Kyoryuger Brave 30: Stupid Laser Tag Game

The Kyoryugers sets to find the Guardian Stones, one the main lead is in the possession of Amy’s family friend whom was expected to be married to her. To get that stone, the have to play LASER TAG. Thanks a lot, Stinson!

Kyoryu 30 (1)

This is a stupid episode. Yes, this show marks the beginning of “Bragigas and the Guardian Stones” arc, which is the arc that made me nearly gave up on Kyoryuger. I was expecting this episode to be okay, but what we got is a bunch of adults playing a childish laser tag. Even Barney’s laser tag is a WAY better pull off then this garbage. I understand that this is a kids show but this is stupid. Go on, hate on me for hating Kyoryuger.

In this episode we get to see Amy’s supposed-to-be fiance, which I’m gonna call him a fat douchebag. His nickname says it all, he’s a freaking douchebag. He was jealous of how Amy was close to Souji and decides to pull a game to challenge him. I wanted to note that they forgot about Amy having a crush to King, which I am glad because that stuff is only for KyoryuRed porn.

Kyoryu 30 (2)

Seriously, the laser tag scene is just ridiculous. There’s once scene that the douchebag summons his bodyguards and they shoot at Souji using the laser tag gun (WHICH HAPPENED TO BE A FUCKING TOY GUN THAT COSTS WAY CHEAPER THAN NERF GUNS), and Souji had to do The Matrix evading shit, and it looks bad, especially with the sound effects.

And if the douchebag is not stupid enough already, we get his massive ego, in which he cheats to gain an upper hand and proclaiming that he had to go through special training to know all stuff about shoot em’ up stuff. Well if he did why’s he still a fat dimwit? To show that he’s a douchebag!

Kyoryu 30 (3)

That being said though, there are a few good stuff in this episode but honestly, nothing new. We get to see DoGold VS KyoryuGold, and it’s nice to see that DoGold gets the upper hand due to having Endorf as his host, strengthening him. The Kyoryugers are aware about this due to DoGold using Endorf’s weapons, but Chaos or other Deboss didn’t even knew where the hell did Endorf go.

Also, what is this show without KyoryuRed porn? Well, at the very least the KyoryuRed stuff is actually saving this episode. But KyoryuRed porn is still KyoryuRed porn.

Kyoryu 30 (4)

In the end, the douchebag make amends with Souji and gives him the Guardian Stone. Even a douchebag like him has to redeem himself because this is a kids show. Hahahahaha, why the hell did I brag about kids shows? It’s just that it’s too cheesy and it’s bad.

Overall, I was let down by this episode. Since I’ve reviewed this late enough, the show already closed the arc and I gotta say, the arc was meant to be good but just ended up disappointing. But because I need to catch up to this show and I still have faith towards it, I still need to go through the rest of the episodes. Bottom line, expect me bitching more in the future reviews.


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