Kyoryuger Brave 33: KyoryuBlack, The Sweetest Playboy Ever

Utchy is fed up with Ian messing with girls, so he wants to teach him a lesson. At the same time, one of Ian’s girlfriends from Europe came to Japan to visit Ian!

Kyoryu 33 (1)

This episode feels like a mixed bag to me, but it was mostly good. I’ll talk about the bad ones first. I’m pissed that they toned down Utchy’s character. We know that Utchy is a badass swordsman but has a kind heart, but now they turned those kind-hearted part into a naive part. So technically Utchy here is childish. I really hated it when he tries to teach Ian a lesson. Utchy’s actor looks like he’s trying too hard and he doesn’t really look that comfortable.

This episode was centered on Utchy and Ian, but it was mostly an Ian-focused episode. But they need to throw in Utchy as well because this episode demonstrates the function of the Maximum Beast Battery, which draws power from the additional members of the Kyoryugers. But in order to make it work they must bond it with the Victory Beast Battery, meaning that the Kyoryugers need to bond with the additional members as well. But due to Utchy and Ian having an issue, it’s a problem.

I liked how the still treated Utchy as the additional member. It’s just that he debuted WAY too early for a 6th Ranger and after seeing him fighting with the team for so long it looks like he is a core member.

Kyoryu 33 (2)

Meanwhile, it’s revealed that Aigallon has a crush on Canderilla, and because of this Luckyuro blackmails him to work for her, I mean him. Gee, I still can’t believe Luckyuro is a boy. Anyways she- (Grrrrrrr…….. I’m just gonna consider her as a girl, period) orders him to attack Ian’s girlfriend from Europe for some reason. Ian’s girlfriend Erika looks a lot like Yumi Sugimoto, so I consider her as discount Go-OnSilver.

I guess the best point of this episode is that this is one of the rare cases where an episode doesn’t really have KyoryuRed porn. SERIOUSLY, this episode is about Ian and Utchy. I’m absolutely glad that they make this. I wish there’s more episodes like this one!

Kyoryu 33 (3)

 Utchy and Erika ended up trapped by the Debo Monster’s special dimension and Ian knows how to track them by using the same method that GabuTyra used when Daigo and Utchy was trapped in Brave 12. It’s great that they referenced that. And it’s always welcome of how cute it is when a Voltasaur was talking to the heroes.

While in the dimension, Erika tells Utchy the true motive behind Ian’s habit of playing with girls. It’s because he doesn’t want them to feel lonely. Wait, WHAT?! When is it that hot/cute/beautiful girls are ever lonely?! THIS IS DEFINITELY A FICTION!!!!!

Anyways the point is, it shows that Ian is a kind-hearted guy. That’s all. BUT I STILL DON’T BY THAT CUTE GIRLS ARE LONELY!!!!! Oh and the main reason she came to Japan was to give Ian a Guardian Stone? How did she knew? Well Ian was collecting fossils right? That’s how.

Kyoryu 33 (4)

By the time the Debo Monster attacks the two, Ian and the other Kyoryugers arrives. Utchy make amends with Ian, and now their bonds are stronger, meaning that the Maximu Beast Battery can be used.

For this fight scene, it’s really cool to see the Kyoryugers uses attack formation. I just love it when they fight as a team, not separately.

For the Maximum Brave Finish, it’s just your Victory Biting Blast but with the addition of the Voltasaurs of the additional Kyoryugers that are currently present at the time, so it wasn’t anything special. I’m gonna nickname it Maximum Dino Victory Strike.

Kyoryu 33 (5)

For the MegaZord fight, this is a KyoryuBlack & Gold-focused episode, so PteraidenOh steals the spot. I’m glad that they used PteraidenOh, because I’m getting tired of Exploding KyoRyuZin.

PteraidenOh using only ParasaGun was really weird, mostly because I don’t like it when a random combination was used for finishers. They should use PteraidenOh Western, but it’s understandable since this is Black & Gold episode, having KyoryuGreen joining in may seem weird.

Kyoryu 33 (6)

After the fight, Erika gives the Kyoryugers KentroSpiker’s Guardian Stone. Also, Utchy becomes a chick magnet, because he impressed Erika and the other two girls early in the episode. Utchy, weak with girls, is panic but the funny thing is that Nossan’s sad because he didn’t get any. Poor, poor Nossan.

Overall, maybe it’s not a mixed bag, but rather a good episode. It’s just that Utchy at the first half of the episode really just pissed me off, but the rest of the episode is good. And it’s not a KyoryuRed porn episode, so it’s not bad at all!


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