Kamen Rider Gaim 06: Flamboyant = Badass

Two new Armored Riders showed up, which belonged to Team Baron due allegiance. Later in the episode, Kota tries to find a job at a pastry shop, only to be turned down by its owner who’s probably a cousin of the gay man in Kamen Rider W Forever.

Gaim 6 (1) The appearance of the two new Armored Riders originally shows that Team Gaim is in deep shit, however they completely turn the table, making Kamen Rider Gridon and Kurokage no more than a comic relief, which is a a tolatally hilarious WTF on my account. It’s really nice to see Kurokage ‘stabbing’ Baron in the back, as I told you that this allegiance will never last. Enough about Kurokage, he is actually my most ignorable Rider.

On the other hand, let’s talk about Kamen Rider Gridon. His naming is a based on donguri, which he is embarrassed about. Gaim’s director Ryuta Tasaki mentions that Gridon will be a fan favorite which is why I’m interested on the guy (and completely abandon Kurokage. Poor, poor Kurokage). I originally though that he will be a unique badass or something but instead, he is the show’s GokaiGreen! I didn’t expect that at all but they played it really well. Unlike GokaiGreen who fights clumsily, Gridon himself tries to avoid fights, further supporting Mitch’s word that he is a coward.

Surprisingly, Gaim and Ryugen protects Baron from Gridon and Kurokage, mostly because they don’t like it that even though Kaito is a jerk, him getting beaten single handedly by the duo makes it look like he’s being bullied, which is why Gaim and Ryugen doesn’t like it. Oh, I really like Gridon’s Acorn Squash which involves him spinning around and let his hammer do the pummeling. And Kurokage, forget him LOL.

I really love it when Team Gaim beats the shit out of the two Riders. They don’t look badass enough but they look very, very heroic. Also, Gridon and Kurokage are the only Riders whose named was not based on their dance teams. Honestly I think Gridon prefers the name Kamen Rider Invitto.

Gaim 6 (2) After that the two retreats and Kaito reveals that he knew there will be betrayal, because he was only using them as pawns, as cannon fodders. Either he speaks the truth, or that he tries to cover up his ego, I don’t know but so far Baron is still a serious rival towards Gaim. Also, it’s nice to see that Kota and Mitch thanking each other for finding the will to fight. It shows a moral of tolerance here.

Later, Mitch reveals that due to Gridon and Kurokage’s actions, Baron’s allegiance is starting to fall out, and now other teams are leaving them as well. Because of this Team Gaim now scores second, much to Team Baron’s dismay, and now Kaito focuses on gapping the score between the fourth and third place so that their throne is at least secured.

As for Kota, he decided to be the ‘6th Ranger’ to Team Gaim and in the meantime tries to look for a job. This is where we get to see Oren Pierre Alfonzo, the owner of Charmant, a famous cake shop. Honestly what’s with TOEI loving to have a muscular AND effiminate man? Thanks goodness they explain it later. Also, we learn that Kota’s birthday is on January 30th. I looked at the calendar, and unfortunately they won’t be having an episode of Kota’s birthday since his birthday is on Tuesday.

Gaim 6 (3) Oren arrogantly rejects Kota which makes Kota hating the cake shop, which is bad because Mai and his sister loves it to death. It’s clear that this episode was meant to be a comedic episode, and I gotta say they handled it perfectly. The jokes aren’t too cheesy and if they keep it up it will be great.

Kota’s sister marks that Oren once went to France to train himself in the art of making pastries, even going as far as getting the French citizenship. Meanwhile, Cid gave the last Sengoku Driver to a Red Hot team, which looked as a real dance team thanks to their clothing. Also, Ryoji and Jo had to spend their money to buy another copy of their Lockseeds. Poor them.

Mitch on the other hand discovers that his brother also possess a Sengoku Driver, complete with Zangetsu’s faceplate. However, it isn’t clear if he’s aware that his brother is Kamen Rider Zangetsu or not. Just that he knew his brother possessed one. He did however takes the Watermelon Lockseed in the case, which could mean that we will get to see it in action in the next episode.

Gaim 6 (4) Later, Kota overheard that an Inves Games are about to begin, only to see Gridon and Kurokage training. I gotta say their training is hilarious and I loved it that they make a functioning dummy as a, dummy. What’s weird is that Kota himself acted like a random pedestrian when he talks to the Riders, and they didn’t even challenge him. Turns out that Oren was the one who organized the battle, as he appears to have a Sengoku Driver as well. Turns out, Team Red Hot celebrates their purchase of the Driver at Charmant and cause a ruckus which enrages Oren. Yeah, ragtag people like that, celebrating in a cake shop. What stupidity is that? Well thanks to their stupidity Oren teaches them a lesson and confiscates the Driver as a penalty.

First impressions on the new 6th Rider, he is probably my favortie Rider because he is based on Durian, a native fruit on my country and Indonesia. At first I was bummed that Durian Lockseed wasn’t a part of Gaim (I was hoping it to be Gaim’s final form because durian was regarded as the King of the Fruits) but nevertheless we got a durian-based Rider. Part of transformation sound is actually an altered version of Brave Heart from Digimon, so that was nostalgic to me! And as for the design, I really, really like it, save for the red hair thing. Also I’m glad that his weapon is a sword or rather, a sawblade. Swords are cool.

Gaim 6 (5) Kota asks why Oren barge into the fight when he himself is not a Beat Rider, which Oren tells that he’s simply doing this for entertainment, as battles have been for entertainment. Funny, when he mentions about the Roman Colosseum battles, it’s a reference because his suit, especially the red parts was a reference to the trojan hair that was commonly seen in Colosseum battles. And then he proceeds to beat the shit out of Gridon and Kurokage and the episode ends.

Overall, a great episode with a perfect handling of seriousness and comedic aspect of the show. However, I really hated the ending. Truth to be honest, I would rather have this episode focusing on Gridon and Kurokage and having Oren reveal his Sengoku Driver at the very end of the episode, then transforms in the next episode. It’s just that he transforms, reveal the Rider design, and the episode ends. It’s annoying. Nevertheless the episode is great.

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