Kyoryuger Brave 31: Summer Vacation Forever

It’s autumn and Nossan’s looking forward for the Autumn Festival. However when the day comes, it’s still summer. What happened? Obviously it’s a Deboss plot.

Kyoryu 31 (1)

Thank God that this episode is not bad, especially after how bad the previous episode is. Furthermore, it’s a Nossan-focused episode. Nossan may be the corniest character but when it comes to episodes centered on him, it’s usually good. So thank you Nossan from saving this series. A little something that’s noteworthy is that we finally learn that Utchy is 29 years old, meaning that Nossan is still physically the oldest of the Kyoryugers!

The plot is about Canderilla using a Debo Monster whom she created back in August to turn people into mindless slackers. Yeah, they’re not only turning autumn back into summer but also brainwash the citizens. Proof is that the cold-hearted Souji turns into a gypsy. Even if it’s the real summer Souji wouldn’t act like that.

It’s interesting to see DoGold working with other Knights to kill 2 birds with 1 stone by obtaining emotion energy. He has some sort of agenda but I don’t recall what it is. It’s probably due to Endorf’s desire as well. Oh and starting this episode, they’ve completely forgotten Endorf.

Kyoryu 31 (2)

The reason why Nossan wasn’t affected by this brainwashing effect is because he was indoor by morning, thus he didn’t get the sunlight energy that’s mixed with the Debo Monster’s brainwashing power. And now since all of the Kyoryugers are affected sans him, Nossan must take care of things by himself.

Also it’s worth noting that this episode shows KyoryuBlue indirectly revealing his identity to his sister, however Yuko still keeps this as a secret so Nossan still doesn’t know that his sister knew about him being a Ranger.

Kyoryu 31 (3)

The best part of this episode is when the other Kyoryugers arrives to help KyoryuBlue…….. only for them to go Hawaiian hula dancing alongside KyoryuBlue’s niece. Wait, what’s she doing there really? How come is that she is the only civilian that’s dancing? Whatever.

When Yuko realizes that her brother is KyoryuBlue, she knocks some senses to the other Kyoryugers, I couldn’t help but to think that this is a pseudo reference to your typical Gokaiger tribute episode, where the Sentai alumni gives a pep talk to the current team.

Another Gokaiger reference, this time it’s obvious, is when Debo Vaacance¬†(sounds more like ‘vacancy’ rather than ‘vacation’) fights PlezuOh, he uses his Ice Cream Hand and its attacked is called “Triple Drill Cream”, a direct reference to GoZyuZin’s Triple Drill Dream. Ironically the opponent is PlezuOh, who has a jet mode, a dinosaur mode and a robot mode!

Kyoryu 31 (4)

After the MegaZord fight in space Luckyuro shrinks Vaacance down. It’s really interesting that the Kyoryugers uses special backgrounds during rollcall to emulate the Autumn Festival, and you can hear the altered Shinkenger sound effect as well!

The final fight is your typical KyoryuRed porn because they need to showcase him spamming the Biting Changes before it went useless, but with KyoryuBlue as the main focus it’s nice to see some change and not just KyoryuRed stealing the spot.

Kyoryu 31 (5)¬†Overall it’s a really nice episode. Not great but definitely not bad. What’s bad is that this episode is a filler episode, and not related to the frickin’ Bragigas arc episodes!!!!!


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