Kamen Rider Wizard 51: He IS the Goddamn Final Hope!


Falcon Punch, Please~
Falcon Punch, Please~

Gremlin killed both Fueki and Koyomi and steals the Philosopher’s Stone. Now he’s on a rampage in order to perform his own Sabbath! Can Haruto, the only Rider remaining, stop Gremlin once and for all?Wizard 51 (1) For a finale, it doesn’t really have that “WOW” feeling if you know what I mean. Usually finales are meant to be epic, but for Wizard’s case, it’s kinda mediocre. Not that it’s bad though, it’s actually far from bad. It’s just that it wasn’t really epic compared to the previous Rider shows, even Decade.

That being said, Gremlin’s new form, called Evolved Gremlin, has a really cool suit design. It is way better than Sagittarius Nova’s form, and it really shows that this IS Gremlin’s upgraded form. What I liked the most is that he sports a chrome visor, which I found to be interesting. And what I didn’t like about Evolved Gremlin is that he used the HammerCane as a weapon. I would’ve preferred is they gave him a combined version of his twin blades, that would be a lot cooler, and if they really wanted him to hold that HammerCane, they could make him dual-wield the weapon. That would make it a lot more badass.

After telling the other’s about Koyomi’s death, Haruto goes off emo-ing himself alone, while the city is attacked by Gremlin. Obviously, Nitou tries to help out, because you know, once a hero, always a hero even if they lost their powers. And obviously again, Nitou could not defeat Evolved Gremlin, and luckily the latter sends some Ghouls, at least Nitou prevent himself from getting killed by Gremlin by dealing with the Ghouls.

 Wizard 51 (2) Because there are too many Ghouls, Nitou, Rinko and Shunpei are surprised with Mayu, Yuzuru and Yamamoto’s appearance, whose after watching the horror of the Phantom attack decides to use their powers to protect people. In Mayu’s case, she doesn’t care anymore if the guy who gave her powers because it’s her own choice of what to do with the powers. Man, these characters grew up quickly because it’s the finale, they can’t be a selfish bastards right?

The fight between the three Mages and the Ghouls are actually simplistic. They did some fighting and then use the Wizard Dragon Styles’ signature Rings. Wait, wasn’t the Special Ring gives Mages an extended tail? How come they can shoot fire?! I would’ve prefer Mayu used her Holy Ring, if they wanted to go with a three-way beam attack.

Wizard 51 (3) Even with the three stoog- err I mean Mages, they couldn’t even defeat the troll Gremlin. It’s obvious, because they wanted Gremlin to fight Haruto, who arrived on the scene just before Gremlin can rape Mayu. Here we learn that Gremlin plans to hold the Sabbath again and use the Philosopher’s Stone and turn himself human again. Seriously, I find his reason to be flawed. I mean come on, he was pissed that he became a monster, but he knew very well that he can assume human form right? It’s not like turning into a Phantom would render him unable to feel anything that a human can, a la the Greeeds. Besides, he is a special Phantom, so retaining his old memories and personality was a miracle to him.

Besides, he is a serial killer right? If I was Sora, I would consider having the Gremlin powers to be a ‘level up’ experience in killing, since he can kill enemies easier. That’s the whole point, having bestowed the Phantom powers are actually a blessing, because you can turn into a cool-looking monster, unless you’re Kamen Rider Shin or anything, that you can whine about wanting to be human again.

We also learn that Haruto intends to take the Philospher’s Stone to save Koyomi, which causes Rinko to think that Haruto wants to hold the Sabbath like Fueki did. At first, given at how pissed Haruto is, it was believable, because you know, Haruto might very well be suffering from a mental breakdown, even his expressions showed that. But hey, he’s a hero, he can’t do that. Yep, Rinko just fooled you.

Wizard 51 (4) Then comes the battle between Wizard Infinity VS Evolved Gremlin. Remember back in episode 35 where Gremlin promised that he will fight Infinity Style once he got the Philosopher’s Stone? Honestly, I never thought that would happen, in a finale. I mean I knew very well Gremlin will fall by the hands of Wizard in Infinity Style, but as the final boss? It actually surprised me that Gremlin became the final villain of the series. Usually the mid-season villain will die before the finale or earlier than that, like Cancer Zodiarts or Basco ta Jolokia. I know that he’s not the main antagonist, but having him as the final villain is actually good, because the Riders were busy dealing with the main antagionist the last few episodes, so having to destroy Gremlin during that time would be a mess.

So, the battle between Infinity Style and Evolved Gremlin is actually……disappointing. No, the battle is great, we get to see both of them slashing the hell out of each other, but the fact that Wizard gets defeated early in Infinity Style is really disappointing. What pisses me even more is that he reverts to Flame Style. Now, unless you’re Kiva or Fourze, it’s understandable to revert back to your base form. But Wizard is similar to Double, and OOO. He doesn’t have a base form, his base form is actually his most used form.

To put it simply, my gripe is that he reverts to Flame Style, while he transforms using the Infinity Ring, not transforming himself then assuming Infinity Style through Flame Style. I just hated when they magically revert like this, the most obvious example is OOO’s TaMaShii Combo, who magically reverts back to TaToBa Combo for no reason.

Wizard 51 (5) Another nitpick is that this is the final episode, so I expect the return of the flip n’ kick montage. But nope, he only uses it once. I mean Fourze suffered some shitty fight choreography in its last few episodes, but for the final two, Koichi Sakamoto directed the episodeso it really looks epic. But here, they didn’t really showcase Wizard’s signature fighting style. At least they showed it once, so I guess it’s not that bad.

Anyways since reverting to Flame Style would mean that Wizard is on the verge of losing, Gremlin boasts around. Uhh Gremlin, your boasting just actually raises the flag for defeat, since boasting IS bad. So, Wizard gives an encouraging talk about Koyomi entrusted him with this mission, and after doing a Falcon Punch, Wizard connects with WizarDragon to take the Philosopher’s Stone from Gremlin’s body, the process allows him to meet Koyomi again, and the two hold hands. Still a better love story than Twilight.

With, that, the Philospher’s Stone was extracted from Evolved Gremlin, turning him back to normal Gremlin. Yeah I was kinda bummed that Evolved Gremlin met his end that way, since I was expecting them to finish Gremlin while he’s in his Evolved form. But hey, like Enter’s Dark Buster, they had top go with finishing him in his Unite form, so they do the same with Gremlin.

Wizard 51 (6) The Philosopher’s Stine transforms into a Hope Ring, which is essentially a pink version of Engage Ring. Pink?! ONORE DIKEIDOO!!!!!! Hahahah. Anyways, the Ring itself is so powerful that it allows Wizard to unleash a Rider Kick that projects four versions of WizarDragon, and what makes it AWESOME is that he didn’t even scan the Ring, which makes me thing that the Ring’s power could possibly be equivalent to Kuuga Ultimate’s Rider Kick if scanned.

After kicking Gremlin to oblivion, we get to see the final moments of Sora Takigawa. Much to my disappointment, his final words didn’t really mean anything, it’s just him complaining about Haruto. I mean, Enter gives one hell of a farewell words before dying, but Gremlin’s didn’t really sound like farewell words at all. It kinda looks like he’s trying to say it but he died quickly before he could even say it. What a waste of a good villain.

After that, Haruto is relieved that Koyomi will be able to finally rest in peace, because he will hide the Hope Ring so that nobody can find it. Technically he wants to hide the Philosopher’s Stone because he doesn’t want anybody else hold its powers, even himself. So Haruto decides to take on a journey so that he can find some place to hide the Ring. Seriously, if he wanted ti hide it, just ask Fourze’s help and throw it into space. Nobody will find it, at least for a long time.

Wizard 51 (7) With Haruto taking off, Nitou decides to do the same as well, but instead of resuming his studies he decides to go hunt for BeastChimera! This obviously means that he will be back as Beast again sometime later, but the question is, how can he capture Chimera? Well, Yuzuru decides to accompany him, but since he’s a minor, they only hunt during weekends. Honestly, that’s kinda dumb. I mean how far can you go if you just traveled for 2 days only? Not to mention the time it takes to get back home. Anyways, Nitou didn’t really need Yuzuru at all. He just needs to find a Poke Ball that’s all 😛

Since Haruto is gone, Shunpei decides to become Wajima’s apprentice in making Wizard Rings, something that I found suitable for him. Well, Rinko’s worry about him is true, since you know who Shunpei is right? Can’t do anything but mess things up? If Wajima suffered from heart attack, Shunpei is to blame LOL.

WIzard 51 (8) The epilogue shows Nitou and Yuzuru hanging out, and calling themselves “Mayotsukai” (pun on Mayonnaise & mahoutsukai. *facepalm* ), while Mayu joins Rinko as Haruto’s substitute, and works under Kizaki as the agent of Section Zero, and their personal Kamen Rider. Wait, isn’t she a highschool girl? Yamamoto meanwhile celebrates his baby, whose baby cheeks is so chubby that I want to go reverse-Sadako and pinch it!!!!! Shunpei works on Haruto’s new Rings, and mess things up as usual, while Wajima decides to leave Haruto’s bedroom as it is. Haruto meanwhile, goes to Hungry Donuts to pack some, and for the first time ever, he buys a different donut! Although he says it’s for Koyomi, I think Haruto was too shy to admit that he wanted to try the doughnut.

What’s great about the epilogue scene is that they didn’t use the Life is Showtime opening, instead they use the acoustic guitar version, which I found to be very suitable. The tone is nice, and it really works well with the epilogue scene.

Wizard 51 (9) With that, Haruto rides on his bike, and departs to the unknown. With this, Kamen Rider Wizard’s main story had ended. BUT, it’s not fully over yet, as this is just the beginning for Haruto’s new journey………. through the next Decade.


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