Kyoryuger Brave 32: It’s Dunkin’ Time!!

During a fight with DoGold, Aigallon, the MoTW challenges the Kyoryuger into a basketball game simply because they cheated. So yeah, dinosaurs and basketball. Weird.

Kyoryu 32 (1)

 Despite being an episode in the Bragigas arc, it’s actually a pretty good one on my account. Because it doesn’t feel cheesy and childish or anything. Anyways early in the episode we get to see the first sight on Bragigas’ Beast Battery, along with 2 new ones, Victory & Maximum. Wow, ever since Yayoi takes the job the Kyoryugers gets stronger. Can’t blame Dr.Ulshade though, he’s old so he’s probably tired from developing new Batteries.

During the first fight scene we get to see the usage of the only Guardians Beast Battery that hasn’t been used except in the movies, #23 Futabain. It lets the user clone themselves. So as of this episode, all of the Guardians’ Beast Batteries has been used at least one in the series proper.

Kyoryu 32 (2)

It’s funny how the Debo Monster, Spokorn laments that the Kyoryugers cheated when they used Futabain, going as far as calling them cowards. But because the Kyoryugers are not cowards but braves, they agree to have a basketball game, at least King did.

During the basketball training, it’s only 5-on-5 so Utchy was excluded, and takes the job as the ‘manager’ instead. He even mentioned that he asked Rin, Souji’s friendzoned girlfriend for managing tips.

The Kyoryugers only practice basketball and formations while the Deboss are more extreme, they trained the Zorimas like it’s war and not a sports game. Anyways the luck isn’t in Kyoryuger’s favor as they had a hard time practicing. It is then King realized that they have relied on the team’s strength too much, and they need to get each of them in a different role, i.e, Ian takes Amy’s spot and such. I really like this concept, since it shows that the heroes need to adapt to other styles and not just depend on their own set of strength.

Kyoryu 32 (3)

 When the day comes, the Deboss fooled the Kyoryugers by having a soccer game instead of basketball, meaning that the Deboss cheated this time. Furthermore, it’s revealed that the whole sports thing was a distraction, as DoGold was after Futabain’s Guardian Stone located in the trophy that’s located in the stadium. Thankfully KyoryuViolet’s there to stop him.

I wanted to complain about KyoryuViolet a bit. During her scene it was Torin who fought DoGold, and she only evacuated the civilians. This is strange, considering that Torin was far weaker due to his fossilization curse. However that point can be rebutted because KyoryuViolet was supposed to be the rookie of the Kyoryugers, so she’s still weak to fight DoGold. But I can rebut that point because KyoryuViolet canfight badass-ly in Brave 29! What the hell?

The Kyoryugers plays basketball against the Deboss anyway, which is kinda disappointing. I mean their training was to adapt for any situation, so wouldn’t it be cooler if they played soccer anyways? Because sticking to basketball and using their new formation still means that the Kyoryugers depended on what they’re good at. They never take a risk. Boo-hoo.

Kyoryu 32 (4)

 Anways the Deboss lose and KyoryuViolet joins the rest of the Kyoryugers, with Gold & Violet using their special attacks making the Kyoryugers having the upper hand. Since the episode debuts the Victory Beast Battery, it would be natural to showcase that. The Victory functions as the finisher for GabuTyra DeCarnival harnessing the energy from 5 core Kyoryugers and honestly, the finisher is just you average Carnival Brave Finish but with the addition of the 4 Voltasaur heads. I’m gonna name it “Victory Biting Blast”.

Kyoryu 32 (5)

 As for the MegaZord fights, it’s actually great. For the first time we get to see 3 MegaZords fighting together, and the return of PteraidenOh. It’s also neat that they separated the Kyoryugers each in the cockpit, so at least the other Kyoryugers get some spotlight.

But I do have to complain that thanks to the combination, the fights were a little inconsistent. First is that the Kyoryugers summoned ALL of the Voltasaurs, but Bunpachy gets left behind due to PlezuOh can only utilize one arm change. The fight would’ve been way cooler if we have KyoRyuZin, PteraidenOh Western and PlezuOh Kung Fu.

Kyoryu 32 (6)

 So in the end the heroes obtained Futabain’s Guardian Stone and there’s only 2 Guardian Stones left. Also, Utchy is sad that he didn’t get to play basketball. Wait. Is this the Utchy I knew?! How come he’s more childish now?!

Overall good episode, mostly because it gives focus to the core 5 Kyoryugers as a team, not just KyoryuRed and his bitches. Could’ve been better, but at least satisfactory.


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