Kamen Rider Gaim 5: Battle of the Beat Riders

The appearance of Kamen Rider Ryugen worries Kota as Mitch doesn’t know the price that comes with the belt. Team Baron on the other hand decides to challenge Team Gaim again, for a unique reason.

Gaim 5 (1) Continuing from the previous episode, we get to see an extended fight of Kamen Rider Ryugen’s first fight. Even with that it’s still short. I guess there’s not much to show, he’s a gunslinging Rider and that’s all we need to know. But I do like that as a first timer, Ryugen only dodges and shoots, which is basic skill. I mean most Riders’ first fight already have them knowing how to fight, although it is explained that they know martial arts. Also, Ryugen himself is an homage to Kiva Bashaa Form, Den-O Gun Form and Kuuga Pegasus Form, shown by how he can pull the hammer on his gun.

Strangely, the blonde haired woman appears in Mitch’s dream this time, but what’s interesting is that when asked the question, Mitch’s response is somewhat similar to Kota when he first met the blonde girl. Mitch wants to be an Armored Rider in order to impress Mai, while Kota wants to protect people (at that time, he thought that the blonde girl was Mai).

Since Kota wasn’t around and Mitch is Team Gaim’s armored Rider, it’s cool to see Mitch acting as a temporary leader (since Mai is not around). We get to learn that Baron has recruited half of the Beat Rider teams and here’s the best part: all of the allied team members are only used as backup dancers, which is why Gaim doesn’t want to ally with Baron. Besides since they are arch rivals Baron won’t accept them.

Gaim 5 (2) Kota meets with Mitch to try and persuade him to let go of the driver due to the danger it represents. At first I thought that the two will argue because of jealousy but thank God they didn’t. Instead Mitch replied that this Driver is his catalyst to fight for his freedom, which is what Mitch wants to be. I understand Mitch’s situation as I am in the similar situation. I believe that one can choose his own path instead of others set it up for him.

Meanwhile on Team Baron, we get to learn the real reason why Kaito desires an allegiance. Yes he wanted to be strong but also, this methods allow him to keep an eye of the weaklings which is the team that allied themselves with Baron. So basically, the teams that allied with Baron are actually weaklings and the teams that don’t are actually strong! Even Kaito admits that Team Gaim is actually strong, which is another reason why he recruits other teams, to be stronger and challenge Team Gaim! Damn this guy is so ambitious.

Because of this, Jo from Invitto is really bummed.One thing I don’t like is that they keep showing Jo and Hase’s names everytime they first appear in an episode! I know that Gaim has a bunch of characters (in which the side ones will probably be used for Urobutching) but we get it already. Anyways the two discuss their distaste of Kaito’s intention, and plans to betray him, which caught the attention of Cid. See? I told you that allegiance will lead to betrayal!

Gaim 5 (3) Without further ado Kaito challenges Team Gaim again, even mocking Kota for being a coward because he doesn’t show up to fight. Even with Jo & Hase are on his side, Kaito prefers to use the Elementary Inves, presumably hinting that he knows that those two are up to something or that the Inves are more obedient. However instead of the usual holograms, the Inves are a real deal,as it is the Sengoku Driver’s power that allows such thing. One thing though, the Acorn Lockseed only summon the Elementary Inves, this is because the Lockseed is a B Class. Only A class can summon the Berserkers.

Because of this, Ryugen is forced to fight two real Inves and Kamen Rider Baron. When I look at Baron, he really acts as an antagonist in the episode, and I’m starting to dislike the guy a bit. Since I like Baron, I was hoping that he would be the anti-hero alongside Gaim but I got a feeling that it will be 50-50, due to them wanting to make this a Rider VS Rider show.

Since Mitch is a relatively new fighter and you can tell that he’s not the guy who’s good at fighting, he gets beaten badly and you can see that he knows nothing of fighting aside from shooting. However, Mitch has a strong suit, which is refusing to give up, mainly because Kota and Mai are watching. Come on, if you’re a hero and everybody’s watching you, you can’t give up right? You would rather take a beating and find an opportunity to strike rather than run away.

Gaim 5 (4) Mai reveals that Mitch is like that because of Kota supporting him, which sparked a new flame in Kota. He realized that all this time he has been supporting others and make them strong. If he can make others strong, then he is surely can make himself one as well right?

This is where Kota decides to don the Sengoku Driver again because this time, he wants to use the belt to make himself stronger, so that he can help people. I guess the lesson is that you have to make yourself strong first then you can help other people become strong easily after that.

Transforming into Gaim, the scene where he shatters the forcefield is really epic, especially when he confronts Baron. Gaim’s appearance actually amuses Baron, as this provides him with the opportunity to finish them both at once, or so he thought. I must admit, with the memories of Ryuki are actually unclear because I watched it as a child, it is a little depressing seeing Baron like that. I love Rider VS Riders, I do. But seeing Baron acted as a villain is a little bit bummy and make me hate the guy a bit.

Gaim 5 (5) Since the two are destined to be arch rivals, Gaim handles Baron while Ryugen takes on the Inves. I have to note that even though the flag for the enemy’s defeat have been raised which mean the heroes automatically get stronger, Ryugen still fights like a newbie, and I like it. I mean he grabs one Inves and shoots the other, and doesn’t display any martial arts, while Gaim actually uses punches for the very first time!

Ryugen gives Gaim a Strawberry Lockseed that he won from Jo earlier, in which Gaim used to transform into Strawberry Arms. This is a question that I’ve been wondering: Is the Lockseeds are specific to certain Riders? Or can any Rider use any Lockseed, which is a recurring trend in the Neo-Heisei era. They have yet to answer this, I certainly hope they will.

Now for Strawberry Arms,it is my favorite form as it’s red, and it’s strawberry! At first I was bummed at why Strawberry Arms isn’t the main form, because strawberry in Japanese is Ichigo, which can be used as a nod to the first Kamen Rider! Also, the form really translates well as an alternate form and aside from the green parts, the Arms actually hides well in the armor. It’s the same level on Ryugen Grape Arms.

Gaim 5 (6) I was a little bummed at Strawberry Arms’ weapons being a two pair of kunai, but then again it is awesome because Strawberry Arms gives Gaim a ninja motif and strawberries are small, that’s why the weapons are small. As for the finisher, Kunai Burst, I love it. Gaim used the Mosou Saber to slash and summon a projection of strawberry, which then rains multiple Ichigo Kunais. I guess it’s a common thing to multiply a weapon like that for a finisher.

At first I thought Baron was going to admit defeat, but then suddenly Hase and Jo takes the stage, and reveals that they have purchased the Sengoku Drivers as well! Thus the birth of the 5th and 6th Armored Riders is here: Kamen Rider Gridon and Kamen Rider Kurokage! However, I have to nitpick about a few things. First the Sengoku Rider indicator shows that Gridon and Kurokage’s background are rather plain and second, their transformation sounds are the same as Gaim & Baron’s. Also, I thought that only Class A Lockseeds can be used to transform, as the Acorn Lockseed is a B Class and Kurokage’s Lockseed, Pinecone is a Class C. I guess that kinda explains the plain background huh?

Much to my disappointment, they pull the same move as they did on Ryugen to these two Riders, in which their first fight will be featured on the next episode. It’s a bummer, but I understand that this episode will connect to the next episode or more importantly,the whole episode connects with each other. Put simply, Gaim’s current story arc actually composed of several episodes rather than a 2 parter. This pattern is actually established in Wizard, starting in episode 46 to 51.

Gaim 5 (7) Meanwhile, it is revealed that Cid is actually working for Takatora, in which the Sengoku Drivers given to the Beat Riders are actually experiments, though Takatora is pissed with the decision of giving them Lock Vehicles, as he doesn’t want the Riders to know about the Helheim Forest. Cid offered Takatora the list of the belt owners but Takatora declines, which is interesting because he is one step closer in finding out that his brother is one of the owners. I wonder how would he react upon the revelation…….


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