Kyoryuger Brave 28: The Truth About Torin

I know, I know. I haven’t review Kyoryuger in ages. This is because I’m busy and by that time, I was a little let down with the show that causes me to delay the review, and close to cancelling the series overall. But since I’m bored, I might do it as well. So in this episode, Endorf enlists Canderilla’s help for something that’s related to Torin. What could it be?

Kyoryu 28 (1) It’s really great to see Canderilla’s human form again, this time she tries to be an idol and gets rejected because she looks like the typical idol. What’s interesting is that there are posters of known idols in Sentai universe, which could possibly mean that Kyoryuger is the second Sentai to set in the VS universe, after Gokaiger. Also, the idol manager is obviously portrayed by the guy who voiced Aigallon. I thought at first it was him but nope. And it’s revealed that Canderilla’s human form is just a copy that she scan from a picture of an idol, probably the real Haruka Tomatsu LOL.

As for the Kyoryugers, Yayoi creates extra Beast Batteries for the Voltasaurs, meaning that they have extra energy now. Before they could celebrate however they saw Torin acting strange, whose getting weaker and weaker every minute. Daigo gives chase to him, only to find his father instead. His father tells him something strange about Torin, which is a foreshadowing that quickly solved at the end of the episode. Anyways his dad gave him another set of the strange stones.

The Deboss attacks the city, which is caused by the manager guy’s desire to see his rivals fall.Is it just me or are they imitating Kamen Rider OOO, by wreaking havoc in the city because of someone’s desire? Anyways the manager guy generates both happiness and hate energy, which will work for someone who has a grudge. Come on, it is satisfying when you see a person you hate falls right? Muahahahahahahaha~

Kyoryu 28 (2) When the Kyoryugers arrive, they discover that Karyudosu is attacking the city. For the fight scene, it exists solely to demonstrate that the Kyoryugers has a lot of Beast Batteries, so it’s spamming time! With Koichi Sakamoto, I knew there would be a spamming moment.

Meanwhile, Endorf attacks Torin, who’s not only weak at the time, but he hears a strange melody coming from Canderilla. Canderilla, in her human form, wears goth style and it really looks creepy to me. That black lipstick did a very good job at making an innocent and cute looking Haruka turns into a witch. That aside though her hairstyle (which I named the Ichimichi hairstyle because Mao Ichimichi was the first person I knew donning that style) is cute, mostly because of the reason in the bracket.

Since this episode is set after KyoryuRed Carnival’s debut, it would be natural for them to utilize Partyin’ KyoryuRed even though his fight is short but the stunts is AWESOME (I apologize fornot screencap the fight scenes, Koichi’s shaky cam makes it really hard for me, even Photoshop couldn’t help it since I’m a beginner). After the fight, Daigo realized that Partyin’ power is yet to be tapped fully, meaning that there’s more to show.

Kyoryu 28 (3) DoGold confronts the team to tell them that Torin has been kidnapped while they are busy, which means that the attack on the city was a distraction. Still, DoGold revealing the information obviously means that he’s either jealous of Endorf, or Chaos instructs him to do so.

Either way the Kyoryugers discover that Endorf is torturing Torin, in which Chaos reveals to them that Torin is actually part of the Deboss all along, and that he is Chaos’ younger brother! I must admit, back when I first watched this I was really surprised. Torin being a Deboss was far from my mind. They did a great show at making this plot twist because I never expect Torin is actually a former bad guy!

Of course, he doesn’t betray the team or anything, the show was actually to make the Kyoryugers heartbroken because they feel betrayed by their mentor. Great plan huh, using the mentor in order to draw hatred from the Kyoryugers? Even then the Kyoryugers still refused to believe that Torin is from Deboss, until Endorf use the Restoration Water to grow Torin. I love that they used organic lifeforms, to explicitly state that the Restoration Water affects Deboss members only.

Kyoryu 28 (4) Because of this, the Kyoryugers are heartbroken except Daigo, because he realized that Torin was actually suffering, and they used KyoRyuZinto fight him. However, towards the climax of the fight, Torin use the ZyudenKen to stab himself! This is because he wants it to prevent himself from becoming a monster and destroys the city.

Overall, the episode is great mostly because it was dark. I honestly didn’t expect that this episode was focused on Torin. Again, they did a great job at the plot twist. Didn’t expect that at all.

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