Kyoryuger Brave 38: Amy the Mangaka

Tessai feels that he needs to find a successor to the KyoryuGray mantle. Coincidently, Amy happened to be having a date with a man that looks exactly like Tessai!

Kyoryu 38 (1)

I’m not gonna say much about the episode, since it’s a filler. It’s nowehere near bad, just an alright one. This episode is a comedy episode, and while I was going to hate it for crapping up some badass characters, I decided not to. I already hated too much of this show that hating for a simple episode feels like beating a kid just because you hate their parents.

The characters that I said getting ‘crapped’ are Torin and Tessai. It’s not bad but it was pretty funny actually, particularly Torin developing a liking towards the Love Touch manga. Tessai, since he was injured before, decides to spend his time by wearing a rockstar outfit. We know that Tessai loves to fool around but not really like that. Still, I liked it mostly because they didn’t fuck it up. Or maybe I was being sympathetic towards the series.

There’s two plots in this episode. First is that Amy helps Tessai’s descendant named Shinya, who happened to be the author of Amy’s favorite manga, Love Touch. Shinya asks Amy if she can pose as the manga-ka to meet a die hard fan because the main character who is a girl, was based on the author, who is a guy. As much that it sounds weird that you created a female character based on you, I understand why Shinya did this. Tessai however did not.

Kyoryu 38 (2)

The other plot centers on the male Kyoryugers dealing with an upgraded Zorima that steals women’s beauty and make itself more beautiful and stronger by it. During the fight scene where the Beautiful Zorima ‘curses’ Gold, Blue and Green, they said that their beauty has been stolen, and boy does that sound really, really gay. Maybe it’s the subtitle’s fault.

Meanwhile on Amy, it’s revealed that the die hard fan is Luckyuro. Realizing that she is a fan, Amy tries to convince Luckyuro to stop the attack so that she can read more of the manga. While Luckyuro didn’t respond, I got a feeling that this will lead to an event where Luckyuro redeems herself and possibly becomes the only surviving Deboss alongside Torin in the end of the series. She is the least threatening of the Deboss, and while she did cause trouble to the Kyoryugers, seeing her getting destroyed feels wrong to me.

Kyoryu 38 (3)

Tessai decides to confront his descendant and tells him to man up and go meet the fan, feeling that he’s a pussy. On the way Shinya helps a woman from a Debo Monster. While his way of saving the woman is really clumsy and reckless, Tessai realizes that his descendant are strong. At first I thought he was going to pass the mantle to Shinya since they were portrayed by the same actor, but no, Tessai regains his spirit and transforms into KyoryuGray.

After the beating they summoned the MegaZords, and KyoryuPink and Gold use PteraidenOh Dricera, which is weird on why they didn’t use Bunpachy since this is a Tessai-focused episode with Amy acting as the supporting character. Oh well it’s great to see PteraidenOh side by side with BragiOh.

Kyoryu 38 (4)

After the fight, Shinya thanked Amy and walks away, with Tessai being proud of him. He still thinks that Shinya will someday succeed him, so he thinks that it would be wise to train Shinya, by using the same method he used on the 5 Kyoryugers. I’m glad they still remember that. And of course Shinya doesn’t know about it since the Kyoryugers try to stop Tessai.

As for Luckyuro, she still wrote letters to Shinya, even having ridiculous requests. One thing that I noticed is that she sleeps in the Deboss hall. I get that they feel unecessarry to create a special room just for this scene, but I do wonder where the other Deboss sleep? Or maybe they don’t.


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