Kamen Rider Wizard 47: The Most Predictable Twist Ever

And these two's final battle!
And these two’s final battle!

With White Wizard taking care of Koyomi now, Kamen Rider Wizard must focus his attention to the Gate. Also, can Kamen Rider Mage defeats Medusa for real this time?Wizard 47 (1) Man, the series just keeps getting better and better, considering that we are entering the finale now. I hope this redeems fans’ view towards the show, with all that TV special which I am seriously excited. Well, I’m not gonna talk about that, because I’m gonna talk about this episode!

If the previous episode has two ongoing separate plots, this episode merges them together and boy, they did a good job handling it. First is the Koyomi plot, they decided to put it aside in order to give focus on her father instead, the White Wizard. Koyomi now lives in the subspace that Mayu used to train, and the way Fueki talks to her, it really shows that he is a very very caring father.

As for Haruto, he finally tells the others that Koyomi and Fueki are related, and as expected, everybody is shocked, especially Wajima who got the “old man almost getting a heart attack” cliche. I really loved his reaction. In this scene, I find that Wajima shines the most, due to how sad he is that Koyomi is back to her father and there’s a chance that he will never see her again. Seriously, I almost shed a tear because of Wajima’s expression.

Wizard 47 (2) And as expected, Medusa targets Todoroki’s pregnant wife to bring him to despair, and it really seems that she is willing to complete the job by any means necessary. Also, Gremlin only cameos in this episode, foreshadowing about future events that for now is unclear of. As for Todoroki himself, the heroes needed to protect his wife as well, with Haruto and Mayu going to their house and Nitou guarding him. From the looks of it, Todoroki is a man that will do anything to protect his family.

When Haruto and Mayu went to search for Todoroki’s wife, they stopped and have a talk, which Mayu revealed that she was going to steal Haruto’s Infinity Ring in exchange for the mysterious gold Ring White Wizard offered to him. I am so glad that she is honest towards Haruto, because if she did that betrayal move, it would hurt too much considering how Haruto’s been through. Also, the interaction between Haruto and Mayu when she’s crying is just so cute. Haruto gave her the Infinity Ring anyways, as a sign that he trusted Mayu and Fueki, the latter which I think there is something wrong honestly. After that, they had sex.

Wizard 47 (3) Medusa explains her plan to Wiseman, and Medusa asks him that after the second Sabbath, she wanted to stay with him. Gee, Medusa is one hell of a pet dog huh? She reminds me of Harley Quinn. And like I said before, the interaction between Wiseman and Medusa WILL make a plot point for this arc, which I’ll go through later.

Arachne quickly attacks Todoroki’s pregnant wife, but even if Beast was there to block Arachne, there’s still Medusa and her Ghouls. Medusa suddenly attacks Todoroki’s wife, by blowing her up, I was like, “WTF?! THEY HAD THE BALLS TO KILL A PREGNANT WOMAN?!”. And as expected Todoroki start to give in to despair. Of course he would, Medusa just did a very, very cruel move. But hey, this is a kids show, and even that kill is too much compared to other gore shows, so it’s revealed that Wizard shielded Todoroki’s wife with Defend Ring. Wizard’s entrance is just so badass, complete with the “I’m the final hope” catchphrase.

Meanwhile, Mayu gives the Infinity Ring to White Wizard, which in turn earns her the Hope Ring. Just wondering, how did Fueki made this Ring without Wajima? Because it has a different magic stone on it, presumably pearl as it’s white, and the last time Fueki asked Wajima’s help was the purple magic stone.

Wizard 47 (4) Anyways the Riders battle Medusa and Arachne, and I find it interesting that Wizard only used Land and Land Dragon Styles in this episode. It kinda justifies the form I guess since it was the most underused form ever, with Land Dragon appearing twice without the Drago Timer.

To even the odds, Mayu arrived to settle the score with Medusa, and I really liked it when Wizard and Beast saw Mayu, they knew it’s her cue to fight Medusa, so they turn their attention towards Arachne. Also, Wizard did complain about Beast’s catchphrase. Hilarious.

When Mayu transforms into Kamen Rider Mage and fights Medusa, the latter changes the scenery by having them battling underground! What’s funny is that Wizard still has some time to use the Gravity Ring to protect the civilians, mainly Todoroki’s pregnant wife. As for the fight underground, it’s very good due to the lighting, and I noticed that Wizard displayed a return of the flip n’ kick, although it was just the flip. But still, I miss that signature fighting style.

Oh and since Wizard ‘lose’ the ability to use Infinity Style for the time being, he can only use the Dragon upgrades. I can understand if they can’t use All Dragon other than the CGI cost, because the underground has little space, it will cause an earthquake if All Dragon fights there. So they substituted it with Land Dragon’s Dragon Levitate Torn.

Wizard 47 (5) With Wizard/Beast VS Arachne is done for, it’s time to focus on Mage VS Medusa. Their fight is simple, but the main attraction is the use of the Hope Ring. At first I wondered what kind of effect that it will produce, turns out it’s just an energy blast. This, with Medusa’s energy blast, creates a Harry Potter VS Voldemort battle scene, only this one the effects are bigger.

Just like what you expect from a beam lock battle, the good guy will have a hard time first then eventually win. However, despite the massive power of Hope, Medusa is just weakened, as she proclaims that she won’t die for now!………..until she is stabbed by………. Wiseman?!

It was revealed that Wiseman actually used Medusa all this time, because Wiseman’s true identity……. is Fueki himself. Okay, rant time. Seriously, this is the most predictable twist ever, since most fanbase predict that Wiseman and White Wizard are the same person. I am one of the people, or actually the only people that hoped that Wiseman and White Wizard is not the same person, because that would fuck things up. But actually, the way they pulled it off with the plot makes sense why White Wizard and Wiseman is the same person. Also, if White Wizard and Wiseman isn’t the same person, then we’ll be getting a TV-Kun magazine showcasing White Wizard VS Wiseman.

Wizard 47 (6) Wiseman revealed that he no longer have use for Medusa due to him founding the 4th mage: Todoroki himself. With this, the Phantoms are merely pawns the whole time and Medusa just got bitchslapped real hard. Speaking of Medusa, once again I praise Erina Nakayama’s superb acting. Medusa’s final moments really shows that Erina is able to pull of the shocked Medusa, and it really really worked. Medusa at that time has a mixture of shocked, sadness and painfulness because of Wiseman’s betrayal. So shocked that she somewhat begged White Wizard not to do this to her. But, she dissolves, and this marks Medusa’s last appearance. Despite that Erina will still be in the show as Mayu.

And after that, the episode ends. Seriously, I love how the episode ended: Speechless. The perfect way to end an episode after the twist that is, unfortunately, predictable.


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