Kamen Rider Wizard FINALE: Freedom and Justice

Kamen Rider Wizard continues his mission in the alternate Wizard no Sekai, this time aided by Kamen Rider Decade and Gaim! Can Wizard find out what is Amadam’s real plan?

Wizard 53 (1) Osamu Kaneda, THIS is how you should make a crossover movie! Want to know something funny? This is not even a movie! You know how bad you are when a two-part special episode is WAYYY better than your crossover movies right? So next time, DON’T hire Osamu Kaneda for crossover movies anymore. He’s only good at Gavan the Movie.

Anyways the previous episode ended with Kamen Rider Gaim’s arrival, and this episode begins with his departure. I get why they had to pull him early, because he was supposed to be making cameo, not a supporting appearance. I really liked his interaction with Wizard, and gives us a glimpse of what Gaim’s personality was like. Judging how he teases Wizard that he could be the one that called Gaim for help, I find that Gaim looks like a youthful Rider. BUT, it’s different enough than the other youth Rider, Fourze, so I’m glad that they make him different.

After Gaim departs, Amadam arrives and from the looks of it, he can use the same spells that Wizard used, but instead of using Magic Rings he just commands it by word, giving the impression that he is a skillful magician. Even though the way he commands his spell is really quirky, I liked the idea of having him to be a full-fledged magician.

Amadam kidnaps the children and takes the Rider Rings, revealing that his plan was to use the children so that he can escape to the real world with them. See Wizard? Never trust the guy. With that, Haruto takes the children, while Nitou stayed behind. I like the return of Wizard using Beast Rings, and finally we get to see the use of Dolphi Ring after such a long time! Amadam realized that Haruto has taken the Fourze Ring, so he summons Decade to get it back from Wizard.

Wizard 53 (2) Haruto takes the children to an abandoned house, where Rinko and Shunpei look after them. This is where Haruto is confronted by Kamen Rider Decade, who de-henshins into Tsukasa. Yes, Tsukasa wearing sunglasses is just hilariously unecessary. I mean what’s the point? They wanted Tsukasa to look cool, but having him wearing a sunglasses is just ridiculous. Anyways it’s so great to see Tsukasa again, and he’s still wearing his signature type of clothing, which is a casual t-shirt with a blazer, which would ended up being my preference for fashion!

When they announced that Tsukasa will return, I was worried if he was only going to cameo and appeared as Decade at most of the time, but I’m so glad that it doesn’t. He appears a lot in this episode, acting like a second protagonist next to Wizard. Though I wouldn’t really call it protagonist, since he fits the role as a sempai now. It’s nice to see Tsukasa taking the role akin to the Sentai Legends in Gokaiger to Haruto.

Their interaction was nothing significant, it’s just meant to show that there’s a personal interaction between Wizard and one of the Heisei Riders that’s not Wizard. Also, with him appearing in this episode, Tsukasa had personally worked with every major Heisei Riders. He teamed up with Double in Movie War 2010, fights alongside Fourze & OOO in Super Hero Taisen although they never interacted personally, and now Wizard, and to an extent, Gaim.

And as to why Decade was chosen to be the guest Rider, it’s pretty obvious. He’s an anniversary Rider, so him having a role would be natural. I think they tried to get Fourze, but I heard that Fourze’s actor is busy with other roles, besides he already teamed up with Wizard in the previous Movie War. Also, even if they were able to get Fourze back, I think it’s better suited for the next Movie War. Also, I think that the production is still trying to revive Decade. They tried with Super Hero Taisen but it failed, so they bring him back for this special. Maybe it’s because I’m  a big fan of Decade that I wanted to see more & more of his adventures, but I honestly think that TOEI will try to make people like Decade so that they will have another movie with him and properly add a story for Decade. Just take Koichi Sakamoto as the director and I guarantee that all will be well.

Wizard 53 (3) Meanwhile, Nitou infiltrates Amadam’s hideout and found him absorbing the powers of the captive Riders. I find that all of the Riders summoned, even though they are the real Riders, seem to act as puppets. I guess that’s how powerful the Rider Ring is, or not. And if Amadam looked badass earlier when he summoned Decade, he returned to be the goofy Amadam that we knew. Oh, and what makes me like this episode so much is that this episode centers on the concept of Kamen Rider being the heroes that are born from evil powers. This is a main theme in all Kamen Rider series, as they were usually come from the same ‘species’ as the villains. For example, Ryuki’s powers are based on Dragredder, a Mirror Monster. And Double used Gaia Memories for his arsenal, which the Dopants also used as well.

However, this scene to me is the worst scene for the episode, mostly because they underused Nitou. Nitou transformed into Beast and fights three kaijins (one of them is Alternative, a pseudo Rider) and ends up getting stabbed through the belt. From Nitou’s point of view, this could be the foreshadowing of the events of the Sabbath, given that this Nitou is from the past. With that, Nitou gets thrown back to his timeline leaving Haruto to take care of the rest. That’s it. Nitou’s final appearance is him being defeated badly. I understand that they wanted to set him aside so that Wizard can have the spotlight alongside Decade, Gaim and other Heisei Riders, but they executed his leave poorly. I really hope that Nitou will return in the next Movie War, because so far we don’t know if he’s going to show up at all (what worries me is that secondary Riders have minor roles in Movie Wars).

Back to Haruto, he is ambushed by the kaijins and before he could do anything, Tsukasa points his gun at him, to which Haruto calls him a traitor. I don’t get it, Haruto knew that Tsukasa was under Amadam’s orders right? And Tsukasa doesn’t even state that he’s not betraying Haruto or something. It’s just him appearing in front of Haruto, and then they chat for a bit. So I wouldn’t really call Tsukasa a traitor, because Haruto knew that he was going to betray him.

Wizard 53 (4) So Tsukasa returns the Fourze Ring to Amadam, and Amadam reveals that he was once a magician that got trapped in the magic stone, and he plans to use the kids to escape so that he could have the revenge on Kamen Riders, even though they didn’t really state that it was the Riders who sealed him. However, Haruto followed Tsukasa on the way to Amadam’s hideout, but Amadam has the Rider Rings, and he summoned the Riders to confront Haruto, even Tsukasa.

Knowing Tsukasa, it could mean that he didn’t ‘betray’ Haruto at all, instead he pull another Super Hero Taisen trick and fools the bad guys that he was working with them when all this time he was actually planning with Haruto. They didn’t show him doing that, but I know it very well. Since Tsukasa reveals that he acted in his free will all this time, so as the other Riders. The reason why they played puppet all along is that to protect the children. I was kinda surprised at how all the 13 Riders agreed to pull stunts like this, but as Tsukasa once said, in order to defeat evil, they must drag their face into the mud, meaning that they will do anything, even playing puppet. It’s good to see that Den-O was the one who reveal that they are not being controlled, as it gives Momotaros more lines. For some reason I think they toned down Momo a bit in these specials. I don’t know, he just seemed ‘nicer’ than before.

With that, Haruto and Tsukasa transforms into Kamen Rider Wizard & Decade. Man, it’s really good to see Decade & Wizard standing side by side. It really feels like this is a Decade & Wizard team up! Heck, they even fight together during the cave fight scene!

Wizard 53 (5) The battle in the cave is really, really good. It’s way better than any of Osamu Kaneda’s directed movies. All of the Riders get a decent amount of screen time fighting, and it really shows that they can handle a bunch of kaijins. I liked that they go out and show the Riders fighting in order, but Decade was skipped and put after Fourze and before Wizard, kinda like Den-O in Let’s Go Kamen Rider. What’s even cooler is that they demonstrated a each of the Riders finishers, and the grouping seems random, which is unique. I may nitpick too much about Kaneda, but I find that in his movies, he rarely use the finishers for the heroes, instead relying on the weak actions.

It’s interesting that during the fight, Decade, Fourze and Wizard are the only ones that didn’t use their finishers. Fourze used Gattling while Faiz & Kiva does the finishing blow, while Wizard and Decade just did some slashes. After that, Amadam decides to retreat by summoning his strongest monsters, which is the giant kaijins, or sub-kaijus.

Wizard 53 (6) Funny thing is that the Riders boasted that they are used to fight giant monsters, especially Hibiki, Den-O & Kiva. Wait. Looks like the hellish Riders love to fight giant monsters ehh? Moving on. When giant battle comes, it means that there will be a CGI fest going on. I finally understand why they can’t make Wizard’s finale epic, because they were saving the budget for this one, the real finale!

The CGI fest is really AWESOME. I just love the interaction between the Riders, such as Kabuto boasting about his Clock Up. Oh, and Faiz didn’t use the Jet Slinger or AutoVajin. He just used the Faiz Blaster, without even transforming to the required form! What an error. But the best part of the interactions is when Fourze assumes Rocket States and Blade assumes Jack Form, Blade complains about Fourze’s milked use of the word “Kitaaaaa!!!” His reaction is just priceless! Oh how I wish the original actors voiced their characters in this episode, because that joke would be funnier when Gentaro & Kenzaki’s actor are voicing them.

Surprisingly, Wizard assumes All Dragon Style alongside OOO PuToTyra Combo, which is ironic considering that I have been comparing Wizard to OOO, due to them being similar in certain aspects. I really appreciate the use of All Dragon, although I would love to see WizarDragon fighting alongside Dragredder. And Decade used Final Form Rides on Kuuga & Agito, and judging by their reaction, this is kinda the first time the original Riders went into a Final Form Ride after Blade in Movie War 2010.

Wizard 53 (7) Amadam is the only one left, but his kaijin form manages to defeat all of the Riders. I love Amadam’s design. It’s simplistic, yet feels somewhat original, giving the impression that this guy is an original kaijin, not belonging in any group. What’s interesting is that he somewhat possess a belt! He defeats the Riders starting with Fourze, it’s kinda nice to see that Fourze goes first, due to him being the only one that wasn’t present when Amadam absorbs the Riders’ powers due to Haruto stealing his Ring.

Also I liked that Amadam clearly states the source of powers of the Kamen Riders, namely their gimmick in terms of the recent Riders. But what’s bothering me is that when he steals their arsenal, the Riders didn’t de-henshin. If this was a higher budget MOVIE, then I guess they would show the Riders untransformed, but here, they can only get Decade so yeah.

When even Wizard got defeated, it’s time for the motivational speech of the episode, which is about being a Kamen Rider. This speech is dedicated towards the boy, as we all know, he was going to transform into a kaijin. Even though kaijin is bad, Kamen Riders comes from kaijin, which would mean that the boy has the freedom to choose to be a Kamen Rider……… Shin. LOL

Wizard 53 (8) The boy wishes for Kamen Riders to win the fight, and in the process summons Kamen Rider Gaim again. This is where the focus shifts to Kamen Rider Wizard and Gaim team up with other Riders supporting, moreover this scene is very much a summer movie moment where the new Rider makes his cameo.

Really, the scene itself is very, very similar to Wizard’s debut in Fourze’s summer movie,with Wizard giving a speech about Kamen Riders and Gaim takes the Kamen Rider mantle. since this is his showtime, Gaim pwns Amadam, returning the Riders’ arsenal, and magically transforms them into their final forms. Here’s a couple of fun facts: Kuuga & OOO assumed Rising Ultimate & Super TaToBa Combo, both are movie exclusive forms. Their usage could mean that the producers intends to show that these forms is their real final forms, surpassing their previous ones.

However, the main controversial part is Den-O assuming Liner Form. There is a lot of reasons why it’s unsuitable. First is that the form is exclusive to Ryotaro, but here Momotaros is Den-O, and he even did the ‘Ore Sanjou’ pose while in Liner Form. Second is that the media states that Super Climax Form is Den-O’s final form, and I agree because it’s the strongest. Even though Liner Form was way more versatile, Super Climax would be more usable since the user is Momotaros. However, I did have some theory about this. First is that the 9 Heisei Riders are able to assume their final form thanks to Decade Complete, as evidenced by his chest cards. This could mean that when Decade is present, any of the Heisei Riders could assume a form that they were unable to assume easily beforehand. Another is that it’s kinda safe to assume that Super Climax Form is exclusive to the Decade incarnation of Den-O, due to the form only appeared in Decade-related media.

WIzard 53 (9) Okay, enough babbling about Den-O. Since Movie War 2010 already showed the Riders in final forms using their respective weapons finishers, this time they decided to do a 15-hit combo Rider Kick!! Granted that the kick looks like a normal Rider Kick due to the Riders not scanning anything to access the finisher, the effects proves that this is the Riders’ legitimate Rider Kick. I named the finisher “Final Oblivion Kick”, because 15 Rider Kicks is a total oblivion to you. Also, we get a glimpse of Gaim’s Rider Kick, which I really like due to it having an orange splash. Even though it has another name, I would love to personally dub it “Sengoku Fanta Kick”.

If the Final Oblivion Kick is not enough, they decided to make the finishing blow even more epic by having Wizard Infinity Style and Gaim Orange Arms do a double slash! Just a minor nitpick, I would’ve prefered if Gaim used the Daidaimaru, because I preferred that orange slice sword than the standard Mosou Saber.

Wizard 53 (10) With that, Amadam is finally defeated, and the Riders take their leave, with only Decade, Wizard and Gaim left behind. However, Gaim leaves as well, because they wanted to have a moment between the lead character and the guest character: Wizard & Decade. The final scene of Haruto and Tsukasa is basically the same as Tsukasa and Shotaro did back during their crossover, only this time Tsukasa had more lines  interacts more with Haruto, rather than the previous one where he only gives a card to Shotaro and takes his leave. Tsukasa says that he will continue his journey, which I feared that would be his trademark line after battles whenever Tsukasa appears outside of Rider form in the future.

At the very least he did tell Haruto that if they meet again, they will fight together again. This basically means that this won’t be the last time Decade and Wizard will fight side-by-side, because the crossovers are now a cliche in Tokusatsu genre. I personally hope that this foreshadows the next Movie War, as Decade and the rest of the Heisei Riders are confirmed to appear, although as of now it’s unconfirmed if Tsukasa will return or if Decade will have a role in the movie whatsoever. They might be, because they need to revive Decade.

Wizard 53 (11) With Tsukasa taking his leave, it’s time to focus on the Wizard characters, mainly Haruto, and the boy. Haruto, stupidly gives the boy the Infinity Ring so that the boy can call him anytime, or transforms into Infinity Style himself. Congratulastions Haruto, you just gave a kid a means of cheating! Moron.

As Haruto leaves the AR World, Rinko, Shunpei, Wajima and Koyomi goes to check the boy. Koyomi and the boy reunites, and it’s revealed that the boy is indeed the AR Haruto, if it wasn’t obvious enough. Gee, this guy’s a kid and he already gains access to the final form already! Oh, I forgot to mention something. The AR Koyomi is really, really cute. I got a feeling that she will be gorgeous when she grows up.

So that’s it, Kamen Rider Wizard is properly wrapped up! Even though the series was a mixed bag thanks to the plot being predictable and most of the time they featured fillers as the main plots, the series is actually good. Better than Fourze, but certainly did not live up to Double or OOO, and obviously not Kuuga. Being the first Kamen Rider series that I wrote the reviews, this show had a place in my heart. I wish I could do a series review sometime, but with my busy schedule, I can’t promise that. But what I CAN promise is that I will review Kamen Rider Gaim as well!!!

Wizard 53 (12)
-E N D-

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