TMNT S02E02: XenoSquirrels!!!!

The Turtles search for the scattered mutagen canisters, and the first one they encountered has already mutated a……… squirrel?

TMNT 28 (1)

The episode title is a play on “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” so naturally aliens are going to be involved. But this is about mutants, in order to incorporate the ‘alien’ theme, they decided to have this episode as the kids version of Ridley Scott’s Alien franchise. Yeah, this episode is essentially Alien VS TMNT!

Remember that I said that the Rat King episode’s tone is a horror themed episode, well this episode does it as well. It’s a lot scarier, but thanks to the comedic nature of the show it doesn’t seem to be that scary. Otherwise kids will be freaked out.

I was really shocked on the horror aspect when starting with the squirrel entering the guy’s mouth. From that moment I knew that this is not you average kids show episode. However the first half of the episode is mostly about Turtles trying to catch the squirrels while keeping Splinter unaware of the situation.

TMNT 28 (2)But the squirrels mutated further into the ‘Squirrelanoids’, forcing Splinter to join them in capturing the mutant. Seriously, the Squirrels resembles perfectly like the Xenomorphs, even having the distinctive tounge. Since Xenomorph species varies depending on what the host is, it’s possible that this is a Xenomorph created from a squirrel.

I was hoping Splinter to join the Turtles full time in the episode, but after the Squirrelanoids escape through the sewers, he offers to stay behind to guard the lair. And since the episode is scary, the Turtles themselves aren’t brave enough to go search for the mutants.

Oh, I forgot to mention that this is the first time we get to see the Turtles’ bedroom, in this case Mikey’s room. So far we’ve only seen the living room, the dojo and Donnie’s workshop, so it’s great to have a refreshing new scene. And how did Mikey get those toys?

TMNT 28 (3)

The Turtles used Metalhead to do the searching and I couldn’t help but to feel sorry for Metalhead for getting his head decapitated, despite being a robot. The scene where the mutants passing through before Metalhead encounters them really feels like a horror story.

Eventually the Turtles are forced to fight the Squirrelanoids, and compared to other mutants the don’t really provide much of a challenge. They only gained the upper hand, if any, because the Turtles are terrified with them.

TMNT 28 (4)

However Mikey, having read a comic book that’s basically an Alien ripoff, has an idea, mostly because the comic book follows exactly like what the Turtles are experiencing now. Wow, they just parodied Alien, now it’s Stranger Than Fiction?

Mikey’s plan involves trapping the Squirrelanoids into the flush area of the sewers, which mirrors Ripley’s actions during the climax on Alien. I really liked that, although it makes this episode unoriginal since they just took the plot from Alien and watered it down to make it kid-friendly.

TMNT 28 (5)

Even though Mikey saved the day, the Squirrelanoids are not completely gone, since they were not destroyed. Going on with the trend that TMNT villains never died, it’s safe to assume that the Squirrelanoids will return. Great, next time the Turtles will be on war. And then on a prison. And on and on and on. Oh God please don’t make a Predator-ish mutants!


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