Kamen Rider Wizard 50: Black Wizard VS White Wizard

Remember Expelliarmus VS Avada Kedavra? This is the Rider Kick equivalent of it.
Remember Expelliarmus VS Avada Kedavra? This is the Rider Kick equivalent of it.

We’re entering the final arc for Kamen Rider WIzard, and this episode centers on Wizard trying to stop White Wizard from holding another Sabbath, because the enemy will always retry their plans should it fail.Wizard 50 (1) Yeah, I’m back with TV-Nihon. Over-Time was far better, but I had a heart with TV-Nihon’s flashy effects, plus now that I have Photoshop I can make TV-Nihon’s screencaps look better. Or not LOL. Anyways moving on to the episode, we quickly get into Wizard VS White Wizard for the first time. As expected for a fight that takes place early in an episode, Wizard would either lose or White Wizard escapes, well it’s both actually. It’s really great to see Wizard utilizing the Drago Timer, only to be countered by White Wizard’s Dupe Ring. Honestly, I thought that the Driver announce “Dope” instead of “Dupe”.

The fight was short, because White Wizard clearly has the upper hand. I like it when White Wizard boasts that he is the one who gave Haruto the means to be a Kamen Rider, so that means he is stronger. After the fight, Haruto quickly left to pursue Fueki because the latter kidnaps Koyomi, which means he will try to hold another Sabbath again. Seriously, just hire Black Sabbath and you’ll do fine, asshole.

Rinko, Shunpei and the three Mages approach Nitou, whom is glad to see Yuzuru is freed from Fueki’s control. When they ask about Harutop, Nitou explains the situation and they couldn’t help but to worry about Koyomi, except Yamamoto. I understand Yamamoto’s situation. He, not to mention the other mages and all of the people in Tokyo are nearly killed just to revive Koyomi. That and the fact that he was forced to be Fueki’s bitch is enough for him to abandon his status as a mage, which bothered Yuzuru and Mayu.

Wizard 50 (2) While Haruto chased after Fueki, Yuzuru feels like he needs to continue being a mage in place of Nitou, because the latter lost his powers. But Nitou reminded him again that it’s his choice to be a mage or not, but he suggest that Yuzuru didn’t become a mage at all. Mayu however decides not to continue as a Kamen Rider. I liked that she mentioned that she’s just like Medusa, that they trust Fueki completely, only to be betrayed at the last minute. With this, all three mages decided not to continue, and with Nitou losing his powers, Haruto is the only magician left.

Meanwhile, Koyomi tries to convince Fueki not to continue the Sabbath, because even the real Koyomi wouldn’t like the idea as well. However, Fueki is really obsessed with getting his hope back, that he assured the doll Koyomi that he WILL bring the real Koyomi back. One thing that I noticed is that Fueki is too obsessed with his hope, that he doesn’t bother of finding a new hope. I know, it’s really hard for you to move on without your hope, but the fact that Fueki can actually accomplish greater things (discovery of magic, that could make him famous) after Koyomi’s death means that he can find a new hope easily.

However, before Fueki can leave (where’s he going actually? To another country so that he can fool people there to attend the Sabbath?), Gremlin arrives to demand his bargain, which is the Philosopher’s Stone in Koyomi. Gremlin’s timing is really good, since he is the only real villain left (Fueki’s more of a tragic villain), and what’s good than having a villain VS villain fight?

The fight between White Wizard & Gremlin is cool. The only thing that I have to nitpick is that Fueki didn’t even use his Phantom Carbuncle form. I know that the White Wizard form was far stronger, but it would be cool to see kaijin VS kaijin, plus it would make the fight more dramatic since Gremlin was angry with Wiseman, not White Wizard even though they are the same person.

Wizard 50 (3) The fight ends with White Wizard stabbing Gremlin using the HammerCane, and he quickly abandon Gremlin because Koyomi is fleeing to the beach, where she met Haruto. This is where the two share heart to heart moment, and Koyomi gives Haruto his Infinity Ring back, because he deserves it because the Infinity Ring is created from his own magic.

However, White Wizard arrives to take Koyomi again, although this time Haruto is in his way, and he uses the Infinity Ring to stop White Wizard, because he was able to get the form with the help of Koyomi being his hope at the time. I like that he mentioned this, because really, Koyomi is the catalyst of the creation if the Infinity Ring. Sure, its true catalyst is Haruto not giving up, but he doesn’t want to give up because of Koyomi. And with this, we get to see Haruto transforming into Infinity Style after weeks of not seeing him do so!

Wizard 50 (4) The battle being the silver Wizard and the White Wizard is great. Wait, this battle is actually the Kamen Rider version of Gandalf VS Saruman right? I mean Wizard is Gandalf the Grey and White Wizard is Saruman the White! Okay, even though the battle is great, I want to nitpick the fact that Wizard didn’t use the flip n’ kick style at all. I heard that they actually used a different suit actor to do the stunt, so I guess it’s understandable. I mean it’s really hard to do the continuous flips, even with Seiji Takaiwa, whom I’m pretty sure requires wire work to do the stunt, so that’s why they hire another suit actor to do that specific stunt.

That being said though they substitute the lack of flips with Wizard beating up White Wizard in the sea. It’s really, really great to see the big bad getting his ass kicked, and even though he did gain some upper hand, Wizard still has the advantage thanks to Infinity Style, which is why White Wizard considers it to be troublesome.

To make the final fight end amazingly, they decide to give us a double Kick Strike, clashing with each other! This is also the first time we get to see Infinity Style’s Rider Kick, as well as White Wizard’s finisher! Because before he only did the Explosion attack, which doesn’t count as a finisher. I gotta give credit to the effects designer though, because they really did a good job at making Wizard’s Kick Strike energy really looked like a diamond instead of ice. Also, the Rider Kick clash is basically your average beam lock battle, only this time it’a an energized kick.

Wizard 50 (5) Even with Infinity Style, the Rider Kick clash is too strong that both of them lose the battle, judging at how they de-henshined after the explosion from the kick. However Haruto rises first, meaning that he is the winner. As he makes his way to Koyomi, Fueki tries to rape him, only to be attack by Gremlin!

Gremlin reveals to Fueki that he faked his death in order to get hold of the HammerCane, although it did leave Gremlin mortally wounded. Why he needs the HammerCane? Because the weapon is the only weapon that can extract the Philospher’s Stone from Koyomi. With this, he proceeds to kill BOTH of Koyomi and Fueki. It’s a shock for me in Fueki’s case, because I thought he would redeem himself in the end. He’s a tragic villain, but he didn’t deserve and end like that though. Well, at least he was killed by the real villain, so I guess that justifies something.

Koyomi’s death however is expected. I mean look. In Neo-Heisei era the deuteragonist would always die. Phillip, Ankh and Kengo, they all died. Sure, Koyomi was more of the tritagonist, but her importance is similar to the aforementioned three characters, and it’s predictable that she will die, especially when it’s revealed that she has the Philosopher’s Stone. With the stone, Gremlin quickly leave the scene, giving Haruto and Koyomi time for their last moments together. Oh, and the Philospoher’s Stone is purple, just letting you know that.

WIzard 50 (6) As for Haruto and Koyomi’s last moments, it’s really touching. I mean Koyomi’s words is really touching. She is happy that even though she’s not human, her friends, Rinko, Shunpei, Nitou and especially Haruto and Wajima all accepted her. She assures Haruto that he can’t bring back either this Koyomi or the real Koyomi, because once someone’s dead you can’t revive them anymore, unless you’re living in Dragon Ball Z’s world. Or you’re a kaijin. Anyways after stating Haruto that he is the final hope and he needs to stop Gremlin, Koyomi vanishes, putting Haruto to an emotional state, ending the penultimate episode!


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