Kamen Rider Gaim 9: Inves Hunt

Team Gaim discovers that an Inves is attacking citizens. Since the police is unaware of the attack, they decided to make it a Beat Riders’ job to hunt down the monsters!

Gaim 9 (1)

I liked how they bring up the fact that if they told the police about the attacks, no one will believe them because first nobody saw the Inveses save for the victims and second, they need to show them the portal to Helheim forest. The problem is that the portal appears at random and closes quickly.

And since it’s the Beat Riders’ job, Team Gaim tries to ask the other teams for help. Baron turns them down, because right now Gaim is the strongest team and is technically everyone’s enemy. Wow, Kaito is back to being your typical jerk huh? He didn’t really change during the previous episode, but I thought that at least he is willing to work with Gaim. And Team Invitto and Raid Wild also turned them down.

The first battle in this episode is amazing. First is that Gaim tried to say his battle catchphrase but was interrupted because the Inves won’t sit still. Second is when Gaim Orange Arms change into Strawberry Arms, he used the fruit headbutt thing again, and the whole scene was really AWESOME. But since this is the first fight of the episode, its natural if the monster got away.

Gaim 9 (2)

Meanwhile Mitch keeps suffering from being a kid whose future is not what he wanted. His situation is really similar to what I’m experiencing. I actually wanted to migate to US and find a talent agent there and I know that my dream is truly ambitious and close to fantasy, but it’s what I wanted. But my family wanted me to be someone I don’t: working a boring but stable job. So personally I really rooted for Mitch here. Oh, and the Watermelon Lockseed has restored its color. That was fast. I thought it’ll take months.

Meanwhile Team Gaim begins their search for the monster, only to fail hilariously. I’m talking about the scene where Gaim asked a lady if she saw a monster and the lady mistaken him as a monster. If it’s Kamen Rider Shin it’s understandable but Gaim clearly doesn’t look like a monster thanks to the armor.

Mitch realized that the reason the Inves attacked the humans because they were searching for fruits, and they don’t eat fruits but the Lockseed fruits. Speaking of the fruit it looks more like red onions rather than a fruit.

Gaim 9 (3)

Mitch plans to gather the fruits from the Forest as baits, and this is where we learn that the fruits will only turn into Lockseeds if the user possess the Sengoku Driver. At first I thought that it’s the belt function so only transformed people can transform the fruits but Kaito picked the fruits in his human form and it still transforms. Then I realized that the picker must not possess the belt while picking the fruit, as evidenced by Mitch giving Gaim to hold his Driver.

With the bait, Team Gaim hides in hopes of ambusing the forthcoming Inves, but they had to deal with passerby pedestrians. One such scene is when a flock of crows tried to snatch the fruit, they used CGI birds, and it really reminds me of Birdemic!

Gaim 9 (4)Eventually the Inves arrived but got away, but not before Ryugen slipping his phone onto the Inves, allowing them to track the monster.

Then another fight ensues in a sewer-like area. You know, the typical TOEI underground location. Anyways before that they briefly fought the monster out of suit, and I gotta praise Kota’s actor for doing a somersault blackflip, on a wet floor! It’s rare to see the actors doing their own stunts, not counting simple choreography.

The fight itself is really, really cool. It’s mostly about Gaim and Ryugen working together to fight the monster. In the last review I mentioned that they worked well together, and this one seems like we’re watching a modern version of Double Riders fighting a monster!

Gaim 9 (5)

After finishing the monster the Riders found out that the underground has Inves fruits, and it has become a habitat for Inves. They also found out that Zangetsu is there, eliminating the monsters and the plants. The scene was meant to show that this is the first time someone other than Gaim sees Zangetsu, and Mitch realized that the faceplate is the same on the Driver in his brother’s briefcase. To be honest, I was expecting Zangetsu to detransform at this moment, to add up the surprise that they give to Mitch. But I guess Mitch probably knew about this due to the faceplate.

Later, Takatora reports that the tears, known as ‘Cracks’ are appearing more and more. Yeah, cracks. To be honest I guess ‘tear’ is more suitable, since cracks are jagged, and this one is oval-shaped. Can’t fault it though, it’s Japan.

Gaim 9 (6)

The scene reveals a lot of things, but most of them are confusing since it was meant for the future episodes to be developed. But two things for sure is that they are making a new Driver, and that Yggdrasil is the Smart Brain of the series.

Overall, a really neat episode. It was enjoyable and solid, and the end really makes me can’t wait for it to be developed.


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