Kyoryuger Brave 34: Bragigas’ Revival

Only one Guardian Stone left, and it is located on Bragigas’ location. Without wasting time, the Kyoryugers set to obtain the stone and revive the final Voltasaur.

Kyoryu 34 (1)

Now this episode is truly a mixed bag. The main reason is that it feels like it was rushed. I mean, for an episode like this, they should make it a 2-parter but instead everything is solved in this episode. Put simply, it feels like your typical MegaForce episode where everything was introduced quickly.

Since this episode debuts Bragigas, I would like to talk about him. Honestly, he looks more like a giraffe mixed with an armored horse rather than a brachiosaurus. Maybe it’s because the previous brachiosaurus-based mechas have flexible neck and small head. It’s not bad but I liked it actually. Also, I liked how big they make him, by making GabuTyra smaller.

As of this episode, we learn that the Guardians have physical body, but they were destroyed by Deboss himself and when that happened, Bragigas cried and its tears merged with the Guardians’ soul, fossilizing it into the Stone. I really appreciated when they showed the Guardians’ body, Allomerus having crimson color and such.

Kyoryu 34 (2)

The main problem for our heroes is that the final Stone location is on a lake where Bragigas was trapped, and below it was darkness that’s equal to hell. Put simply, it’s the underworld. No, not Wizard‘s Underworld LOL.

When the Kyoryugers arrived at the scene, they found a Debo Monster, Tairyon fishing at the lake, intending to obtain the stone. A fight occurs between the Kyoryugers and Chevaliers protecting Tairyon. It’s funny to see that Tairyon is one hell of a son of a bitch, because his body is very though, even KyoryuGrey’s headbutt didn’t make a dent on him.

During the fight Daigo’s dad assisted his son, as well as to help obtaining the final Guardian Stone. Now, this is one of the point that makes me have a mixed reaction to the episode. I hated it because it’s another KyoryuRed porn. I know that his father is there and it would be wise if he was the one to help his father, but the fact that the series is mostly about him, it’s too much. If they did focus less on Daigo, then his role in this episode is acceptable. Oh and from here we finlly learn that Bragigas has a partner: Torin himself. So at this point, we knew that Torin will end up being a Ranger too, but that’s for later episode.

Kyoryu 34 (3)

Daigo’s dad managed to snatch the final stone, and thus Bragigas is revived. However right after Bragigas was shown, Daigo’s dad disappeared.

While waiting for Bragigas to rise, the Kyoryugers battle Tairyon, who reveals that he was not there to fish the Guardian Stone, but rather a piece of junk. Yeah, junk. However when he told Luckyuro to give the junk to Chaos, I knew that there’s something fishy about it.

Anyways despite being unable to damage Tairyon, the Kyoryugers used the 8 ZyuDen Maximum Dino Victory Finish and he is quickly defeated. Well I have no complain, the finisher was drawn from 8 Kyoryugers.

Kyoryu 34 (4)

Bragigas’ revival was also one of my complaint. I said that this episode should’ve been a 2-parter, and they could make this episode ended with the Deboss attacking Bragigas, and seemingly destroyed, cliffhanging the episode. But no, Bragigas’ revived and well, it looks like the Kyoryugers didn’t face any though challenge at all. Wouldn’t it be cool to have them overcome a very though challenge and when they did it, the price is Bragigas, the final & strongest Voltasaur ever. It looks a lot like “Hey, we’re brave and we got a new Zord already. BRAVE DA ZE!!!!!”.

Whatever. But at least Bragigas’ debut was good. Since he’s connected to the Guardians, he is able to execute the ultimate version of the Guardians’ attacks. Also, we learn that the Spirit Base is actually inside Bragigas! So this makes Bragigas one of the Zord that functions as a command center.

Kyoryu 34 (5)

Its MegaZord Mode, Gigant BragiOh, looks really cool. It’s rare to see a final mecha looks this good. But it’s weird when the Kyoryugers activate BragiOh, the cockpit is the Spirit Base. It’s just weird. Also, this is where I hated the episode because of yet another KyoryuRed porn. KyoryuRed sits on the middle of the formation, on a special ‘seat’. I hated it because it was Torin who should be there. He is the odd one of the seven and he is Bragigas’ partner, why give KyoryuRed the middle spot? Is it because he’s the leader? Bullshit.

Gigant BragiOh’s first fight is good. He moves slow because he is enormous but I really liked it when he used his big ass lance to lift Tairyon in the air! As for the finisher, it’s your typical slash but using a lance. Hence the nickname is BragiOh Brave Finish: Gigant Spear Slash.

Kyoryu 34 (6)

After the fight, Torin and Bragigas leaves the Kyroyugers and heads somewhere, while it’s revealed that Chaos was not looking for the Guardian Stone, but rather the junk. This junk is said that even if Bragigas is revived, the Kyoryugers still can’t win. What could it be?

Overall, like I said before, this is a mixed bag episode. Could’ve been better, but felt really rushed. Granted, this episode was actually the first part of a three-parter, but this episode alone can be split into 2 parts.


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