TMNT S01E25: Krang Invasion

They see me flyin', they hatin'
They see me flyin’, they hatin’

The Krang finally begins their invasion, so the Turtles takes the mantle of being the heroes to save the day! Meanwhile, Shredder kidnaps April, in order to force Splinter out from hiding…….

TMNT 25 (1) Now this is the finale that I wanted! It started smoothly, and the rest of the episode is filled with action and excitement. Correction: ninja actions. Okay, the episode started with the Krang announcing their invasion. I see that their leader, Krang Prime is a female, at least judging by her voice. Also, the Krang march is really weird, they look more like occult members rather than aliens.

Since this is the finale, we get to see the Turtles relaxin’ for the last time before the big battle, which shows Leonardo watching the final episode of Space Heroes (Oh, just so you know, I’m a trekkie now, although I only followed the reboot series, which I got a feeling Trekkies won’t consider me a trekker). The final episode describes Captain Ryan losing the battle and their ship’s about to go down, and after a hilarious backup plan fail, he pulls the same stunt like Kirk’s father did in the 2009 movie. Anyways what I really mean about this scene is that it’s an obvious foreshadowing to Leonardo’s actions. Seriously, it’s obvious.

But before we get to see Cap. Ryan’s fate, Donnie interrupts them to show them about the Krang invasion, which involves them bringing something known as “Technodrome”. While the Turtles doesn’t know what this thing do or what it looked like, fans knew. Of course they are, Technodrome is one of the most popular thing in TMNT franchise! So, with Splinter’s permission, the Turtles prepare for war, or rather Raph because he’s the only one who geared up.

After they left, April wondered why Splinter doesn’t join them. I wondered too, but I guess the next episode, or rather the upcoming event later in the episode, explains why Splinter refuses to go out. Since Splinter refuses to answer, April is disgusted and went away with her father.

TMNT 25 (2) However, it turned out to be a trap, as Kirby revealed that he was being mind-controlled and the Foot Clan kidnaps April. One thing that I don’t understand, how come the Foot Clan are able to utilize the M.O.U.S.E.R.S? I mean they kicked out Baxter, and they couldn’t possibly figure out a way to reprogram the bots to obey them even if they have spare units.

Meanwhile, on the Turtles, they already began their attack by launching the Shellraiser into the TCRI, but instead of coming out and attacking them, Metalhead comes out and pummels all of them! I knew that Metalhead would return ever since he makes a cameo in a background in one episode that I can’t remember.

The Turtles themselves are actually using Donnie’s new invention: a flying pack and infiltrate TCRI on the rooftop. I just love the infiltration scene, it really showed that they are ninjas, even though ninjas didn’t do what Mikey did with that face.

TMNT 25 (3) Anyways they begin their infiltration, and while that happens, Kirby returns to the sewers and presents Splinter a hologram of Shredder, telling him that April has been kidnapped and in order to get her back, Splinter himself must go out and face Shredder. Holy shit, now the finale just got even more interesting that it already did! I was expecting that this finale would completely focus on the Turtles VS Krang, but they decided to throw in Splinter VS Shredder too!

As for the Turtles, they had lots of trouble in TCRI, with the rock monster returning to guard the portal and their biggest new gun malfunctioning. Well it is to be expected though, since no plan will ever go smoothly, especially in TMNT’s case. But what’s fun is that they really, really having a hard time fighting that rock monster, since the last time they fought him, it was Leatherhead who ‘defeated’ him. Speaking of Leatherhead, how come he didn’t return in this episode nor make any mention of him? I mean they can beam back the rock monster, but what happened to Leatherhead? It’s like they’ve forgotten him! And Metalhead also since we didn’t see him anymore after that breakout.

With the Turtles’ fight against the Krang are interesting already, it’s time to shift to the badass entrance of Splinter to Shredder’s HQ. Seriously, with that hood on, and the way he fights, he looked like the Assassin! except his red and did not carry any weapons and he’s a rat. But what makes the scene looks really badass is that they have DogPound narrating about Splinter while at the same time Splinter defeats the Foot Soldiers. And to prove his badass-ery, they even showed him beating the shit out of DogPound and FishFace, without breaking a sweat!

TMNT 25 (4) Splinter founds out that Shredder already handed April over to the Krang, which sums up why Shredder formed an alliance with Krang, they lure April, and in turn lure Splinter and when Splinter came out, they handed April over to the Krang so that she will proceed with the Krang’s plan! Also, I appreciated that they hold off Splinter VS Shredder until the next episode, because it would seem like they’re rushing if they quickly go with it.

So, the rest of the episode focused on the Turtles instead, since they are the main dish of the episode. With everything else fails, Leonardo decides to pull the same stunt that Cap.Ryan did, which is what kids would’ve expected. He stayed behind in order to make sure that the TCRI blows up, and it did. As Leo falls for his death, he was grabbed by the Turtles, because they have those wingpacks. Well, I don’t think it’s wise to kill off a main character, and remember, this is a part 1, so they can’t finish everything up yet.

TMNT 25 (5) And yes, they didn’t finish the fight, not by a long shot. The TCRI exploded, but that didn’t stop from Technodrome to come to the world! Even though I’m a relatively new TMNT fan, I’m glad they keep the Technodrom’s distinctive design, only this time it is WAY bigger than the original. Well, with Krang being an alien race instead of a single being, I guess it’s plausable.

Anyways, the episode ended with the Turtles shockingly looking at the Technodrome. Well, looks like the next episode will be more interesting, with Ninja Turtles VS Technodrome & Splinter VS Shredder!!!

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