Kyoryuger Brave 37: That Damn Body Swap

The Kyoryugers are busy dealing with countless ghostly Debo Monsters, and Souji is secretly developing a jealousy towards Torin’s sword technique. Meanwhile, 3 surviving Debo Monsters plans to study the Kyoryugers.

Kyoryu 37 (1)

I’m glad that the first character they focused after the debut of the newest Ranger is Souji. At first I thought that this episode is going to be similar to Zeo‘s Mondo’s Last Stand, where Rocky gets jealous towards Jason and feels like a fifth wheel. But we all know that Souji isn’t that kind of guy.

The supporting character of this episode is Utchy, which makes a lot of sense because him, Torin and Souji are the swordsman of the team, and he acts as the third party to the two, since he understands why Souji is jealous of Torin.

Kyoryu 37 (2)

I wouldn’t really say much about the episode though, since it’s kinda straightforward. The main highlight of this episode is that the 3 Deboss swaps the Kyoryugers’ body with each other. The others are having a hard time adjusting their new bodies, and they even rip off Don and Luka’s body swapping moments with Daigo and Amy, in which the former feels the latter’s breast. When Souji and Utchy are affected, it doesn’t change anything since the two are swordsmen and they know each other’s techniques, so it didn’t really change that much. I really like it when each of them transforms in different body but uses the same dance that they’ve used to.

But the whole body swapping thing is a disappointment really, since unlike Gokaiger, they kept their voice when they swapped. As such, Amy sounds like Daigo and Ian sounds like Nossan. The bad thing is that outside of the transforming scene, the acting and the ADR didn’t match that well, and you can clearly see that the actors on the screen are lip syncing and let the ADR to the actual speaking. I don’t know if the very episode that I downloaded has audio synchronization problems, but it really sounds bad.

Kyoryu 37 (3)

The Kyoryugers face the Deboss again, and I really like the variation of the rollcalls. One thing that I liked about Kyoryugers is that they always have a creative way of making rollcalls and not just relying on the same stock footage.

During the fight the Kyoryugers swapped weapons with the actual Kyoryugers that used the said weapons. It’s really funny to see a small figure like KyoryuPink acting like KyoryuRed.

kyoryu 37 (4)

KyoryuSilver arrives to even the odds since he can’t be swapped with the Kyoryugers since he’s a Deboss, but here’s the twist: The Deboss actually planned for this to happen so that one of them can switch bodies with Torin. And since KyoryuSilver is the strongest Kyoryuger, he can defeat the Kyoryugers in one blow.

However, Souji reveals that he can deflect the Trinity Steiser and even performs his own version. That scene is okay but I really hated it because Souji was in KyoryuRed’s body. This episode is a Souji-focused episode but when he speaks in KyoryuRed’s body, it feels like the producers wanted to insert as many KyoryuRed porn as possible. Why can’t they just use KyoryuGold’s body like before? What a really clever way to stuff some KyoryuRed porn.

Kyoryu 37 (5)

Utchy tells Torin that Souji really works that hard to master Torin’s technique, and proves that he is no ordinary human being as he can perform a Deboss technique. So they destroyed the mosnters, but Luckyuro grows them up.

It’s funny that the chalkboard Debo Monster comments that this is the first time he grows into giant size, but I hated on how they used the Legendary Gigant Cannon against those three. I know that the attack is the strongest and it’s 3 VS 1, but they could just use that normal finisher and only use the ultimate finisher when necessary.

Kyoryu 37 (6)

In the end, Torin decides to teach Souji to master the technique properly, and this is the very first time we Souji gets really excited, and it looks really cute. His excitement really fits his cool personality.

Overall, a good episode, but you can pass it if you want since it’s a filler. Nevertheless it is satisfying.


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