Kamen Rider Gaim 3: Orange VS Banana. Wait, BANANA?!?!?!

Since the incident of the previous episode, everybody knows that Kota is an Armored Rider. Now, he re-joins Team Gaim and acts as a stand-in member for the Inves Games, making the said team increase their ranks. As this occurs, Kaito is contacted by Cid who wants to make things more interesting……

Gaim 3 (1) Compared to the previous two episodes, this episode isn’t as epic as those two. But it’s still AWESOME nonetheless, don’t get me wrong! Maybe it’s because the whole episode feels like the first part of a two-parter. Wait, I thought Urobucchi was going to break the 2-part mold? Well since this is a 30-minute show, there has got to be some 2-parters, so yeah.

As for the episode, it centers around on Kota becoming a youth again, ditching his desire to grow up by rejoining Team Gaim. Also, I don’t like Kota’s Team Gaim outfit, I like his casual clothing style more. And because Kota is becoming a youth again, Mai scolds him for quitting his job, though this was mostly because Mai doesn’t like Kota takes all the burden by himself. This is where we know that Kota is the type of guy who will help others first, then himself second. While the intention is noble, helping yourself actually comes first.

We also get to see Mitch’s story for a bit. Turns out that he is a very wealthy guy, as he goes to private school and pretty much classifies as a prep. People at his school mocks about Beat Riders, saying that they are immature and such which annoys Mitch, since he’s one too. I guess Mitch’s role in the growing up aspect of the show is that he wants to grow up doing what he wants & likes, not what his family wanted. I guess Mitch is relatable to me.

Gaim 3 (2) Kota himself pretty much considers fighting the Inves are for fun, which is exactly the opposite of his original view about those things. As such, I don’t really like Kota for this episode, but I guess they wanted to have a hero start from the scratch a la Assassin’s Creed’s Altair and God of War 2’s Kratos. As for the Inves Games in the episode, again I hated it. Why can’t they just make the Inves Warriors bigger? I guess they wanted to show that Gaim is playing around and not take things too seriously, but still it’s a little stupid.

We also get to see another Beat Rider team, Team Invitto. Is it just me, or are they actually making Beat Rider teams based on school cliques? Because Invitto looks like a bunch or smart assess rather than a dance team. I wonder if there’s a team that dances wotagei? That would be hilarious.

Apparently Kota doesn’t feel regret quitting his jobs because the money he made from Inves Games are much more than those two jobs, which is why Kota takes things very lightly. Put simply, he’s like Bruce Almighty enjoying being a god for a time. Even when his HOT sister rejects the money, Kota doesn’t feel like he’s wrong.

Gaim 3 (3) However, Kota’s happy hour is over when Kaito challenges him for an Inves Game after mocking Kota as a coward because he only defends his team and not challenge other teams to take the top spot. Kaito reveals that he has purchased a Sengoku Driver from Cid, who offered it for him because he wants to make things interesting. So, Cid is the show’s ‘Shiro Kanzaki’ as he purposely starts the Rider War of this series!

Kaito’s first transformation is really hilarious. It’s hilarious because of his suit motif and the fact that he tries to look badass while transforming. I mean, come on, he is a banana Rider! While I can take Gaim being based on Orange and other fruits, Kaito’s Rider form being based on banana is silly. And I really love the part where Zack was surprised when Kaito’s Rider form is a banana.

Kamen Rider Baron, he is pretty much my favorite Rider for the series, mostly because the main Rider is too mainstream and Kaito is a rival. When there’s a rivalry, I would end up liking the main character’s rival just because of that reason. Plus, his rivalry with Gaim looks like Fourze and Meteor’s before their bromance. As for the suit design, Baron is pretty much the Rider in Gaim who doesn’t even look like a Rider based on a fruit. Really, when you look at his suit you would see a knight rather than a fruity warlord. I know I made the same statement about Gaim, but Baron here is totally different. You can’t tell if that’s a banana. Heck, even the folded Banana Arms looks like a palette swap of a watermelon when you look from far!

Gaim 3 (4) Much to my disappointment, instead of having our first Rider VS Rider in a Rider VS Rider centered show, Cid interrupts the fight, by stating that Gaim VS Baron is no longer an Inves Game, because of the obvious reason.Instead, he would like them to try a new type of game which involves two new prototype Lockseeds: The Lock Vehicles!

The Lock Vehicles, TOEI pretty much tells us that dirt bikes is the main bike type for all Kamen Rider shows from now on, which is understandable, since dirt bikes is the easiest one to do stunts that involves fighting and not just cruising at high speed. However, I don’t really like the flower motif on the bikes, it makes it look like a dirt bike for females. I mean, why can’t they just modeled a bike after war horses, to fit with the warrior motif? That would be cooler. I know that they wanted to follow a fruit motif (since fruits are from trees and trees are connected with flowers as floras), but the lesser they went with the fruit motif, the better actually.

Gaim 3 (5) So, instead of a joust battle to fit Baron’s theme, we instead get a race battle! This is actually pretty cool as it’s never been done before, although I would love a joust battle. I had to nitpick a bit about the race, which is the camera. During the race, the audience (not us, the audience who watched Gaim battles Baron) views it using iPads and Tabs, and what they saw is the exact same footage, same angle of what we audience saw. While I understand this, there is a scene where the shot meant for TV audience was shot at the Riders facing the camera, and the in-show audience saw the exact same thing. I mean logically, is there a cameraman daredevil enough to film a race when he’s taking a shot directly in front of the Riders while speeding?! The sad thing is, don’t use logic in Tokusatsu, so my nitpick is quickly rebutted.

Gaim and Baron also realized that the Lock Vehicles serves as a portal to the Helheim Forest via reaching a certain amount of speed. Because of their bikes transporting them to the Helheim Forest, the match is interrupted and they are deemed as a tie, further increasing my disappointment of the battle. Well, at least they wanted to expand the plot about Helheim Forest.

In the Helheim Forest, the Riders are attacked by the Inves Warriors, some even gains the ability to fly. Baron decides to fight those mofos instead of running away, because he wanted to Gaim that he’s the BOSS!!…….and that he’s not a coward.What’s interesting is that this episode doesn’t show any new evolved Inves, since the episode concentrated on Rider VS Rider. Also, the blonde girl appears again, this time in front of Baron. I got a feeling that she will appear everytime a new Rider transforms for the first time.

Gaim 3 (6) As for Baron’s first fight, I gotta nitpick about his swordplay. his weapon is BanaSpear, a pointy lance, he should stab those fools, not slash them! Anyways his finisher is a cheesy one, in a good way. The Spear Victory involves Baron stabbing (he still slashes, not stab!!!) his opponents and the hit area will have a projection of a banana, making it look like the person is penetrated by a banana (*insert inappropriate jokes here*). With that, Gaim realized that he just got one hell of a rival, and it won’t be easy defeating him, so they will have a rematch, a lot of rematch.


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