TMNT S02E01: The Mutation Situation

After the battle with the Krang and Shredder, the Turtles are in peace. However, it turns out that their work is far from over……

TMNT 27 (1)

This episode had a good start to what season 2 will be about. At first I thought that it will be another season long of Turtles VS Krang and/or Shredder,but that’s not the case. It’s more like the Krang are ‘passing the torch’ to the main group of villains this season: the mutants.

I gotta talk about the OP. There’s not much change but the villains sequence is completely re-done, showing most of the season 1 villains and possibly season 2 as well. You can see Rat King and Newtralizer in the sequence. But the best is moments before the title card, you can see Casey Jones in the background!

One thing I don’t like about the Turtles right now is that they are still cocky just because they triumphed the last time. I think in Season 1 there’s at least 2 times they experienced this kind of situation and the lesson is that cocky will only get you in trouble. Yet here, they are still cocky. I can’t fault it really, maybe it’s because they are portraying what teenagers are. No matter how many times we learn a lesson, there’s always a chance that we may repeat the same mistake again.

TMNT 27 (2)

As for other characters, Splinter is always the same, April has been avoiding the Turtles lately, because her father has been experiencing alien anxiety, which is truly interesting to see.

The plot involves the Turtles finding out that the Krang are secretly transporting mutagens, they didn’t know it was for Shredder. Due to their cockiness and having a hard time fighting a baboon Krang robot, which surprisingly didn’t get a nickname from Mikey. During that, the supplies of the mutagen are scattered across New York, and one of them hits Mr. O’Neil and turns him into a bat mutant. No, not Man-Bat.

TMNT 27 (3)

The Turtles found out that Mr. O’Neil has been turned into a mutant, and they have to make a priority in saving him first, ignoring the scattered mutagen across New York. However, after saving him, Mikey accidentally told April that it was their fault that Mr.O’Neil was like this.

Because of this April was really mad with them to the point that she broke the friendship between them. And obviously, Donnie is heartbroken. Poor, poor Donnie. I didn’t expect that April will ended up hating the Turtles, but it’s really great that they bring up this plot. I would love to see the future interactions between them in the future episodes because April is obviously going to stick in the show forever, this I think was just a plot point to remove her for a while to concentrate more on the Turtles, and to have the Turtles relying on themselves this time.

TMNT 27 (4)

Overall, a good start from season 2, and it really feels like nothing’s change from season 1 in terms of the tone. But at the very least the episode did make a very interesting plot that will be expanded in the future episodes. Bottom line, I can’t wait to see how this goes.


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