Kamen Rider Wizard 48: Truth Revealed

Now....... KISS!! (Oh God no....)
Now……. KISS!! (Oh God no….)

White Wizard is Wiseman, Wiseman is Fueki, Fueki is Koyomi’s father. Koyomi is………. find out in the episode!

Wizard 48 (1) Compared to the previous arc, the first part of this arc, namely this episode, is boring. Maybe it’s because the tone of the episode is an aftershock mood, since all of the characters are recuperating from the shock that happened in the previous episode.

The one that shocked the most is obviously Haruto, because his ‘savior’ is actually the mastermind behind everything, and the main cause of the trouble that happened all this time. What’s worse is that he now has Koyomi even though he’s her father, and that worries Haruto, add the fact that Yamamoto, the guy who played Todoroki, gets kidnapped by the White Wizard as well. I like it that the episode takes place 5 days after the revelation, to give the realistic feel that we watched this episode a week after the previous one.

Wizard 48 (2) As for Koyomi, her stay in the magical dimension caused her to faint even quicker because of the surreal aura of the place, and just then White Wizard appeared with another Kamen Rider Mage, this time it’s blue! I guess from now on I’ll have to call Mayu Orange Mage then.

Speaking of Mayu, she also feels guilty about the whole Wiseman thing, just like Haruto. What’s interesting is that now Medusa is gone, her avenge is fulfilled (though not her way), she now deals with most of what revenge-driven Riders face after they got their revenge: Unsure if they will continue fighting or not. Even when Ghouls attacked, she didn’t transform, instead letting Beast and Wizard take care of things.

But why the Ghouls appeared? Because Gremlin is probably the only Phantom left (probably because they didn’t state if the Phantoms are extinct or not) and for some reason he is targeting Mayu, although Wizard fends him off. Also, I know I stated this millions of times, but I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t help but to notice that Erina Nakayama is still in the show via Mayu, because the last episode makes it look like it’s a farewell episode to her, where it’s actually for her first character Medusa, and she still remains throughout the series as Mayu. Off topic, I wonder if Mayu will appear in the next Movie War?

Wizard 48 (3) Meanwhile, because of that damn magic dimension, Koyomi wakes up in a…… pretty nice home. As this occurs, Haruto tries to track Gremlin via his house and I really liked the interaction between the two, particularly when Gremlin talks from upstairs and Haruto’s downstairs. The reason why Gremlin tried to kidnap Mayu is not because she resembles Gremlin’s ex or anything, but rather to use her as a hostage to threaten Wiseman to give him the Philosopher’s Stone.

What’s interesting is that he tried to ask Haruto if he could be Gremlin’s hostage, since White Wizard needs the 4 Wizards. But much to my disappointment, Haruto disagrees which causes Gremlin to leave. I mean if he agree to be Gremlin’s bitch for a day, it would help him to get closer to Koyomi and from there, plan an escape plan.

So now that Gremlin’s gone, Haruto seems to be on the verge of giving up due to feeling guilty, admitting that he is powerless and everything, until Rinko tells him that all hope is not yet loss.

Wizard 48 (4) So what is their new hope? It’s Kizaki, who just woke up from his coma. Since Kizaki knew a lot of things about Fueki, it’s time he revealed it to our heroes because that’s the reason he ended up in coma.

This scene occurs at the same time as Koyomi explores the nice home, which turns out to be Fueki’s home, Koyomi’s house. Kizaki revealed that Fueki is a physicist at a university, and he had a family, where his wife died young and Koyomi, his daughter, was revealed to have an incurable disease, probably cancer.

Eventually Koyomi died, which shocked our heroes as this is the first time they heard it, which also explains why Koyomi is a magical NEVER. At the same time, Koyomi found out the same about her through Fueki’s diary, where she also finds that she IS the reason Fueki became White Wizard.

Now to make the episode interesting, and gives the heroes hope, Kizaki reveals that he has Fueki’s address, and for the very first time he admits that he needs Kamen Rider Wizard to handle things from now, a sign that he completely trusts Haruto, or rather was forced to let him take care of things. I just love his admission, and then going back to sleep because he is to shy to face Haruto.

Wizard 48 (5) But before Haruto gets to Fueki, or rather on his way to the house, Nitou, Mayu and Shunpei encountered Yuzuru, with Nitou being extremly overjoyed. However, Yuzuru said something disturbing, and from the looks on his face it seems like he’s been tortured. Without further ado, Yuzuru blindly attacks Nitou and tries to kidnap Mayu.

This is when Yuzuru changes into the Blue Mage and fights Beast. From the looks of it, Yuzuru seemed to be brainwashed by White Wizard rather than White Wizard mentally torturing him and forced him to be a wizard. Well, brainwashing seems to be the more believable route, since I thought White Wizard was simply fooling him to the point that he will be a wizard, but changed his point of view along the way.

I forgot to tell that the actions in this episode is incredibly boring, as how the episode flows. I don’t know, it’s just the lack of stunts makes it look boring, on top of that, they didn’t really use gimmicks, except Beast’s Chameleo Mantle during the fight with Ghouls and Blue Mage’s Giant Ring. So as the Blue Mage VS Beast  goes, the latter gets pwned quickly, by his junior who was brainwashed and trained for a while! Maybe the brainwashing helps enhance their strengths? Regardless, Mayu is kidnapped. Man, I love Mayu and understand if she doubts that she wants to continue as a Rider or not, but she is really useless here. I mean you’re in danger, it’s not wrong to use your power if you don’t like it!

Wizard 48 (6) Back to the main plot, Haruto arrived at Fueki’d residence, where the latter was actually waiting for him. I noticed that Fueki, starting from this point, is portrayed as an evil jerk, a really evil jerk if you look at the grin of his face. Even though the episode lack actions, the main point of interest is this part: revelations of everything.

First is about Fueki, when we all learned that he is Wiseman, everybody thought that the real Fueki died as well (and the previous flashback about Koyomi dying and him losing hope somewhat supports this theory) or that he is the same case as Gremlin but nope, Fueki is Sou Fueki, and his Wiseman’s form, Phantom Carbuncle, is actually an artificial Phantom that Fueki HIMSELF created using science and magic, also, with Carbuncle being his ‘inner’ Phantom, it gives Fueki the ability to transform into White Wizard, that he studied wizards such as Beast’s types.

But why he did all these? It’s all because of Koyomi. When Koyomi died, Fueki gave in to despair but he’s not a Gate so he does not turn into a Phantom, instead, he studied about Phantoms, Wizards, and the Sabbath, a ritual that could very well revive Koyomi, using the Philosopher’s Stone, that is located in Koyomi’s body. Gee, Koyomi is a combination of Phillip and Kengo then!

Wizard 48 (7) Now that Haruto knew the truth, he is very pissed that even though Fueki’s intention is noble, he is the one that caused despair to many people during and after the Sabbath, all for his selfish reasons to revive his late daughter. From his explanations, I guess that his despaired caused him to become psychotic.

And to make matters worse, Fueki summons Yamamoto, his 4th Wizard. Just like Yuzuru, Yamamoto was brainwashed as well, and at first I thought it was stupid that he quickly became a wizard, but because he’s an adult, he can learn quickly and besides, it has been 5 days after Fueki kidnapped him.

The episode ended with Yamamoto transforming into Green Mage and faces Wizard……………………………… that disappointing continues in the next episode!


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