Kyoryuger Brave 24: FINALLY, Another Female Ranger!!!

Gokai Change, KyoryuViolet!!! :P
Gokai Change, KyoryuViolet!!! 😛

With only a few members of Devoss left, the Kyoryugers starts to relax a bit. Meanwhile, Yayoi has doubts about becoming the second KyoryuViolet. Just in time, the remaining Devoss are planning to get their revenge!!

Kyoryu 24 (1) This episode finally brings a close to the Plezuon story arc, and also signifies that the ‘fun times’ of the show is over, meaning that starting next episode the show will get darker, but with Kyoryuger, I doubt it’ll ever be dark.

Anyways the what makes this episode really good is that it’s one of the episodes that doesn’t feature King as the main protagonist, though there’s still some KyoryuRed porn in it, but overall the episode are focused on Yayoi, and Amy, whom I will go through detail later.

The fact that they focused on Yayoi in this episode makes it seem like your usual 6th Ranger debut episode, as you can feel the aura that this episode produce. As for the story, the 5 Kyoryugers are celebrating while Daigo joins Dr.Ulshade in hospital, while Torin, being the mentor he is, is still worried because the threat is not completely over yet, but hey, enjoying the party doesn’t seem to be the wrong thing for now.

Kyoryu 24 (2) Yayoi keeps it to herself that she cannot Brave In her Beast Battery, which caused her to worry if she can be the second KyoryuViolet and live up to her grandfather’s legacy and all. That and the fact that she thinks her friends are counting on her is a burden further makes her doubt her abilities as a superhero. I just loved that she tried to do the henshin dance but gets shy quickly when she found out that the others are watching her!

Suddenly, Devo IceAge appears before Yayoi. Wait, WHAT?! I thought he was destroyed in the previous episode?! My bad then. I really thought that he was destroyed since he was so insignificant in the previous episode. IceAge reveals that he just caused every tears that Yayoi dropped will turn into ice, and eventually it will froze the world up, turning into the second ice age. As stupid as it sounds, I’m okay with it.

With IceAge holding Yayoi to let her cry some more, the Kyoryugers, specifically KyoryuBlack must deal with Aigallon, who turns angry because he can’t shed a tear. Man, this guy is seriously creepy. If you can’t cry then you will go berserk. Come to think of it, it’s logical. When we feel sadness, some people will burst out in anger while some will cry instead.

The battle with Aigallon is nothing special really, but I do enjoy Canderilla’s singing to back Aigallon up. Also, Aigallon did one thing that I find unecessary: blowing himself up. It’s just that, the way he was supposed to die doesn’t feel significant at all, this makes me think that this will not be the last time we see Aigallon. And Aigallon’s explosion caused Canderilla to faint, leaving Luckyuro to be the only Devoss operative left, alongside IceAge.

Kyoryu 24 (3) Later, Daigo went to fight because him, being a stereotypical shonen character, reveals that his body is already healed, he just wants to stay in hospital to shut his friends up. He and Torin found that the Kyoryugers who were caught in the explosion actually survived,  because Ian used #19 Tuperanda as a last resort to save the Kyoryugers. If you look closely when Aigallon first exploded, you can see that KyoryuBlack did something, which I have to give props to. Things like these are usually easy to miss.

So Daigo finds Amy, who hilariously turns into a cardboard that has ‘back paints’ that are better than Bandai America’s toys, heads out to find Yayoi while Torin searches for others. Since Daigo is around to save Yayoi, I’m worried that this will turn into another KyoryuRed porn, in which it was Daigo who convinced Yayoi to brave up, pun intended. But no, they decided that our King has too many spotlight, they decided to give the spotlight to Amy, who is the one convincing Yayoi! It may also contribute to the fact that Amy is a fellow female Ranger, so they wanted to incorporate the female Ranger relationship.

Because of this, Yayoi finally finds true courage within herself and breaks free, and finally able to Brave In the Plezuon Beast Battery. With this, she instantly becomes an ‘experienced’ warrior, since she was able to shoot the Zorimas & Cambrimas that are holding Daigo and Amy.

Kyoryu 24 (4) With this, the three are joined by the remaining Kyoryugers and after some crappy Nossan joke, Ian proposed to Yayoi to do the dance, which I really like it when he speaks english. So now, this is the first time we see 7 Kyoryugers transforming at the same time, with KyoryuViolet is treated like a temporary leader since this is her episode after all. As for the female KyoryuViolet, she essentially a basic female Kyoryuger, so hoorah for those of you who wanted another female member.

The fight scene basically ignores the other Kyoryugers as this is KyoryuViolet’s spotlight to shine. What I liked about her action scene is that she primarily uses the GaburuCannon to make up the lack of an Armed On weapon. While I wish to see the Armed On weapon (because it existed in the special DVD) KyoryuViolet really justifies the GaburuCannon, as she uses a function that we never saw before: turning the shotgun/machine gun into a bayonet! Also, did she just sliced a Cambrima’s crotch? So an enemy’s weakspot is their balls, got it.

Kyoryu 24 (5) Other than that, it was good as usual. I noticed that the suit actress playing KyoryuViolet makes her look really petite, like Yayoi is some 13-15 year old girl. I know that Yayoi is actually a teenager, but KyoryuViolet’s frame makes her look like a female child Ranger. When you see KyoryuRed pats on Violet’s head, it makes it look like a brother was patting his younger sister’s head!

As for the MegaZord battle, the KyoryuRed porn stuff shows a bit, even KyoryuBlack complains about it. But before they all share the same spotlight, KyoryuRed uses Plezuon + Bunpachy, which is extremely nothing special.

As for Exploding KyoRyuZin’s fight, it’s also nothing special, but I do like that KyoryuViolet joins in as well. She makes it look like she will be joining the team full-time. Other than that, the fight was simple and Devo IceAge is defeated and the Zetsumates are extinct again, which also caused the Kyoryugers to completely win the fight against Devoss!!!

Kyoryu 24 (6) After that, Dr. Ulshade is finally recovered and heads off with Yayoi for their second Plezuon Lab, while training Yayoi to become a better KyoryuViolet. Well for the people who was hoping that this will turn into a 7-sentai team, they will be disappointed, but I guess we’ll be seeing Yayoi again just like KyoryuCyan did.

Meanwhile, Luckyuro who carried the fainted Canderilla like how they describe how a Pokemon trainer rushes to Pokemon Center when all your Pokemon party is defeated stumbles themselves in the Frozen Palace, which means that the battle against Devoss, is far from over……..

Overall, a great episode to wrap up a 4-episode arc. Also, this episode acts as a mid-season finale, which could be a fitting ending for the first season of Kyoryuger’s Power Rangers adaptation, since Nickelodeon is such an asshole for splitting them up to 20 episodes. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!

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