Kyoryuger Brave 36: The Last Kyoryuger, KYORYUSILVER!!!!

Torin has to face his doppelganger who is known as Mad Torin, while also aiding the Kyoryugers in ridding the ghost of the previous Debo Monsters.

Kyoryu 36 (1)

After torturing myself with the previous episode, thank goodness that this episode came. It’s not really that great but at least it allows me to recover with the show. The plot is about Torin feeling depressed that not only he’s weak to fight, but he is replaced. Granted that he was replaced on a bad group but the feeling of being replaced alone hurts enough, especially when Mad Torin says that Torin is a mistaken creation, a.k.a ‘prototype’ or ‘beta’.

Speaking of Mad Torin, his design is explained to be the true form that Torin will take should he ever continues his allegiance to Deboss. I’m glad that they explained it, because at first I was like “WTF” when Torin was revealed to be a Deboss but his design is too nice to be one. Also should he be a part of the Deboss, his will get the title Demon Sword Priest Torin, which is very cool and ties him more with his brother, the Hundred-Faced High Priest Chaos.

Kyoryu 36 (2)

When the Deboss unleashed the ghostly Debo Monsters, Torin tries to help the Kyoryugers since KyoryuCyan & KyoryuGrey are wounded and they need to recover or else they can no longer be in spirit form, and Yayoi is useless as ever, so Torin has no choice. He still gets badly wounded due to his fossilization disease.

At this rate Torin really feels useless, since he can’t fight, he can’t aid the Kyoryugers when they are in need, and he can’t be the Shining Hero dueto him being a Deboss, also being the reason why Bragigas failed to use the Legendary Gigant Cannon due to lacking a Kyoryuger partner. I really feel bad for Torin. But King and Souji calms him down, the former saying that he trusts Torin from the moment they met without even care that Torin is not a human. I liked that they referenced their first meeting and looking bad at it, it really shows that Daigo seem to already know Torin or rather, he already trusted Torin that quickly.

King and Souji left to aid the others in dealing with the ghosts. I noticed that when they used the previous Debo Monsters, only Debo Peshango from Brave 2 have new lines, while other Debo Monsters only used archive voices. Archive voices huh? Wouldn’t it be great if they used that for returning heroes for crossover movies? It’s not like they have new lines or anything, but at the very least using archive voices really feels like the heroes fighting are original characters, not some guy in a suit.

Anyways Torin fights Mad Torin. This is where he learns that he is a conduit of Bravery, and even Daigo claims that Torin was the one who created the word ‘Brave’. This is interestingly logical, since Torin is the first entity to speak Japanese and Engrish, it would be natural if he created the word ‘Brave’. Plus, Torin being the first person to harness the bravery is acceptable, since he is the very first person in the timeline to be brave enough to betray his evil associates!

Kyoryu 36 (3)

Now that he regained his strength and confidence, his bravery mixed with Bragigas’ power, whom had already chosen Torin as his partner. Wait, wasn’t Torin already be a partner to Bragigas? Well you can say that their partnership in the past was more like a team-up than actual partnership. And because of that, Torin’s GabuRevolver turns into Giga GabuRevolver, a blue and red version of the GabuRevolver.

I would like to ramble about the name a bit. I seriously believe that it should be called GiGabuRevolver instead of pronouncing ‘ga’ twice. I just preferred it that way. The weapon itself is essentially the Sentai’s counterpart to the White Wizard Driver from Kamen Rider Wizard, being a same mold and function from the original but with different sounds. Speaking of sounds, I really dig the rock theme of the transformation music, but the way Torin dances to it is kinda odd. Why would you dance to a rock music? But thanks to the oddness of the suit, it looks more like Torin’s hopping and waving his hand instead of actually trying to dance.

Kyoryu 36 (4)

The Shining Hero, KyoryuSilver, truth to be honest, I found that his design other than his helmet is lazy. They just altered the silver accents into gold. I mean the user is Torin, who is a regular cast, so why not make his suit unique like KyoryuGold? KyoryuSilver himself classifies as the Extra Ranger, heck, he is the Kyoryuger counterpart to DekaMaster, so why won’t they add more detail to the suit? The could add another shoulder pad and make an X-shaped pattern on the torso, referencing on the fact that he is the 10th Kyoryuger, even his helmet looks a little like ‘X’ to me. If I were to suggest, his suit would resemble KyoryuRed Carnival, since the Spirit Rangers from PR Jungle Fury was based on the Jungle Master Mode of the Rangers!

That being said, I really appreciated that they make KyoryuSilver have a personal weapon, a.k.a his personal sword. This is actually the first time we get to see a closer look at the sword, called Feather Edge, and I have to say the design is similar to TyrannoRanger’s RyuGekiKen! The silver handle fits his Ranger color scheme, and the translucent blue blade is really cool.

Also, due to him using that sword for centuries, KyoryuSilver has a finisher that doesn’t use the word ‘Brave Finish’! His finisher is called Torinity Streiser, the first part is a portmanteau of his name and the word ‘trinity’ and the ‘Streiser’ word is invented by Kamen Rider W. The attack itself is really AWESOME. KyoryuSilver slashes a triangular shape and uses his wings to fly and deliver the final blow. The fact that he manifests the wings is a win. I hope that if they released the SH Figuarts of this guy, they would include the wings. That, along with GiGabuRevolver and Feather Edge accessories is enough to be a must have, regardless if it’s an exclusive or not. One more thing, it’s interesting to see that KyoryuGreen was amazed by that finisher, due to it being a sword technique.Why didn’t KyoryuGold notices that as well?

Kyoryu 36 (5)

When Mad Torin goes giant, Yayoi tells the Kyoryugers that with the birth of KyoryuSilver they can now use the Legendary Gigant Cannon safely. So it’s interesting to see that this is not really a ┬áMegaZord battle, since they used Gigant KyoRyuZin briefly and the 10 Voltasaurs gather around and fires beams from their mouths before forming the cannon. The cannon itself feels like a multiple mortars, and the mortars are actually the top of the Guardians’ Beast Batteries. So this attack is a conjunction of all 23 Beast Batteries.

Again, the attack doesn’t use the word ‘Brave Finish’, so it’s called Super ZyuDen All Gigant Explosion. Again, the name is shit but at least they were creative instead of another ‘Brave Finish’ bullshit, so I gave them a big credit.

Kyoryu 36 (6)

At the end, Torin feels like a new man now that he is far stronger, while the Kyoryugers chases after the surviving Debo Monsters.

Overall, watching this episode the second time, it’s fair to say that this episode saves me from giving up the show. But, I still have some serious issues with it, the main being the abundance of KyoryuRed porn. But as of now, I’m glad that this episode pulled me back to the series slowly.


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