TMNT S01E26 (Season 1 Finale!!): Double Showdown

The Turtles failed to prevent the Technodrome, and as the invasion begins, they must save the planet (or rather New York) by disabling the Technodrome from inside. Meanwhile, Splinter & Shredder have their showdown, with a shocking secret revealed!!!

TMNT 26 (1) Unfortunately the second part of the finale doesn’t live up to what the first part did. It’s still a good finale, but there’s some obvious flaws. To be honest nearly everything of the episode has flaws, except the Splinter VS Shredder scenes, because that alone, is fucking perfect.

First off let’s talk about the opening scene a.k.a Technodrome’s invasion. I really liked it especially when news cameras recording showing the footage, the camera work really looked realistic and I got to give credit to the animators or director of photography or whatever for making this camera work on a CGI series. That being said the Technodrome invasion itself has flaws. The most obvious one is that the invasion itself is a stereotypical alien invasion. You know, UFO attacks Earth and kidnaps all living things except plants? Yeah, we get to see that here.

TMNT 26 (2) Perhaps the biggest flaw/sin/disappointment of the episode is the revelation of April’s role in the Krang’s plot. For weeks we wondered why the Kraang needs April, and I originally thought that she is actually an alien or something like that, but the real truth is why the Krang needed her, is this: She has a unique mental energy that the Krang needed to transform the Earth. What the hell? Fro what I observed, they basically mean that she has a wild imagination and Krang somehow has the ability to use her imagination to rule the Earth.

Seriously, if all the Krang needed is a human imagination, they could’ve picked ANYBODY instead. Heck, they could even use Shredder! But no, they use April, so that she will be important to the plot. While I somewhat get it, I just don’t like it. That’s because the way Krang targeted her makes it looked like she is the ‘chosen one’ for the Krang invasion, and having them harness her mental energy really didn’t signify the whole ‘chosen one’ thing. I wished that they would go with April being an alien or having an alien connection or something, that would make it more sensible.

TMNT 26 (3) Let’s talk about the main antagonist of the episode, the Krang Prime. She, because this Krang sounded female, is actually a great villain, aside from her poor explanation about April. And I liked the fact that she has her own mechanical suit that hides behind the walls and not just stand around and be the evil Zordon. Overall it’s nice to see the real Krang, and with TMNT going Batman’s moral code not to kill unless it’s a machine, expect that we will see her again.

As for the Turtles, I was a little bit disappointing at how they play at being heroes, yet remain anonymous. I mean, during the Technodrome invasion, the news cameras showed the Technodrome, yet they couldn’t spot four flying Turtles or unidentified objects? I know that the Turtles in general had remained anonymous from society because they are mutants and ninjas, but to me it would be pretty cool for them to make the Turtles being an urban legend that saved the day, because really no one ( I mean civilians) questioned at the end as how the Technodrome invasion stopped. Maybe they think that their prayers stopped the invasion. Anyways like I said, the idea of the Turtles being the ‘mysterious heroes’ would’ve been great, and maybe would make an impact for season 2 because their actions inspired Casey Jones to be a vigilante since, everybody knows that Casey Jones will appear in Season 2.

TMNT 26 (4) Setting the flaws aside for a while, I would like to talk about the thing that made this episode great: The battle between Splinter and Shredder. Seriously, the battle was gorgeous, my only complaint is that the lighting is too dark (mostly because I hated it when I had to take screencaps on a scene that had a dark lighting) but I guess they wanted to make it looked epic because it’s dark, so it’s understandable.

Really, what makes the fight between the two AWESOME is that they really show that the two are equals, as you can see that sometimes Shredder nearly defeats Splinter and Splinter nearly defeats Shredder, although they showed Shredder having the upper hand most of the time.

Also, they finally revealed that Splinter’s daughter, Miwa, is alive after all, in the form of Karai. Yes, Karai is Splinter’s daughter. To be honest, I half-expected Karai to be Splinter’s daughter, since I also half-expected April to be the one since her training with Splinter but hey, going with Karai is much more sensible. And with Karai’s intervention, the fight between with these two rivals ended with Splinter retreating because he can’t face the fact that his daughter is evil. And for some reason, Kelly Hu’s voice acting as Karai just seemed bad in this episode. Also, with this revelation, I can already smell that probably late in season 3 Karai will defects from Shredder and joins her father, and I got a feeling that Leo will play a big part there.

TMNT 26 (5) Speaking of Leo, he is another flaw of the episode. First and the foremost is that his sacrifice to the team. I mean he already pulled that stunt in the previous episode, and having him doing it again here just seems off. Really off. Also, if he planned to sacrifice himself so that his team can escape, how come he can still get into a pod in the nick of time when the Technodrome explodes, considering that the thing exploded right after the Turtles got out?

And to make matter worse, Leo surviving the explosion because they can’t kill off a main character already made the ending looked anticlimactic. Especially the impact of the Turtles after Leo’s ‘gone’. I mean I wish I could see Raphael getting darker and felt guilty for Leo, and eventually having to lead the team while in this state in season 2, but Leo’s comeback really killed that moment and all of a sudden Raphael is back to being like he’s always been. Well, this is a kids show. Goddamn kids show can’t even show darker character development.

Anyways the Turtles saved the day and the civilians have quickly forgotten the invasion thanks to them being insignificant to the plot. The Turtles celebrates their victory, but not before Leo realizing that something’s bothering Splinter. As I expected, Splinter did not reveal the truth because that would be more suitable for the next season, and besides, they just saved the day, it’s best for the Turtles to relax and have a good time. Because Karai’s revelation would definitely change the mood.

TMNT 26 (6) Also, let’s talk about the celebration. To be honest man, I don’t like it. It was goofy and had this same level of the “Thank You Power Rangers” fireworks in MMPR the movie and more suitably the dancing Turtles from TMNT 3. Well, it might not be that level, but it’s certainly the same level as the MMPR one.

Overall, a somewhat weak ending to season 1, but it’s nowhere as bad as Dexter’s series ending at all. It’s still good, and honestly I can’t wait for season 2, which will premiere this Saturday! Unfortunately I won’t be reviewing season 2 at least until the next 3 weeks, because I’m busy with my studies and I can’t even download the latest episodes until next week, the same goes with Super Hero Time except Kyoryuger Brave 27, 28 & Kamen Rider Wizard 50.

Oh, and the last scene showed that the Technodrome survived after all. While this indicates that the fan-favorite Technodrome will return, I’m a lil’ bit bummed. I mean, can’t something stays dead at least once in this show?!


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