Kamen Rider Gaim 7: The ‘Kazuo Kiriyama’ of the Armored Riders

The Durian Rider, dubbed Bravo, defeats all of the Armored Riders despite not being a Beat Rider himself. With that, what’s his true motive of defeating the Beat Riders?

Gaim 7 (1) Kamen Rider Bravo’s fight against Gridon and Kurokage basically shows that he’s actually bullying those two poor kids. Really, it’s obvious that he didn’t even break a sweat and he’s actually enjoying beating those two. And like what he said about battle is for entertainment, the audiences are enjoying it, even as far as calling him ‘bravo’ which is how he got his name. To be honest, For a durian-based Rider, Bravo is a really lame name to me.

Bravo’s attitude of fighting for fun is the reason why I call him Kazuo Kiriyama of the Riders, specifically the movie version of Kazuo Kiriyama. For those of you who don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, it’s Battle Royale. Anyways Kota is displeased that Oren bullied those two, as we all know Kota hates it when a person bullies the other regardless whether the victim is strong or not, as evidenced by him protecting Baron from the duo. However, Oren again dismisses him and Kota couldn’t do anything. I was hoping for Kota to challenge him but we all know that would be a bad choice.

Gaim 7 (2) Days passed and Bravo starts to defeat other teams, much to Team Gaim and Team Baron’s dismay. What further dismayed them was the fact that Bravo seemed to have some sort of a personal reason for beating the Beat Riders, in which Bando suggest that Bravo hates the fact that people nowadays can achieve something rather quickly, while Oren himself had to do it the hard way.

This could very well be a reference of our world, where nowadays people can be famous for being stupid. Such cases are in my country, where people would post YouTube videos, gets a lot of hate comments, and then gets famous for being stupid. I mean really stupid. They’re humiliating themselves and it’s not fair actually, especially for the people who get to work hard just to achieve something similar.

However, Kaito thinks differently. He thinks that Oren is a sadist and furthermore he challenged Team Baron. It’s funny that Kaito tells Kota that he will defeat Bravo for him, giving the impression that he is actually obsessed with defeating Team Gaim to the point where he doesn’t want somebody else defeats Team Gaim.

Gaim 7 (3) Meanwhile, Takatora is angry about Oren being an Armored Rider, as we get to learn more of his background. Gennosuke Oren is a totally effiminate man trying to be a patisserie and in order to do that, he must get the French citizenship. And in order to do that, he enrols in the military, which explains why he is so muscular. Wow, I really respect this guy. He had to drag his face into the mud just to be a patisserie! Now that is one hell of a hardworking man. He might be a jerk in this episode but his background makes me respect the guy a lot.

Also, we surprisingly learn that DJ Sagara was also a part of Takatora’s conspiracy team, in which his job is to spread propaganda. Wow, either that they want to turn Zawame City into a dystopia, or that they’re referencing the political propaganda of our world. Either way I’m honestly shocked that even a guy like Sagara is actually a part of the conspiracy. Next time you know, maybe Bando could be one as well, given that his actor actually portrayed Mishima in Kamen Rider Kabuto.

We were also introduced to Professor Ryoma Sengoku, who is the developer of the Sengoku Drivers. Honestly I didn’t expect that he appeared in the show THIS early. Anyways with his role in the conspiracy, he could very well be the series’ Doctor Maki.

Gaim 7 (4) Back to Bravo, he is fighting Baron, and even Baron’s strategy which involves him using Inveses as bodyguards didn’t work against Bravo. Also, I hated Bravo’s finisher. While I appreciates that he used that trojan thing as a weapon, using it as a finisher is not cool enough, especially when he didn’t involve those cool sawblades on the finisher. At the very least, he acknowledges Baron for being strong, suggesting that he should train more. Good job, he just raised the man’s ego.

With Baron defeated, Bravo quickly challenges Team Gaim, and decided to pull the same strategy that Baron used, which is using ALL of the Lockseeds he gained from his battles to summon the Inveses. However, due to having no experience in the actual Inves Games, Bravo lose control over the Inveses, due to him letting go all of the switches. I honestly liked the moment, as it kinda shows that an arrogant hero gets shot in the knee.

With a horde of Inves attacking, Bravo are forced to fight them alongside Gaim and Ryugen and because of the fallen Lockseeds, the Inveses are out of control. Overwhelmed, Ryugen decides to hand Kota the Watermelon Lockseed he stole earlier. To be honest, I don’t get why he gave that Lockseed to Kota AT ALL. He could’ve used it on himself! Maybe it’s a sign that he respects Kota, and that their partnership is more like Batman and Robin. In other words, Ryugen is Gaim’s sidekick.

Gaim 7 (5) It’s hilarious to see how shocked Gaim is when he summons the Watermelon Arms, as it is colossal. What’s funnier is that Ryugen and Mai prayed that Kota survived the form change. Now, for Gaim’s Watermelon Arms debut, honestly I didn’t expect that it would THIS early for him to obtained this upgrade, as this is the mid-season upgrade. Regardless, if Fourze Magnet States is weird enough already, Watermelon Arms beats it even further. Seriously, he looks like Machine Itashaa from AkibaRanger!

For the suit design, I only liked the legs, which looked robotic. But the rest is just meh. Heck, they even made a prop for close ups on his face. The main reason why I hated this form is that it’s purely CGI, which could mean the second CGI Rider after Kamen Rider Core, and we all know that CGI things like that tends to get abandoned later in the show due to the budget. Heck, even Kamen Rider Wizard, who occasionally spams magics and his All Dragon Style gets abandoned later in the show.

I know that they wanted to illustrate that watermelon is a big fruit, so the Watermelon Arms is big, but honestly having a form where CGI is required is a no go. Trust me, this form will be underused in the show.

Gaim 7 (6) That being said, I do love it when an Evolved Inves flees, Ryugen chases it using the Sakura Hurricane while Gaim uses the Watermelon Arms Odama Mode to roll around. At least seeing the giant watermelon rolling is hilarious. I can’t imagine what Kota thinks when he rolls his body sideways.

As for the finisher, which has no name yet, it’s a little boring. I love it that he traps the foe with a green orb, but slashing them looks typical. However, I do like the end effect when the Inves explodes, it spurts red splashes, reminiscent of the nature of watermelon.

With that, all that’s left is to face Bravo, however, Oren decides to return to his shop because he’s late for baking the pie crust, which could very well be his weakness, using his shop duties as a distraction. At the very least Team Gaim won, for now.

Gaim 7 (7) Because of Baron’s defeat, his team loses points, and now Team Gaim is officially ranked #1 on the Beat Riders list. On your face, Baron! With that Team Gaim decides to celebrate, with a Charmant cake which Kota hates a lot!

Overall, it’s a good episode. Although I hated the Watermelon Arms, its fight is actually good. I would like to note that the ending of the episode marks the ending of the second arc of Kamen Rider Gaim. I realized that instead of a 2-episode arc, we have a multiple-episode arc. The first two episodes are nicknamed “The Birth of Gaim” and this arc will be called “Rise of the Armored Riders”. So by the next episode, we will start fresh and have a new arc.


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