Kyoryuger Brave 29: Mini KyoRyuZin!!!!

Torin is dead, and the Kyoryugers decides to take revenge on the Deboss, which is exactly what the enemy wants. So, will the Rangers exact revenge, or find the other way to avenge their fallen mentor?

Kyoryu 29 (1) Remember when I said that I’m starting to feel meh about Kyoryuger? This episode actually started it. The last episode was good, and so is this episode. But there is some points that makes me realize that Kyoryuger is getting too cheesy for me. I know that this series is popular for the fans, so I’m technically the outcast here, but what the hell. I don’t hate this show at all, but the cheesiness is too much for me that I’m afraid that it will ended up like Fourze in terms of cheesiness.

What’s weird is that this episode is directed by Koichi Sakamoto and everybody loves him. Seeing this episode, it makes me realize that Koichi is better suited to direct a dark and mature style episode, and he’s certainly not fitting to make a kid-friendly show. Not that it’s inappropriate, but rather he makes it too cheesy.

Kyoryu 29 (2) This episode marks the first time that all Kyoryugers up to this point are gathered in an episode, and as far as I know the episode where it featured most Rangers, beating DekaRanger. I gotta say, I really dig Tessai’s new look. Him having a hair and sports a thin mustache makes him look a lot like a Chinese kung fu master instead of a Japanese person. This also marks the first time where the three Spirit Rangers fought together, and I’m glad that Yayoi marks that she is not a Spirit Ranger, but due to her nature as an auxiliary Ranger, she is considered as such. Also in the battle, it’s a little disappointing to see that the Spirit Rangers doesn’t have special weapons, so with the exception of KyoryuViolet, we get to see a bunch of martial arts in this scene.

As for the Deboss, DoGold strangely wants to help Endorf, meaning that he has some agenda of his own because it’s naturally weird if a guy like that wanted to help you. As for the Kyoryugers, they found out that reviving Torin is possible, by using the stones that Ian and Daigo had. Tessai and Ramirez reveals that the stones are required to find the 10th Voltasaur, Bragigas. Since the rest of the stones that Daigo’s father gave to him is at the Spirit Base, the Kyoryugers try to hurry while avoiding DoGold and Karyudos.

Kyoryu 29 (3) It’s actually cool to see the chase scene, with Amy performing a drive by and KyoryuGold stayed behind to deal with DoGold. Better enjoy that scene, because the next is probably the worst scene on my account.

When they get to Spirit Base they found out that they have to sing to revive Torin and I’ll be honest, I skipped the entire scene when I first watched the episode ages ago. I know that this is a nod to their summer movie, which I was originally excited for, but after seeing bits of a movie it wasn’t in my taste at all. Probably because I was expecting a Les Miserables style instead of High School Musical shit, by that I mean I was expecting them to sing while fighting because I see that was possible with the goddamn Koichi Sakamoto directing the movie but whatever.

With that they sing and Torin is revived, and at the same time, Daigo realizes that he knows Partyin’ KyoryuRed’s hidden potential. Here comes the KyoryuRed porn again……. 

Kyoryu 29 (4) The KyoryuRed stuff is another reason that lets me down with the Kyoryugers. I know that Red is always the main focus, most notably in Shinkenger, but here they make it look a lot like Mystic Force, where in every moment the Red Ranger is the hero while the others are cannon fodder.

That being said, it’s time to talk about Carnival’s main ability, which allow KyoryuRed to become a human-sized KyoRyuZin. Truth  to be honest, it’s really cool. Partyin’ KyoryuRed himself is a humanoid GabuTyra so it’s natural that he has access to other Snapping Combinations. What I liked the most about the feature is that when Partyin’ KyoryuRed access these modes, his gloves and boots will turn into the color of the respective Zord parts. It’s really cool actually to see the pink parts on the Samba Carnival, making that this is the second time we get to see a male Pink Ranger, after Gokaiger’s all Pink Gokai Change.

Kyoryu 29 (5) However I do feel really annoying that every time Partyin’ KyoryuRed uses the Biting Change, they would play KyoryuRed’s Carnival theme, with the chorus repeating but with alternate lines to highlight the respective forms. I don’t really like the song, and hearing them again and again is too much for me.

As for the other Kyoryugers, Torin joins the Spirit Rangers and defeats the Zorimas, while KyoryuGold is joined by the rest of the Kyoryugers to defeat Karyudos, they are pretty much ignored though thanks to KyoryuRed porn.

As for the hero himself, he faces against Endorf using Western Carnival, which is probably my favorite Carnival form. The black and green color scheme blends naturally with Red so that’s that. Since the Carnival forms are determined by which Beast Battery are inserted, I wonder if KyoryuRed can also access the random combinations such as Parasagun Stegotchi Carnival? It’s possible.

Kyoryu 29 (6) After that Endorf is defeated but not destroyed. Retreating, he finds DoGold where the latter reveals his true motif: To weaken Endorf and takes over his body as a host! I myself was shocked by this scene, as they kinda remove Endorf from the show by becoming DoGold’s host. I hope that he eventually returns someday, as he alone is a big threat to the Kyoryugers.

As for the heroes, Torin is glad that he found comrades in the form of the nine Kyorugers and the Voltasaurs and Guardians. Well, all’s well that ends well.

Overall, this episode could’ve been the best episode in Kyoryuger, if it weren’t for that singing scene, at least in my opinion. The KyoryuRed porn stuff was expected, and it didn’t ruin the episode at all, although I seriously hope that they toned it down a bit. It’s getting too much.


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