Kamen Rider Wizard 49: The Second Sabbath

Final Round....... FIGHT, BITCH!!!
Final Round……. FIGHT, BITCH!!!

Fueki succeeded in capturing Mayu and Haruto, and now the Sabbath, a ritual to revive Koyomi, begins. But not yet, he has magicians, and the only thing he needs left is to summon the Black Sabbath to do the concert!!! (Bad joke, BAD JOKE!!!!)Wizard 49 (1) Like most 2 parters, this episode is really great, mostly because we are entering the final arc and this is the middle part of it. First I wanted to talk about Wizard VS Green Mage. There’s nothing special because it’s just a Rider VS Rider with same abilities fight, except for one thing. Green Mage can also use the Special Ring, and guess what, the Special Ring only allows him to extend his ‘tail’ like a whip. At least they now how to make certain parts of the suit has its uses. But wait, how come the Green Mage has the Special Ring when only Wajima was the one who crafted it? Holy shit we just got a plot hole!

Well to ramble it a bit, maybe White Wizard uses the Copy Ring to duplicate the Wizard Rings. That aside, Wizard is quickly defeated thanks to Fueki claiming that Green Mage is just as strong as him, who was trained for 5 days. Even though it will never be explained, this adds my theory that a brainwashed magician will be stronger than before.

Meanwhile, Nitou was having a day-mare of BeastChimera trying to eat him. Welcome back Chimera, how’s your vacation? Haven’t seen you for a long time!……… Enough with that sarcasm. Now, Chimera’s re-appearance is just to foreshadow things, that involves Nitou. What bothered me is that Beast defeats a lot of Phantoms lately, but Chimera is hungrier! I guess, the more he eats, the hungrier he gets! Wadafak?!

Wizard 49 (2) Back to Haruto, he awakens in the magical dimension alongside Mayu and other magicians. Fueki reveals that he intends to use the WIzards as pillars for Sabbath while he listens to Black Sabbath’s performance during their tour on Japan. Haruto, being a guy that wants to save people no matter what especially the ones that he cared about, thinks that being a sacrifice to the Sabbath is not that bad, since its motives are to revive Koyomi.

Heck, even just obeyed Fueki’s commands…….. until Fueki reveals that the magicians are only there to kickstart the Sabbath, the true process is to drain the mana of all the Gates in Tokyo and the huge chunk of mana will be absorbed into the Philospher’s Stone a.k.a Koyomi. The effect will be a mass birth of Phantoms, and all of the non-Gates will die. WAIT, doesn’t this sound TOO familiar? As in, a summer movie plot?

Fueki also reveals that he tried to do this with Phantoms which is the previous Sabbath, but it’s not enough to revive Koyomi, that is until he saw Haruto not giving up and surpassed his Phantom, he gets a new idea to use the Wizards as kickstarters. What’s interesting is that Haruto is actually indirectly caused the Gates post-Sabbath to suffer!

Wizard 49 (3) However since he’s tied up, Haruto can’t do a thing right now. Fueki goes to Koyomi who lies in the middle of the Sabbath circle, and tells her that the current Koyomi is just a doll containing the Philosopher’s Stone, meaning that it’s not actually Koyomi’s body, just an avatar version of her. Basically the Philosopher’s Stone will summon her soul and infuse it with the doll, allowing Koyomi to live in a different body that happens to resemble her!

Regardless, the Sabbath begins. To cover the fact that they cannot hire Black Sabbath to do cameos for summoning the eclipse, White Wizard uses the Eclipse Ring to, summon eclipse! Now here’s the thing, during the Sabbath process, I can’t help but to notice poor green screen effects of the civilians that are caught in the Sabbath! It looked really silly, why don’t they just film it at night? Well given the fact that this is a public filming, they can’t just make extras stay for the night to film a brief cameo. But still, the effects are just so bad.

Wizard 49 (4) Luckily when Nitou arrived to stop White Wizard, they filmed it at night, and you know how I love night filming. And so the final round between Beast and White Wizard begins. Funny that White Wizard is actually more of Beast’s adversary rather than Wizard’s. As much as I love the night filming, there’s not much lighting in here to make it look really badass, but I do appreciate the lack of lighting is because there’s only one lighting, the eclipse.

Also, Beast VS White Wizard is somewhat disappointing. Since this is their final battle, why don’t they showcase Beast showing everything he got, instead of immediately assuming Beast Hyper? To be honest, I’m the type of guy that loves to weaken the enemy by having a lengthy fight, which in this case having Beast using all of his mantles one by one to tire White Wizard up, then gain the upper hand using Hyper. Also, while it’s great to see Beast’s Hyper Saber Strike, I’m a little pissed that it’s not 6. And also, the reason that Beast didn’t show everything at his disposal is the reason why White Wizard quickly defeats him.

Wizard 49 (5) After having a brief pep talk with Chimera however, Beast counters White Wizard by stealing the HammerCane, and stab his belt to release Chimera!!! With this Beast Chimera is released, and he begins to thwart the Sabbath by eating all of the manas that are floating in the air!

Seriously, Kamen Rider Beast just did something that secondary Riders rarely do. He just saved the world! I mean most of the secondary Riders’ role in the final battle is just to aid the main Rider, but since the main Rider is absent in this situation, it’s the secondary Rider’s time to shine! I really salute whoever had the idea to make Beast doing an important thing, as well as properly closing his story, which I gotta admit I wasn’t expecting it at all. I was expecting Nitou to continue as Beast towards the end and not having the Chimera plot solved. But it did!

I forgot to add that it’s really hilarious when BeastChimera eats out the mana. It looks like Pac-Man eating if you ask me. Since releasing Chimera would mean death to Nitou, Chimera decides not to eat him, instead liberating Nitou and flies away. Well, he just stuffed himself, adding a human as dessert is too much for him I guess.

Wizard 49 (6) Anyways, Nitou himself just stopped the second Sabbath. Of course White Wizard was extremely pissed by this and prepares to kill Nitou. However, before he do that, Haruto appears behind him, and the two prepares to fight, that continues in the next episode! Grrr……. Well, save the best for the last huh?

Overall, a really great episode because they unexpectedly wrap up Beast’s story with the main one. Seriously, I really liked that they decide to throw them together, and the result is good. Now, I just hope that the finale is really good.


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