Kyoryuger Brave 27: Clubbing KyoryuRed?!

KyoryuRed goes flamboyant?!
KyoryuRed goes flamboyant?!

Again and again and again and again, sorry for the hiatus, I recently got Photoshop and now I’m being trained of using it. As of now I’m still a noob, but I’m in my learning process. Anyways in this episode, Endorf targets GabuTyra-Man while the Kyoryugers try to figure out a way to restore Daigo back to normal! And Koichi Sakamoto returns to direct, expect explosions in this episode.Kyoryu 27 (1) One thing that I noticed with Sakamoto’s directing is that, he tends to take everything to extreme level. In this case, Kyoryuger is well known for its cheesiness, and with Sakamoto directing this episode, it’s really, really cheesy. It’s safe to assume that Sakamoto really likes to add the cheese for his Toku shows, which happened in Fourze also. It’s just that, the cheesiness is just too cheesy that I don’t think I can hold it much longer.

I mean the episode started with the Kyoryugers using Amy wearing a Greek outfit to lure GabuTyra-Man, and the whole thing about chasing GabuTyra-Man is just too silly. Even though the chase went horribly, Ian figures out something that might actually help them. It’s great to see Ian taking up the leadership, I wish they would make him a permanent leader because this show is getting too much KyoryuRed already. Might as well as name the series “Fang Hero KyoryuRed and the Kyoryugers” already. Oh and the scene where Zakutor and GabuTyra ‘talks’ to the Kyoryugers is just priceless. Cute dinosaurs are cute, dammit!

Also, this episode featured a relatively new opening sequence, which is basically them redoing the opening to fit all of the additional Rangers in the show. As such, Utchii joins the main team, while the Spirit Rangers are treated like additional members in Sentai OPs. What I don’t like is that they replace the badass walk with the Kyoryugers smiling while walking. I mean I really liked the original opening because it makes the Kyoryugers look really badass when they’re walking. I just hope that Koichi Sakamoto didn’t goof the show up completely, because he was the one directing the show. Also, despite having a new sequence, they forgot to add Endorf in the Deboss shot. Bummer.

Kyoryu 27 (2) Speaking of Endorf, he is now able to create his own Debo Monsters, and I find it cool that his Debo Monsters happened to be voiced by veteran Sentai actors as well! The first one and the MoTW, Debo Shinobinba was voiced by Yusuke Itou, who played DekaGreen and second, Debo Karyudosu was voiced by Hiroshi Tsuchida, the guy who played NinjaBlue. Weird is that NinjaBlue should’ve voiced Shinobinba because it’ll be a reference to his role as a ninja, but oh well, DekaGreen did a good job at it.

The reason Endorf creates these mofos is because they wanted to kill KyoryuRed so that it will spawn more hatred from the Kyoryugers. To be really honest, if KyoryuRed is indeed killed, people like me would’ve spawn the happy energy instead of hatred, because I am seriously tired with the KyoryuRed porn stuff. I don’t hate Daigo, I just hate the fact that Riku Sanjo overused him as the ONLY main character.

Well, at least KyoryuRed didn’t appear until halfway through the episode, so we get to see some good moments with the Kyoryugers aside from Ian, particularly Utchii. I find that Utchii, even though he turned down the leadership, is actually a good leader, because he leads the team when both Daigo & Ian are unavailable. Also, another good moment from Utchii is when Ian tells him to fool the Deboss by making a fake henshin pose, which I find to be a direct reference to Ninja Sentai KakuRanger. Of course, the scene was cheesy at first, but I laughed real hard when Utchii did the pose in the picture below.

Kyoryu 27 (3) While the Kyporyugers distract the Devoss, Torin use his energy to force GabuTyra-Man detransform into Daigo, thus saving KyoryuRed and returns the KyoryuRed porn formula. Here we go again………

Daigo arrived to the battlefield, and because the Kyoryugers cannot transform thanks to Shinobinba using Debo Ninpo to seal the GabuRevolvers & GaburiChanger using tapes, he began to demonstrate and extremely cheesy shonen hero-style scene, by ripping off his shirt and fights the Zorimas while showing off his body.

Effing seriously, I hated that scene. First is that they wanted to show Daigo being a tough guy, and Daigo does have six pecs, BUT HE IS FREAKING SKINNY!!!! It doesn’t look tough or macho at all! I understand that they wanted to make fan girls have their orgasms, but for fanboys, it’s just a scene that we’ll laugh at. I can’t fault it though, most Toku actors are skinny, the ones that I found to be a little buff is Shu Watanabe, best known as Eiji/Kamen Rider OOO. Also, the skinniest hero goes to Shunya Shiraishi, best known as Haruto/Kamen Rider Wizard.

Kyoryu 27 (4)  After the embarrassing fight scene, Yayoi appears and reveals that the upgraded Beast Battery is actully not for Daigo, but rather for GabuTyra. The effects of the battery will allow GabuTyra assume a smaller form that can transform into a gun named GabuTyra DeCarnival, but nicknamed MiniTyra. Remember that I used to think GabuTyra is cute and all? Yeah, MiniTyra triples it up. Seriously man, GabuTyra alone is cute enough, and now they have a chibi version of it?! Shut up and take my money, Bandai. Seriously, MiniTyra is the new cat.

When Daigo use MiniTyra to transform into KyoryuRed Carnival, there’s actually a funny explanation behind the ridiculous naming. The reason why the upgrade was named ‘Carnival’ is because the sensation of transforming makes Daigo feel like he’s in a carnival, although to be honest, it’s actually a party. You know, clubbing parties like that? So with that, I am not going to call him KyoryuRed Carnival, but rather Partying KyoryuRed. Deal with it.

As for the design, I know, I know, the suit resembles GingaRed’s civilian clothes and all. It’s actually pretty okay to me, because I liked that they make a completely new suit with a new helmet instead of just armor add-ons like previous Sentai upgrades (speaking of which, my favorite upgrade is the Super GekiRangers and the Legend MagiRangers, because of the obvious reasons of the whole new suit).

Kyoryu 27 (5) As for the fight scene,it’s cool because this is KoichiSakamoto-directed episode. But what I don’t like is that the effects are too flashy, that when I tried to screencap it, the effects covered Partyin’ KyoryuRed completely. I mean tone it down a bit, otherwise I can get some cool Sakamoto stunts screencaps.

As for the finisher, it was named ZyuDen Carnival Finish, which as usual, I will rename it into ZyuDen Brave Finish: Carnival SamBurst (a pun of samba and burst). As for the Zord fights, well, having an episode where you introduce a non-Zord upgrade would make the Zord battles really boring, and it did! The fights are really boring that they rushed it and it was short. I would rather have them completely ignore the MegaZord fights at all. Damn toy promotions. Also, KyoryuRed can never assume Partying form when summoning KyoRyuZin, because it requires GabuTyra.

Also, even though the Zord fights were forgettable, I really hated the fact that Yayoi didn’t join in the MegaZord fight. They gave her a nice out of suit fights, but didn’t put her into the MegaZord fight? No wonder why the scene was so brief and ignorable.

Kyoryu 27 (6) After the quick Zord fights, the Rangers spends the day much like the epilogues in your typical MMPR episode, and it is really cheesy man. I mean, Daigo pretending to be GabuTyra-Man and chased the Kyoryugers like they’re playing tag?! ANd what’s worse, the continue to show the shirtless Daigo, complete with body sweat to make fangirls have another orgasm! Guuhhhhhhh……..

Meanwhile, Chaos summons Endorf and informs him that he has found a new target that will spawn a great hatred from the Kyoryugers: Their mentor Torin. Wait, is Torin also a part of the Space Pirates? Is the Deboss are actually a faction of Zangyack now? 😛


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