboss, has another clones because they need to deliver fake presents across the world. What’s great about these YanaSantas is that they can merge with each other, and their power will be multiplied based on the number of the individual YanaSantas. In this case, YanaSanta #1 merges with #2, but instead of being three times stronger he’s instead 12 times stronger! I can’t help but to think that if 5 YanaSantas merged, it would be 12345 times stronger! Oh and I liked that KyoryuRed tried to use Carnival but he can’t since it would interrupt KyoRyuZin’s fight.

Kyoryu 41 (3)

Much to my surprise, the second half of this episode turns into an Utchy-focused episode, as it was revealed that all of the chaos happened was DoGold’s plan to kidnap KyoryuRed to turn him into his host. Wow, I thought he would be satisfied with Endorf, but this guy is such a powerthirst. As such KyoryuGold rushes to aid KyoryuRed. Also, DoGold starts to show some of Endorf’s habits, although I feel that this is just a foreshadowing to Endorf’s return.

Truth to be honest, the final fight of this episode could’ve been the same even without KyoryuRed. But hey, he is the hero of the show, so they need to include him. Aside from the return of KyoryuGold’s insert song, I liked that Red& Gold retaliate YanaSanta’s brute force by combining their designation number, as such, the power of KyoryuRed and KyoryuGold combined is 16 times stronger.

Kyoryu 41 (4)

After YanaSanta is destroyed, DoGold makes his way to a weakened KyoryuRed, only to be attacked by Daigo’s father who takes the heroes and retreat. Because of this, DoGold decides not to pursue KyoryuRed, ┬ábut his father instead.

Overall, copying Go-Busters aside, I’m glad that the show’s starting to get dark, in its own way. Considering that DoGold’s intentions involves Daigo’s father, expect another batch of KyoryuRed porn. Uggghhh……..


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