Kyoryuger Brave 40: Movie Madness

Nossan finally gets a marriage interview…….. with Canderilla?! At the same time a Debo Monster kidnaps people by making movies.

Kyoryu 40 (1)

It’s weird that this episode is a marriage interview episode, and the ones that are involved are Blue Rangers. I’m talking about this episode took the same plot point from Go-Busters. Anyways I’m honestly proud to review this episode, because this single episode managed to pull me back into Kyoryuger and make me enjoy the show again. I guess it’s mostly because I expect nothing from this episode. Bottom line, expect totally nothing when you watch something. That’s the best way to enjoy it.

The best thing about this episode is that they have a Debo Monster whose power is to dress his victims with costumes and having them to play a role in a movie. The first one is Kyoryugers starring as police forces, which maybe was based on Jackie Chan’s Police Story series. I don’t know. The movie themes used are cliche but they are very unique here since I don’t recall seeing them make something like this in Sentai. I really liked it when they transitioned into ‘Movie Mode’, that letterbox style is really cool, and somewhat of a reference of my older reviews 😛

Kyoryu 40 (2)

The plot of this episode is about KyoryuBlue trying to convince Canderilla to defect from Deboss. Interesting. First Luckyuro, now it’s Canderilla. Even with that Luckyuro still acted ‘evil’ in this episode. Truth to be honest I don’t think that those two will ended up getting destroyed because first this show isn’t that dark, and second a lot of Sentai villains survived the show. So I’m willing to bet that Canderilla & Luckyuro will stay with the heroes in the finale.

It’s really funny that they paired KyoryuBlue & Canderilla, and surprisingly the two actually worked well. Even though Nossan looks like a Forever Alone, watching this episode makes me rooting for him to be with Canderilla.

Also what makes me like this episode is that it managed to make other characters shine, other than KyoryuRed. Souji and Utchy has bigger roles than KyoryuRed, heck even Ramirez has a bigger role than him. I guess they finally learned that some people don’t like the overused focus on KyoryuRed. Speaking of Ramirez, he is weakened in this episode because he just healed himself in the previous, only to use too much power. Oh, and the scene where Yuko is attacked by the Zorimas, she referenced DekaRanger by waving its henshin pose, complete with a DekaRanger police alarm sound! I seriously laughed at that reference.

Kyoryu 40 (3)

When Debo Director beats Nossan into a pulp, it really looks realistic. I can feel that he is truly giving Nossan a serious beating, and the fact that Nossan pleaded Canderilla to be good helps the scene to be more emotional. In the end Canderilla has a change of heart and helps Nossan, though she pretended like it was an accident. She’s still with Deboss, but at the very least she has a crush on KyoryuBlue now.

When Nossan is joined by the other Kyoryugers, Debo Director puts them into a teen gangster movie, possibly a parody of the Crows Zero series. Oh, I forgot that they were trapped in this kind of movies because Amy watched the movies, and Debo Director simply conjures what she’s thinking at the time. Put simply, it’s the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man effect. Nice reference.

The gangster theme is actually really neat. Souji is hilariously unchanged due to him being a high school student, and Daigo wears an attire and hairstyle that’s similar to Gentaro Kisaragi! And to go with the trend that the Kyoryugers tend to do unique rollcall montages, the rollcalls this time are the untransformed rollcall. They actually looked really good when doing the rollcall, it really shows that they are the Kyoryugers, since I always think of the suit actors everytime the Kyoryuger suits are shown.

Kyoryu 40 (4)

To make things look different, the climactic fight is the untransformed fights, although it’s somewhat of a letdown since it was brief. Anyways Nossan actually looked really badass this time, mostly because of the sunglasses.

When Debo Director grows, another film is parodied. This time they parodied the Godzilla-style trailer, and instead of Amy, it’s Torin’s fault. Honestly I wanted to see a scene showing Torin watching the movie, it would be hilarious. Also, when Torin shows the monster movie, it looks like Destroyah and King Ghidorah is on the cover. Obviously it’s not them but it’s a nice reference.

Kyoryu 40 (5)

The MegaZord battle are mediocre by standards, but the visuals are appealing mostly because of the ‘Movie Mode’. I’m glad that they used the Full Breaster attack instead of the Legendary Gigant Cannon, because the lesser use of that ultimate attack the better. And I’m glad that we see the XenoZorimas again.

In the end Nossan feels good that he managed to persuade Canderilla, even though she doesn’t really showed it that much. Canderilla at this point develops feelings for Nossan, as evidenced by her doing oyaji gags as well. Weird but a very interesting pairing and I honestly think it would work.You know what’s weird? Ramirez staying at Nossan’s making fried eggs.

Kyoryu 40 (6)

Even if she has feelings for Nossan Canderilla is still with the Deboss Army, since it’s wise not to betray them yet until the finale. Also, Canderilla and Luckyuro may ended up forced to fight the Kyoryugers, because Chaos, who’s recently healed, starting to emit an omnious aura……..

Overall, it’s a very, very fun episode, and what’s important is that this episode pulled me back into Kyoryuger. The movie montages is great, the jokes are the jokes that I wanted to see, so this episode is a must watch. I hope it gets better in the upcoming episodes.


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