Kamen Rider Wizard 52: Welcome to the Wizard no Sekai

Wait, Kamen Rider Wizard is not over yet?! No, because his journey has just begun, a journey that involves 13 Heisei Riders! And a mysterious new Rider as well. But what’s important to me is, DECADE’s BACK!!!!!!!

Wizard 52 (1) These specials is essentially your typical Kamen Rider Decade episodes, but instead of having Decade as the main character, the episode is told from Wizard’s point of view. This is great, mostly because Wizard is the current Rider at the time, and having him in Decade’s concept is really good. Why did I say that this episode feels like your typical Decade episode? Because the setting of the episode takes place in an alternate version of Wizard no Sekai, aka the AR World that would fit into other Decade’s AR Worlds.

This is because we have the supporting characters portraying different versions of themselves. For example the doughnut shop owners are old, and Rinko and Shunpei are high school kids. But before that, let’s talk about how Haruto ended up in this AR World. I find it ironic that Haruto’s first scene of his journey is on a beach, because the original Kuuga departs for a journey, and the first scene we saw him on his journey is on the beach! Whether this is intentional or not I don’t know, but it’s pretty ironic.

Wizard 52 (2) The episode deals with two kids running awy from monsters, while holding a briefcase containing the Kamen Rider Rings. The boy possess a WizarDriver, and with the Rings he is able to summon previous Kamen Riders. As for the Riders, yes, I as well nitpick about their voices. I know that getting the other Riders back are pretty difficult, but can they at least use the voice actors from the game? I’m talking about Kabuto and Faiz here, if they can’t get the original actors back, why don’t they get their video game VA? Unfortunately Kabuto’s voice actor died in March, so I guess that’s why they couldn’t do it. To be honest, all of the Riders sounds like they were voiced by a single VA.

Now to the summoned Riders’ fight. It’s cool to see the boy summoning Double, Fourze, Kabuto & Faiz, as these Riders are technology-based Riders. All of the Riders grouped in this episode are based on a certain motif, which I will go through. As for the fight, at first I was worried that they can’t really imitate the infamous ‘Clock Up’ scene from Kabuto, but they actually did a good job here. At least they didn’t use the slow-motion blur for fast movements like they did with AccelTrial & OOO LaToraTah. The Rider Kicks parts is really cool, especially when they showed Double & Fourze’s in slow-motion.

Wizard 52 (3) After that, the Riders disappears and suddenly a voice tells the people there that the Rider Rings have been stolen, and then a group of people arrived at the scene, transforming into Kaijins. What’s interesting is that their transformation is similar to how the humans transform into Phantoms. Given that this is the alternate Wizard world, and this is Wizard production, it’s understandable for them to use the same effects.

Rinko and Shunpei arrived to calm the situation. I like how different Rinko is, a tomboyish girl. It appears that the duo have been searching for the two kids, who quickly use another Rider Rings: OOO and Decade. If the previous four Riders are based on technology, then OOO & Decade are based on travelling Riders. Funny thing is that Wizard would also fit into this group, due to him also recently becoming a traveler.

Wizard 52 (4) Sadly, Decade’s appearance in this episode is only a cameo, but at the very least he was voiced by Masahiro Inoue, whom when I first heard that he will reperise his role in the special, nerded all over the floor. In case you don’t know, I am a huge Decade fan, possibly the number 1 fan. This is because Decade is my very first Rider series, and it had a big impact on me. So I don’t care if it’s shitty, I will always love Decade and will always hope that his story will be told again.

Haruto chases after the travelling Riders, and ends up finding Omokagedou from out of nowhere. Funny thing is that the Omokagedou really resembles the Hikari Photo Studio, because the two would end up being placed on a bizarre place. When Haruto entered, he found out that Wajima is pretty much the same Wajima, and that he, Rinko and Shunpei are taking care of the kids for a long time now.

So what’s wrong with the kids? Turns out that in this AR World, people would turn into monsters, although Rinko, Shunpei and Wajima are unaffected. Put it simply, turning into Kaijin in this world is the equivalent of going into puberty. The kids doesn’t want to transform, and that’s why they are chased by the monsters.

We also learn that the little girl is actually this world’s Koyomi, meaning that the boy is obviously Haruto of this world. Aside from possessing a WizarDriver, he also exhibits some known traits of Haruto, which is being an orphan, as well as a strong desire to protect Koyomi. I’m fine with using a kid as Haruto’s AR counterpart, as they used Kiva, Hibiki and arguably Den-O’s counterparts kids as well.

Wizard 52 (5) Later, Haruto was summoned by the big bad of the arc, Amadam. Even though it is obvious that he is the main antagonist, I hardly see him as one. This is because he has a rather campy personality, which would almost make him look like an anti-villain. I liked that Amadam cosplays himself the previous Rider enemies’ attire, which kinda shows that this is the Kaijin counterpart of Decade Riders. Sort of.

However, Haruto’s not the only one who was summoned, Nitou was summoned to the world as well. Wait, didn’t Nitou lose his powers? What good will he do if he gets summoned here? Well, they explain that this Nitou, was summoned from the point BEFORE the events of the Sabbath begin. Glad that they decided to use a Nitou from the past instead of this world’s Nitou, giving you the impression that this is a Kamen Rider Wizard show, not Kamen Rider Decade but from Wizard’s point of view. Why I say that? Because, you could imply that the magic stone is able to appear not only in random places, but random timeline as well. Also thank goodness they didn’t use any Den-O related thing when it comes to time. Kudos to that.

Amadam tells the duo that the kids are trying to escape the world to escape their puberty, and if they did that all of the monsters in this world will go to the real world, thus causing a mass breakout of monsters. I really liked the mass breakout scene, as they show that some kaijins are fooling around while others wreak havoc, making the world look a far bigger version of Arkham City.

Even though it’s obvious that Amadam is evil, the duo trusts him anyway, maybe it’s because of his eccentric personality he was able to fool them. I mean come on, it’s obvious that Amadam has other plans, yet the magicians trust him whatsoever without suspecting something.

Wizard 52 (6) After that Haruto and Nitou make their way to return to the kids. What’s funny to me is that instead of running, they actually jogged on their way back, because of the whole dialog thing. I mean you can’t speak well when you’re running right, so you have to jog in order to read the lines. It’s just hilarious, as it seems like they’re jogging for no reason. Haruto then notices a figure of Koyomi from far, before disappearing. Just a little spoiler, this is Koyomi’s last appearance in the series, until the movies.

Returning to Omokagedou, the Riders found that Rinko, Shunpei and Wajima are trapped in the Mirror World by Ryuki, who is the only Rider that doesn’t belong in any group due to Ryuki being a very unique Rider in his own way, although he can be paired with Wizard as the Riders that have a dragon motif.

After that, the two finds the kids surrounded by monsters. Even though Haruto and Nitou are on Amadam’s side, meaning that the kaijins are their allies, the kaijins still attack the Riders, possibly due to their blood feud nature. The fight between Wizard/Beast and the kaijins is really good, I love that they used only one scene, but  features form changes by using other suit actors instead of showing them assuming the form onscreen. Clever move when they can’t really use special effects here.

Wizard 52 (7) Since the kids are the real targets, they summoned yet another group of Riders, this time it’s Hibiki, Kiva & Den-O. These three belong in the demonic type Rider, due to Hibiki being an Oni and Momotaros is Den-O. For Kiva, it’s mostly because he was associated with hell, so I guess that’s why he’s in the group. Well if you look at him by any way he looks like a devilish Rider. And yes, Den-O was voiced by Toshihiko Seki, whom I knew they would always get original actors back for Den-O, especially given the fact that Momotaros is the current Den-O instead of Ryotaro. I really like it when they treat Den-O as a side character, because that’s what he should get instead of be the second protagonist in crossovers and eventually ruining the crossovers (Let’s Go Kamen Riders & Super Hero Taisen).

The devilish Riders quarrel with the magicians for a bit, but eventually work ‘together’ to take down the kajins, with some help from Kuuga, Agito & Blade, who belong in the ancient Rider category. Much to my disappointment these three badass Riders gets defeated quickly thanks to the overwhelming power of the kaijins.

However, the kids realized that it’s time for them to leave the world, and all they did was shout “Help” to the sky. However, back in the main Rider world, a young man heard the voice a leaps to the wormhole in front of him. Who is that guy really?

Wizard 52 (8) Turns out, he is a warrior called Gaim! Gaim’s debut is really, really epic, especially the soundtrack. For the suit design, yes he kinda looks like a Tomica Hero instead of a Rider, and I’m glad that the fruit motif hides in pretty well. I mean if general people saw Gaim for the first time, they have no idea that he was based on a fruit unless they look closely!

As for his first fight, it’s really great although it has some flaws. Pros first, he really looks like a Sengoku warrior, due to he exclusively fights using his swords, until he use his gun. For the cons, since he fights using swords, they didn’t show sparks when he slashes through the enemies, which is disappointing to me. At the very least they showed sparks when he’s firing, so it’s not bad.

The episode ends with all of the Riders in the are wondering who the hell Gaim is. This special just gets very, very interesting. Can’t wait for the second part, hopefully they don’t mess things up!


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