Kyoryuger Brave 26: GabuTyra-Man?! well as the debut of this devil!
…….as well as the debut of this devil!

The Deboss Army has a new Knight, Endorf. Luckily, Yayoi returns and presents the team the new Beast Battery for KyoryuRed!……. And everything went wrong. Well, new enemy means new weapons means new toys to promote!

Kyoryu 26 (1) Wow, that was quick, we got one filler and then straight to the new main plot! A lot of things happened in this episode, and all of them are great. First is the debut of Endorf. Before that, I would like to point that Daigo tried to ask Torin about the stones that his dad gave to Torin, but it was shrugged off thanks to Deboss attack.

Now, as for Endorf’s debut, I gotta admit, he is one hell of an interesting enemy, particularly his personality. As you can see he is this type of guy who looks like he’s bored or something, judging by the way he talks. Also judging by the way he talked I sense that he has this psychopathic aura on him, which I’m hoping it’s true and I would love to see it.

Unfortunately his first fight with the Kyoryugers are pretty simple. I really hate the design of his gun, but I do like that he sheathes his sword like a samurai. Holy shit, a devil who looks like a samurai, now that’s AWESOME. Also, I find it weird that his emotion is based on hatred, which I personally think that it’s in the same category as anger, which is interesting considering that he forms a rivalry against Dogold in this episode! And yes, I know that he was voiced by MegaBlue, which I’m glad because I like MegaBlue (to be honest I liked everyone in MegaRanger).

Aside from Dogold hating him, the other Deboss generals are forced to work with Endorf, thanks to Chaos spoiling him. You can see that he considers Endorf to be a golden boy, since he is the product of Lord Deboss’ hatred towards Kyoryugers, and how Chaos forbids Dogold from harming Endorf. Despite that Aigallon is willing to work with Endorf.

Kyoryu 26 (2) And yes, Yayoi returns in this episode, which when I first saw the preview of this episode back then everyone was seriously happy. Look, I know that Yayoi is a fan-favorite Ranger due to her being another female Kyoryuger, but I didn’t really like her much, probably because, no offense, but I don’t really care for girls who wear glassess, nerd or not.

That being said, her return is to promote the new toys a.k.a the new Beast Battery, #+1 GabuTyra, an upgrade to #1 GabuTyra, kinda like Super TaToBa Medals.Even though they explained this as how GabuTyra’s spirit becomes stronger that they were able to create new Beast Battery, I find it lame that this upgrade is only for KyoryuRed. I mean didn’t we get enough KyoryuRed porn already? FYI, one of the reasons I hated PR Mystic Force and Operation Overdrive is the too much focus towards the Red Ranger. Yeah, I know that the Red Ranger is important and Sentai did it as well, but here they treated Red like the chosen one and the other Rangers are his bithces.

So without further ado, they tested the Battery, and it went wrong. KyoryuRed suddenly turned into a human with tyrannosaurus-like behavior, and his helmet lose its mouthplate, making it seem like the visor really looked like a tyrannosaurus’ mouth. I really hated the fact that they just repainted the mouthplate black, as opposed to make a full black visor-helmet. Oh well, at least the black visor thing is an obvious nod to AbaRanger’s roaring sequence.

Kyoryu 26 (3) Unfortunately, Aigallon and Endorf came to attack the Kyoryugers in order to gain their emotion of hatred. With Aigallon around, he specifically targets KyoryuBlack. And with KyoryuRed out of commission, KyoryuBlack takes the lead. My main disappointment in this episode is that KyoryuViolet didn’t do any fighting. Sure, she was ordered to calm KyoryuRed, but it makes her pretty much useless, as if Dr.Ulshade’s training caused her to become weaker!

Anyways KyoryuRed escapes and Violet & Pink chases after him, while KyoryuBlack gets beaten by Aigallon who for some reason emits a strange aura and becomes really powerful, that he himself was unaware of. I got a feeling that this comes from Endorf, of Lord Deboss himself. Since Endorf’s debuts means that he’s invincible, the Kyoryugers are forced to retreat, and it’s good to see KyoryuGold utilizing other Beast Batteries on his Zandar Thunder.

After that, the females returned after failing to track Daigo. With Daigo gone, they need a temporary leader, and the most obvious person who can do it is Ian himself. Okay starting at the point where KyoryuRed turns into GabuTyra-Man, the episode shift its focus to KyoryuBlack, which I AM REALLY GLAD ABOUT IT. Seriously, it’s surprising that the premise of this episode makes it look like another KyoryuRed porn, then BAM! It’s a KyoryuBlack-focused episode instead! Great job.

Kyoryu 26 (4) After some hesitation, Ian agrees to lead the team in Daigo’s place. I gotta admit, KyoryuBlack’s leadership skills is WAY better than KyoryuRed, mostly because he gave clear orders. Seriously, this is the leadership skills that I liked the most. Yeah, giving orders might seem a little bossy, but they executed it well to make it look good.

With KyoryuBlack’s leadership skills, they managed to defeat Aigallon, however Endorf appears in giant size after he takes the JoyJoyGyro from Luckyuro. Oh, Luckyuro is skeptical about this guy too. Anyways, again in my disappointment, Yayoi didn’t join the others in MegaZord battle, instead just lending them Plezuon. I know that she’s trying to search for Daigo at the time, but man this is just a poor use of her character being a Kyoryuger.

With Daigo out meaning GabuTyra out, they can only use PlezuOh, and the MegaZord fight is seriously awesome thanks to PlezuOh+ParasaGun combo. As for the finisher, I dub thee PlezuOh Brave Finish: ParasaGun Double Shot. And, KyoryuBlack’s leadership skills prove itself when Ian suggested that they switch ParasaGun with Zakutor to deliver more damage against Endorf. Wow, Ian is one of a bloodthirsty guy!

Kyoryu 26 (5) However, as expected from a major enemy’s first debut, Endorf blocked the attack. Surprisingly, Endorf used the Zakutor claws to inflict damage upon himself! Wait, Toshiki Inoue didn’t write this episode, did he? Anyways Endorf performing self-harming proves my theory that this guy is psychopathic. I would like to see more and more of that coming.

After that, the Kyoryugers will have to make do with Ian leading the team for a while, until they found Daigo. Speaking of him, Yayoi just found his newest location and he, sitting on a top of a cliff, roars into the sky, thinking that he’s some kind of wolf. GabuTyra-Man you idiot, you’re a tyrannosaurus not a wolf!


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