Kyoryuger Brave 35: SengalBoy’s Most Hated Episode

Even though they have obtained the final Voltasaur, Bragigas, the Kyoryugers must face their biggest challenge yet when Chaos revives the very enemy that defeated Bragigas ages ago!

Kyoryu 35 (1)

This, my friends, is my most hated Kyoryuger episode so far. This is what made me nearly give up on Kyoryuger. This is the very reason why people laughed at me for watching kids show. This is what added my depression level. This is hell that was created from kids. This is purely crocodile shit!!!!

The episode itself feels like 2 episodes squeezed into one, and I do feel like it’s rushed. In this episode we see Torin obtaining his own GabuRevolver, which means that he will be the last Kyoryuger soon. I’ll ramble about that in the next episode. As for the Deboss, Chaos’ junk in the previous episode turns out to be a fragment of Gadoma (Whom I’ve always misspelled as Dagoma), the monster who defeated the Voltasaurs centuries ago. I said monster because he doesn’t seem to be classified as a Debo Monster nor the Chevaliers, but whatever. For a menacing foe, the design is bullshit.

The revival of Gadoma puts a curse on Bragigas, affecting the Kyoryugers’ arsenal and source of power as well. As such, they can’t transform properly and when the suit manifests, it feels heavy. I do like the distorted GabuRevolver theme, I’ll give you that.

Kyoryu 35 (2)

When Chaos infiltrates the Spirit Base while the Kyoryugers are dealing with Gadoma in Exploding KyoRyuZin, he attacks Torin and Yayoi. Yayoi, useless as ever in battle. While I do appreciate her for being another female Kyoryuger and the most recurring cast of the 3 Spirit Rangers, she’s just goddamn useless. I know that she’s an ‘in-training’ Kyoryuger, but why didn’t they utilize her in battle often. Not only that, she’s able to fight more than okay when it comes to Koichi Sakamoto-directed episode.

The Kyoryugers are defeated by Gadoma, and when that moment came, I feel like we’re already at the end of an episode, again why can’t they just make this a 2-parter, it would really have that feel where the Kyoryugers fucked up pretty good and the next episode shows them being triumphant. But no, they decided to have an episode where the Kyoryugers are defeated easily, then rise, then triumphs without even feeling that Chaos’ new threat is really a threat. Yeah, Gadoma is nothing more than your average MoTW. Even the previous weak Debo Monsters are way more dangerous.

Kyoryu 35 (3)

The Kyoryugers woke up, each two accompanied by their closest allies, Nossan’s family, Gentle, and a bunch of kids. Fucking kids. Why didn’t they have Souji’s father treating Souji and Utchy, that would make it more sensible since the three of them are swordsmen. Or even Rin, Souji’s friendzone target? Why kids? WHY THE FUCKING KIDS?! I’ll tell you why, it’s because the badass Souji’s dad actor doesn’t even want to be a part of this piece of plastic vomit! Also, why is Yuko pretending that Nossan and KyoryuBlue are 2 different persons? Wouldn’t it be more coolif she reveals to him that she knew he is a Kyoryuger? Ugggghhhhhh the second half of this episode really, really makes me wanted to kick some rotten ass.

So even with their energy being sabotaged, the Kyoryugers formed KyoRyuZin & PteraidenOh Western. That I have to give a thumbs up since I always wanted them utilizing the first 6 Voltasaurs together ever since KyoryuGold makes his debut. But since the two formation are weaker than Exploding KyoRyuZin, they are defeated nonetheless.

Kyoryu 35 (4)

But then the VERY WORST part of the episode came, the Kyoryugers are cheered by the citizens, or rather a bunch of people at one building. The trend of having the citizen cheer the heroes is a typical pattern in Tokusatsu so it’s expected. Kamen Rider W Forever did it very well, Super Sentai 199 movie did it well, but why did they have to fuck it up with this? It’s nothing but crappy! Even worse is that we have to see Ayumi Kinoshita who is without a doubt a hottie, cheering and clapping like kids watching Barney the Dinosaur.

The very worst part of the very worst part of the episode is where the formed Gigant BragiOh and the upgrade, and the crowds are singing an clapping to the tune. UUGGHHHHH I really hated that part, that’s all that I’m gonna say.

Kyoryu 35 (5)

As for the new formation, Gigant KyoRyuZin, first I would like to bitch on how fast they acquired this formation. Usually in terms of gimmick, they would make at least 2 episodes focusing on the first part of the gimmick, making sure that the viewers are satisfied enough and then show them a new part of the gimmick. But here, we have a new gimmick and in the next episode, another upgrade! Wooooo, they are Brave! Brave as shit!!! I noticed this pattern lately, starting with Gokaiger with GokaiSilver’s debut. 2 episodes later and we already got Gold Mode. Haiyaiyai.

As for the formation, It’s not really good. I do appreciate that they utilized ParasaGun & Zakutor, the former being a shoulder cannon to mirror WarMachine/Iron Patriot and the latter being a tip of the lance. But I do feel like they need to include PteraGordon as well. I know that this formation is formed from the first Voltasaurs revealed and the last Voltasaur, but the fact that KyoryuGold hangs out with the team often makes me consider that he is no longer and additional member, but rather a core member! Even AbareBlack feels more like an additional member. Oh and I really can’t stand that GabuTyra’s tail become the helmet, and instead of gold we see the plastic yellow accents on Gigant KyoRyuZin. Those two aspects really makes the final mecha to be awful-looking.

The battle itself is pretty typical. I do like that they show some other attacks, like the Gigant Shot and Gigant Slasher, but the finisher surprise me because its name is not your average Brave Finish shit, but rather Super ZyuDen Gigant Full Breaster. Yeah the name is shit but it’s unique. And breaster? What the hell? More like tit cannon!

kyoryu 35 (6)

Anyways after defeating Gadoma, its aura flew away to the very location where Bragigas was resurrected. Torin suspects that Gadoma are trying to revive the old monsters, but before he and the Kyoryugers proceed, another Torin with red eyes attacks them, and shows that KyoryuCyan & KyoryuGrey are badly wounded by him. Why is there another Torin?

Overall, you guys might like this episode by I sure as hell don’t. It’s rushed, filled with children stuff and overall just a bunch load of slimy diarrhea. Thank goodness the latter episodes are better, but this one left a deep scar in me.

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