Kyoryuger Brave 25: Unluckyuro Nightmare!!!


With the Devoss defeated, the Kyoryugers are starting to relax a bit………. until Luckyuro invades everyone’s wet dreams.

Kyoryu 25 (1) Judging by the episode title, we all know that this is a filler. While Kyoryuger’s fillers are usually good, I find this episode is a little bit weak, but still enjoyable nonetheless. The episode has Souji as the main protagonist, though the focus is mostly about Luckyuro and her schemes that gave a hard time to the Kyoryugers.

Luckyuro’s schemes involves creating a Devo Monster, Nightmayhem that will allow her to went into people’s dreams and ruined them, turning dreams into nightmares. Her main and only target is the Kyoryugers themselves, which was first seen on Souji. It’s refreshing to see Souji wearing something new, even though it’s just a dream. Also, Souji’s friendzoned girlfriend returns in this episode. Is it just me due to my fetish towards Japanese woman, or does Souji’s girlfriend looks cuter?

Also I noticed that during the opening, we get to see a glimpse of Kyoryuger dancing the ending theme alongside Kamen Rider Wizard characters! This actually has nothing to do with the episode, as the ending sequence is exclusive to the summer movie. Back to the episode, Souji’s nightmare caused him unable to sleep, and it turns out that all of the male Kyoryugers are ‘infected’ too!

Kyoryu 25 (2) This caused them to be effectively useless in battle, as the lack of sleep prevents them from focusing. Trust me, being an architecture student, I learned that sleep is very, very valuable, and now I’m the new Batman because I can no longer sleep at night T_T Anyways after KyoryuGold hilariously fell asleep, Luckyuro and Nightmayhem reveal themselves, and targets KyoryuPink as the next victim!

With KyoryuPink infected as well, Luckyuro somewhat single-handedly beat them, now that she is able to strike them within their dream. Because of this, the Kyoryugers are forced to do what’s necessary to stay awake, and I am seriously yawned by Nossan’s bad jokes. No offense, but I find his acting to be overacting more and more as the series progress. I guess this is what the actor means by having a hard role.

Kyoryu 25 (3) However, Souji claims that he is the only one who can defeat Nightmayhem, with his Peerless Style, you know, that throwing his sword thing. BUT, the lack of sleep affects his focus, so the enemy still has the upper hand. That is until his girlfriend offers him her homemade energy drink, and without even bother to check on it, Souji just take those and went to battle.

When he tries to drink the energy drink, he found out that it’s not a drink at all. It’s a blended vegetable-sort of thing, and I gotta give props to them for making that thing looks nasty. Seriously, it looked like Souji drinks a sewer water and now I’m gonna puke because I’m starting to imagine it.

Well, the sewer water works nonetheless, and Souji is refreshed again. He offers the others to drink it as well, and because they are Brave warriors, they can’t refuse it or else they’re pussies. And with that, the whole Kyoryugers gain their strength and since energy drinks are often temporary, they decide to not waste time and defeat their enemies quickly.

Kyoryu 25 (4) This is when an otherwise boring episode starts to get interesting, starting with the hilarious transformation and rollcall from Kyoryugers. What’s so funny? Since they need to finish it quickly, the Kyoryugers transform, and they speed up the dance in order to finish it quickly. And as for the rollcall, they announced their names simultaneously, giving a realistic impression of how messy it is when the Rangers announce the rollcalls at the same time, which is why the enemy bothered to wait for them to finish their rollcall one by one so that it didn’t hurt their ears, even though I personally think that alone could give the Rangers an upper hand 😛

Like I said, they defeat the enemy rather quick and went ahead with a MegaZord battle. What’s interesting about this MegaZord battle is that they used 3 MegaZords to defeat a rather lame enemy! It could be that they need to finish it quickly, or that they wanted to give Nightmayhem a beating for torturing them. Regardless I was a little disappointed at the use of 3 MegaZords, since they could use it when they fight a much tougher enemy. Also, KyoRyuZin Stegotchi+Zakutor returns.

Kyoryu 25 (5) After that, the Kyoryugers gave chase to Luckyuro, when suddenly the skies turned black, and the Chaos, DoGold, Canderilla and Aigallon appears before them! It’s revealed that the Devoss Army isn’t defeated at all, thanks to their big boss Devoss saving them at the last minute, even Aigallon, whose ‘death’ convinced me that he didn’t die at all.

The scene was meant to show that the enemy is not yet defeated, but now they are hungry for revenge, and from the looks of it this moment signifies that the show will get darker from now on, although like I said in the previous review I doubt that Kyoryuger’s ‘dark’ is barely dark at all.

Also, Chaos’s Devoss hand sparked a theory that Chaos will be the final enemy, in which that he will fuse together with Devoss, thus completing the master’s evolution. Well this is just a theory, we have yet to see. Regardless, just seeing Chaos makes Torin uneasy at all.

Kyoryu 25 (6) Even though the Devoss returned, it doesn’t stop the Kyoryugers from relaxing, in this case Souji decided to take his girlfriend out on a date to thank her for giving him a god-awful energy drink, only to be chased by his girlfriend for the second time. Seriously, I really like how brutally honest Souji is.

As for Devoss, Chaos said earlier that Luckyuro’s shenanigans allows the enemy to find out an emotion that can counter the Kyoryugers’ bravery: hatred or regret. With this new emotion, Chaos proceeds to create a new Knight: Endorf.


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