Kyoryuger Brave 39: The Gathering of the 10 Kyoryugers [300th Post!!!]

Meeko visits Daigo in Japan, only to be turned into Ferocious Knight D‘s slave. Facing the former Deathryuger again, can the all of the Kyoryugers stop him before he became an even bigger threat than Deboss?

Kyoryu 39 (1)

Just when I thought I was starting to love Kyoryuger back, this episode sets me back again. Don’t get me wrong, this is the most AWESOME episode of the show, but it also has obvious examples of why I hated the show. But first I wanted to talk about D, since this is the first time I saw him (since the movie hasn’t been subbed yet). Compared to the other Chevaliers, even Endorf, this guy really looks menacing. The design alone proves that this guy is a total badass. And to make him even more badass is that he is voiced by Mamoru Miyano, who voiced Ultraman Zero and Riku from Kingdom Hearts series! I really missed this guy since the last time I heard him is in Ultraman Saga. Anyways D’s appearance is really good in this episode, the only thing I wish they did was that they should make him assume the Deathryuger form again.

Since this episode is the sequel of the movie, the main character of this episode is none other than King himself. But at this point, everything about King makes me go mad, which is why this episode set me back even though it’s AWESOME. I’m just tired of this KyoryuRed porn that even an episode focused on him would end up hated by me.

Also, another thing I really hate the most about this episode is Yayoi. As you all know she has a crush on Daigo, and since Meeko is close to Daigo, she acts really jealous about it. And I thought that they ditched the whole AmyXDaigo thing? It was pointless? I mean does King really that much of a chick magnet. I would rather have Amy have feelings for Utchy or Souji and Yayoi would be Ian’s target. But the most annoying thing is Yayoi. I just hated her. This episode makes it clear that I really, really, really hate her. She’s useless, annoying, weak and bitchy, in a bad way!

Kyoryu 39 (2)

The episode was directed by Koichi Sakamoto, and you get tons of action scenes in here. Seriously, there was like 5 action scenes here. Most episodes have 3 action scenes at the most. I counted it. First is Torin & co. VS Zorimas, 2nd is Kyoryugers VS D, 3rd is male Kyoryugers vs Zorimas, 4th is the gathering, and 5th is the MegaZord battle. What’s great about this episode is that even though it could be a 2-parter due to its AWESOMEness, but they managed to make it one episode without feeling rushed, unlike Brave 34 & 35.

When all of the Kyoryugers gather for the second time (the first being Torin’s death & resurrection), they hold hands to unleash some bullshit melody. Thank goodness they don’t sing, it would be very stupid. Also when they showed a close up of all of the Kyoryugers, Daigo receives his own screen, further emphasizing that this is nothing but KyoryuRed porn.

Kyoryu 39 (3)

The battle of the 10 Kyoryugers is really, your typical Sakamoto stuff. It’s interesting to note that due to the time constraints and the large number of heroes for a Sakamoto-directed episodes, each hero only gets about 5 seconds of their fight scene. It’s AWESOME but it’s really short. But I’m satisfied nonetheless.

I intend to screencap all of the Kyoryugers fighting but I’m sorry. I noticed that in Sakamoto-directed episodes, the action scenes are really fast that when you screencapped it, it will mostly be blurry. But there’s also the special effects. Sakamoto love to use special effects that when I screencapped the fights, I only get explosions and energy slashes like that.

Kyoryu 39 (4)

But the fight itself really shows the Kyoryugers’ signature fighting style. You get to see KyoryuRed using fanged energies, KyoryuBlack shooting, KyoryuBlue, sumo-ing, KyoryuGreen slashing, KyoryuPink kicking, KyoryuGold slashing, KyoryuCyan smashin, KyoryuGrey headbutting, KyoryuViolet being USELESS, and KyoryuSilver slashing. all in the matter of a few seconds.

KyoryuRed saves Meeko from D, who reveals that she came to Japan to give him the #0 TobaSpino Beast Battery. With that, KyoryuRed Carnival assumes a special version of the Samba Carnival that replaces Dricera with TobaSpino. Much to my disappointment, the form was used for less than 10 seconds, thanks to the time constraints.

Kyoryu 39 (5)

To be really honest I think they could’ve make KyoryuRed Samba Carnival Special finishes D off but since this is a gathering of all Kyoryugers, they decided to make a 10 ZyuDen Maximum Dino Victory Finish. The finisher is there, with Dr Ulshade’s voice being even more annoying than ever, but it would be AWESOME if D assumes Deathryuger form. Because seeing 10 Kyoryugers finishing an evil one is cool.

It’s interesting that the Deboss aren’t even involved in this episode, and possibly weren’t aware of D’s return. With that, D instead summons a portal that’s connected to the Restoration Lake and becomes giant. Oh, I forgot to say that the Restoration Water will keep him alive, but also cause him to be uncontrollable. It’s fun to see him drinking the water like vodka.

Kyoryu 39 (6)

Having D as the MoTW of the episodes also means that this episode marks the debut of TobaSpino in the TV series. Unlike other movie exclusive merchandise making their debut in the TV series, this one executes it really well.

Before I get to TobaSpino, I would like to bitch about Meeko singing. I really hated it. The voice isn’t that good, and it’s hard to hear her singing because the voice is so low but the way she sings like it’s really loud. Uggghhh to be honest I don’t want to watch the movie, but being the only appearance of Deathryuger keeps me from avoiding it.

As for the movie exclusive mecha, SpinoDaiOh, I have to say it really reminds meof Fuuraimaru from Hurricaneger, the head especially. Since he is a blue version of GabuTyra, I think we can see a battle where the heroes utilizes Gigant KyoRyuZin, Raiden SpinoDaiOh (should they ever make one, they combination is possible), and PlezuOh. Overall the MegaZord fight is fantastic, I’m not gonna ramble much since my back is hurt right now. I’ve been making 3 reviews straight.

kyoryu 39 (7)

In the end, Daigo whines like a little spoiled brat shit because Meeko suddenly wanted to go shopping with Amy & Yayoi, because it was the latter’s idea to prevent her from having a date with Daigo. Seriously, fuck you Yayoi. You may be a fan favorite because you are another female Kyoryuger, but as a character you are piece of a bufallo’s diarrhea dump!!!!

P/S: This episode marks the end of the Kyoryuger marathon, so I’ve catched up with the series. The next review will be Gaim, and the next marathon will be TMNT season 2, because that show is AWESOME.


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